7 Things

Well, back to back 7 Things wasn’t how I planned on last week going, but here we are mostly because…

1. Round two with the stomach bug happened this week for Jacob and I and it threw me off once again. Thankfully it didn’t knock me down as badly as it did last month,nothing a day home from work couldn’t cure, spent on the couch eating toast while watching so much Parenthood that Netflix had to ask me twice if I was still watching.

2. Playing ball is possibly Jacob’s new favorite thing. The other weekend we were in the side corner of backyard pitching the ball to Jacob and all of a sudden I hear uncontrollable laughter. I looked up front and our neighbor’s elderly parents were out for a walk and her mom was doubled over, hands on her knees level laughing at Jacob trying to hit the ball. I’m assuming it was a look how cute that little kid is type of humor found in it and besides, it made me realize that the next cutest thing to a child just might be an elderly person having a genuinely good laugh!

3. I never was one to sleep in really late as a teenager or in college, but with a child who very rarely sleeps much past 6:30am, even my days of waking up between 8 and 9am feel like a long lost dream. I laughed when I saw these and still really have the urge to buy them!

4. A couple 7 Things posts back I talked about finds from reading Style Watch that I was really loving and what do you know, all of a few days later I was placing an online order when I realized I had Old Navy cash to use and a new comforter to purchase through Kohl’s and the addition of a few things would get me free shipping. The verdict? I’m returning the swim suit because it’s really cute, but I ordered the top in a size medium which is almost always my size save for the occasional sizing up that’s needed and it actually feels too big. I ordered the same size in the bottoms and while they fit, they felt like they hit me at an unflattering part of my midsection and that made me just give up on the whole swim suit. To be fair, I’m easily defeated in this particular type of clothing!

5. This shirt though is exactly what I was hoping for! It’s the perfect relaxed fit that I think I can easily dress up for work and pair with shorts for weekend wear. Can’t recommend it more, especially if you’re loving this look as much as I do. 🙂

6. Despite several days of feeling pretty lousy, my sweet tooth has been out of control. On a solo trip to the grocery store I saw Blueberry Pie Oreos and while they sounded a little gross at first, I totally gave in and bought them and put a serious dent in them just on the first day. Why, why, whyyyyy must I love most everything Oreo makes?!

7. We had friends over for dinner last night and I used it as an excuse to make good use of all the peaches we have right now and made peach crisp with this favorite recipe I’ve found and been using since at least last summer. I could pass on cake most any day, but fruit crisps are one thing I will never say no to!


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7 Things

And it’s officially the weekend! Woohoo! I still have plenty of peaches from our visit to one of The Peach Truck stops a couple of weekends ago so think I’ll be making myself another one of these drinks to celebrate…

1. Peel and slice a peach and put it in the blender with some sugar and just a little bit of water, then add that to your favorite fruity flavored vodka (I used the mango pineapple from Svedka) and top it off with equal parts jalapeno limeade from Trader Joe’s and ginger beer. Inspired by my new favorite place grab a drink for the occasional happy hour and their mango + muddled jalapeno margarita that I tried last week – and thanks to my smart co-worker I stole the drink order idea from. 😉

2. In preparation for being home-bound all last weekend to start potty training with our toddler, my husband recorded pretty much any kids movie he could find on tv that we hadn’t yet seen and Beauty and the Beast was on that list. I have to say, we watched it and I legit had no idea how it ended. I have a freaky good memory with so many things, but draw a complete blank on what happens on almost any movie I’ve ever watched!

3. And speaking of potty training, I will be the last person to tell someone how to parent but am always willing to share if we’ve found something that’s worked for our kid in case anyone else is interested in seeing if it works for their child too. But so far potty training has been going really well and we’ve followed most everything we read in this book so I have to give her some credit. I was most skeptical about not using a rewards system, but the only reward he’s getting is a ridiculous amount of praise from us. 10 year ago if you would ever told you I’d get that excited about bodily waste I would’ve laughed in your face…

4. I heard on the radio the other day that the Olsen twins just turned 31 and it somehow  made me feel way older than I feel when I think about the fact that I turn 33 next month. Maybe because I can only associate them with being the little sister on Full House (did anyone else love Friday nights because they got to stay up to watch TGIF and eat popcorn?!) from when I was a kid, even though they’ve been plenty busy since then.

5. I don’t have a green thumb and typically choose to keep fresh flowers in my house instead of plants for just that reason, but cacti I do ok with and I have several vases from our wedding centerpieces (6 years ago!) that I can’t bring myself to part with, so maybe this easy DIY should be on deck?

