7 Things

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1. For a long time I had a relationship with reading where I was either really hooked on a book and spent all free time tearing through it or I didn’t read at all, and I’d cycle through several month phases of each. I’m finally back to reading but at a pace where whatever book I’m into at the moment doesn’t consume me and it feels good. I just started Nora McInerny Purmort’s book It’s Okay to Laugh (Crying is Cool Too) and it’s a good one. It’s a sad story of loss due to cancer way too soon in life, but this book is feeling just like she’s sitting down and chatting with you and telling her experience. I’m a little over halfway through it, and loving it so far!

2. Here in our little corner of the Midwest the weather was crazy this week! On Monday I took a two walk block to run an errand and had a long sleeve tee, two sweaters, and my coat on and it took all that to be comfortable, then on Thursday it was 62 degrees on my drive into work! Then back to a forecast of freezing rain for the weekend that thankfully didn’t hit us.

3. We started the show Mick this week and I have to say that if you appreciate the type of humor Kaitlin Olson brought to It’s Alway Sunny in Philadelphia then I’m pretty sure you’ll love this one because she’s exactly like Sweet Dee, just as a really incompetent aunt. Great for a mindless and inappropriate comedy if that’s your type of thing! 🙂

4. The next time you need to make a dessert for something or a sweet tooth that’s calling your name, make these! Anne posted about them last week and I made them for a birthday care package to send off my cousin’s son who is away at college and they’re so delicious. I added some white chocolate chips to the mix, about half a cup of the semi-sweet chocolate chips and half a cup of the white chocolate chips, and I have to admit that was a pretty nice touch.

5. My parenting low for the week was bribing my kid with fruit snacks to get out the door Friday morning and into the car so we could head to daycare drop off/work for me. I’m justifying it by reminding myself that this week’s favorite food has been cucumbers, so my toddler begging for a vegetable regularly totally makes up for that, right? *After typing this I thought to myself cucumber is a vegetable, right? So I went down the rabbit hole of google and learned that the Mayo Clinic said it’s actually a fruit and another link told me that cucumbers are considered being a low source of nutrients. To that I say a very mature – whatever. 😉

6. I went to my first LuLaRoe pop up show yesterday and now am the proud owner of my first pair of leggings. I’m thinking they’ll be treated more like a pair of sweatpants and pajama pants and be designated mostly for wear at home, but we’ll see if I change my tune. They are pretty darn comfortable though. I also bought one of their perfect t style shirts. I sized down so the sleeves are fitted on me and the perfect length (I like my short sleeves longer, nothing close to a cap sleeve style for me) and not surprisingly I went with a black tee because if there’s one thing I don’t think it’s possible to have too much of it’s a comfortable black tee!

7. One of the things I realized I want to be better about in 2017 is my skin care efforts. I bought a little 3 pack of face masks that I hear are season at Trader Joe’s so now I’ve been trying to do one of those at least twice a week. This isn’t rocket science, but I finally figured out that doing one while Jacob is in the bath is perfect timing because I’m already in the bathroom for at least the 10 minutes it takes to do one and I’m not doing anything other than watching him play in the bathtub, so it’s hard to find an excuse not to. Let’s hope I keep that up.

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8 thoughts on “7 Things”

  1. Oh man, I need to NOT make those again – aren’t they way too good?! 🙂 And I pretty much have no skin care efforts… in 2017 I’m trying for the baby step of actually taking off my makeup – ha!


    1. SO good! And your starting point with skin care efforts should be my actual goal. I’m the worst about taking off my make up too, but justify it to myself by telling myself it’s fine because it’s not like a ton of make up, right? haha


  2. I can never remember the definition of fruit vs. vegetables… something about flowers where the thing eventually grows. Or something. Anyway, cucumbers may be mostly water but I think they’re still healthy because a snack of cucumbers means one less snack with sugars and preservatives. So healthy by default!


  3. I think the fact that your kiddo will eat cucumbers totally makes up for the fruit snack bribery. Sometimes you do what you gotta do 🙂 Also, you’re the third person I “know” (through blogging) who has recommended that book–I need to pick it up!


    1. Haha, it’s all about balance right?! I think you’ll enjoy it, and it was a really easy and quick read I thought to. I think it only took me a week to finish the book which is unheard of anymore (my last book felt like it took me months)!


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