6. Have you seen the Lost My Name book? They’re so adorable and I bought one for Jacob and our youngest niece for Christmas this past year. I noticed that they’re just coming out with one called The Birthday Thief and it looks just as adorable. I love a good personalized gift idea, so this might be what every baby and toddler I buy gifts for is getting for their next birthday!

7. After declaring that a 10K race was on my summer bucket list, a co-worker said she was interested in this too so I’m hoping this means we follow through on that goal! I’m coming off an embarrassing about of time of inactivity so I’m giving myself two weeks to just make it a goal to get up and move with consistency before I’d have to kick in with a training plan. Week one of that is officially down and I “worked out” 5 days! I’m starting out small with equal time walking and jogging, then spent two mornings doing really short videos from the Blogilates YouTube channel and so far have like those. Here’s hoping I keep it going!


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Even though we’re now a month past the two and a half year mark, most days I’m sitting here wondering how the heck that happened. Two and half years old?! Weren’t we just bringing Jacob home from the hospital?! Along the way I’ve found myself saying this is my favorite stage at pretty much every stage along the way since that first year but this one truly has been the best. Sleeping through the night for the most part (we’ve had such a big struggle with this), talking in full sentences that make sense, and play independently without watching him like a hawk – I recognized how nice this shift is the last weekend we spent with our cute little 14 month old niece. 🙂 But maybe we still use those eagle eyes more than I think because he recently started telling me “I know mommy, I be careful”, which got me thinking and realizing that right behind I love you, be careful might be the words I say to him most.

He could push cars down his race track for hours (if you have a car obsessed kid, buy this…entertainment for hours and it easily snaps apart to be put away so it’s not another huge toy taking up space in your house) and we can’t help but let him pick out another hot wheels car anytime we’re in Target. He comments every time he hears a firetruck or an airplane, telling us that the firetruck is “going to help somebodies” and excitedly yelling “it’s a planecopter!”. To be fair, this is a great term because you can be right whether it’s an airplane or a helicopter so maybe it’ll catch on? Every time he says it I laugh and think I should correct him, but just can’t bring myself to break such a cute habit. He’ll figure it out someday, right?

Blankets are still called grippys, a term he made up when he was very first learning to talk and we still just roll with it. He has an absolute love for french fries with lots of ketchup and loves chips, even the spicy ones – me and my love of spicy sweet chili Doritos may be to blame for that one. The kid can hear you sneaking into a bag of jelly beans from a mile away and will come running your way demanding his share of them, but will almost always turn up his nose at cake. After licking off all the frosting of course. Thankfully he only demands these things if he knows they’re in the house, so we can easily distract him with the healthier options he loves like pretty much any kind of fruit!

But just to make sure I stay distracted from how big he’s getting, he insists on being the wildest momma’s boy I know. Completely adventurous in spirit meaning I spend most of my time on outings trying to keep him close to us, but still clings to my leg when I drop him off at daycare and every meal ends in him crawling over from his chair to join me in mine by sitting on my lap. And I’ll gladly take those snuggles for as long as he’s willing to dish them out!

Lighten Up

tee: Forever 21 / sweater: H&M / pants: Express / shoes: Target

The title of this post could apply to my attitude too, and not just my closet. We did it though! We survived our three day weekend of nothing but potty training and he did so well. Fingers crossed we continue that path. But while he did great, I kind of felt like I did not. I was grumpy from being cooped up at home all weekend, having to cancel plans with a friend and turn down a few other fun plans to be able to stay home, and then yesterday a skipped nap and bedtime shenanigans threw me right over the edge but nothing that leaving my husband at home and heading out for a solo ice cream sundae run couldn’t solve!

But, back to the more fun topic of clothes. 🙂 Back in April I had read The Way She Wears It by Dallas Shaw, a book about revealing your personal style. I was feeling like I was in a rut, constantly wearing a different version of the same outfit over and over again. She breaks her wardrobe up into seasons and while I of course only wear certain items during specific times of the year because of weather, for the past few years I’ve kept the majority of my clothes all together in my closet just swapping out shoes, heavy sweaters, and shorts as the season changes dictated.

In her section about spring she talked about all sorts of things like prints, florals, lace, skirts, off the shoulder tops, and distressed denim. It had such a light and fun feel to it, something that when I looked in my closet was definitely missing among the sea of black and other neutral colored tees. In fact, the only thing that looked familiar from her list was my collection of distressed denim. That one I’ve got locked down!

It didn’t help that at that point our weather had not yet showed enough signs of warmth to want to show any more than your ankles or a peek of your toes, and that I swear you have to pry those big cozy sweaters right out of my hands at the end of the season. Feeling frustrated and even though I wanted to, feeling unwilling to donate everything and start fresh, I focused on the little things that felt more manageable and like I was switching things up just a bit without going through a full on shift. Strategies like layering this peach toned tee under this sweater rather than one of the black tees I would’ve surely reached for before, a nude shoe with peep toes to show off a more spring like nail color, turquoise jewelry, and treating myself to a brighter lip color than I would usually wear were ones I found that gave me the refresh I was looking for.

Any additional little tricks you have to share to switch things up a bit? Now we’re settling into summer with some 90 degree weather being thrown our way and all I want to do is throw it back to our May temps like we were having here in this picture!


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7 Things

FullSizeRender (83)

My internal dialogue for the week, coming your way… 😉

1. Jacob loves getting the mail out of the mailbox and my husband has turned it into their routine to walk down the driveway and get it together when they get home at the end of the day and a picture of it that I posted awhile back prompted a friend of mine to send him a card and now my uncle has turned into pretty much a pen pal at this point and I love it. This week he got another card in the mail and when I asked him about it, he excitedly showed it to me and said “mommy I got mail!!”. I’ve been stringing them up above his little desk so that he can see them all, and the cards have been so cute that they add the perfect little bit of decor to his play area.

2. Some classmates started talking this week about planning a 15 year high school reunion for us this summer and it’s left me feeling all how has it already been 15 years and how has it only been 15 years all at once! I feel so far removed from my 17 year old self, but time still flies. Not mad about it though, so far my late twenties/early thirties has been my favorite!

3. We took a vacation day today to kick start a three day weekend of nothing but potty training, meaning our family is housebound pretty much all weekend. Even though I’m not a fan of cooking, I keep collect recipes this week like you’d think I loved it! Maybe I’ll be so desperate for an indoor activity and the need to keep eating my way through my 25 pound box of peaches from The Peach Truck (not at all mad about that!) will actually leave me motivated in the kitchen. I’ll share how the peach related options pan out, but am kind of feeling these chocolate peanut butter oatmeal cups (but I’ll use SunButter due to Jacob’s peanut allergy) for a sweet but limited guilt treat!

4. I got the oil changed on my husband’s car one morning before work this week and waiting at the car dealership was dare I say…nice? It was quiet and they had the two latest copies of StyleWatch just sitting there waiting for me, my favorite magazine to browse through but hardly ever buy for myself. Maybe there’s a reason I don’t let myself buy it though because I found another Living Proof product that I want to try (I’m in love with their dry shampoo so more than willing to try another product of theirs),  this swimsuit top and bottom (I’m unexpectedly loving the tropical palm print), and I feel like I need this shirt because I saw a picture of one like it paired with denim shorts and it just felt like summer!

5. I read this article about a dad who peeled an orange for his daughter’s lunch every day until her last day of high school and it made me think way back to this photo and feeling a little weary that day and like my only purpose was to be the constant peeler of all the oranges. So sorry Jacob, love you but you’re going to start peeling your own oranges long before age 18. 😉

6. I can’t be trusted at the grocery store by myself because I’m always quick to browse the beauty department and convince myself I deserve something new and fun to try. It started out a few years ago with constantly adding a new nail polish to the collection but now that I don’t do my nails that often, lipsticks and glosses are my go to. This Almay liquid lip balm caught my eye last time and the Lilac Love is just enough coverage that my toddler will comment that I’m wearing purple but you know, not enough for me to feel like I’m walking around with in your face purple lips. If that makes sense? But I love it so much I just bought the Pink Pout color too and I’m hoping that some darker colors make an appearance this fall because I’d love to give that a try.

7. Throughout this week my husband has woke up sounding like he has a scratchy throat, Jacob started coughing a little bit, and then I woke up this morning feeling like it was coming my way. Last week Bridget had talked on instastories about the homeopathic medicines that she was packing up for their family trip to Italy and Boiron was a brand name she referenced. I recognized one of the products as one that had been recommended by a nurse practitioner when Jacob had the flue a few months ago so this morning I tried their Coldcalm to see if I can fight these germs. It’s a little intense with taking two dissolving tablets every 15 minutes for an hour, then two more every two hours but if it works I don’t care! I think the stomach bug of a few weeks ago left me a little paranoid and traumatized…

Happy weekend to you!

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Our summer! And my husband doesn’t even realize it yet. But I made my summer bucket list and have already started in on planning time for some of them.


I could wear my new overalls everyday! They’re an item I’ve thought I wanted for awhile, but was nervous about being able to pull them off. I found a pair at the Gap factory store while shopping at our local outlet mall with my mom and couldn’t pass them up, now I want to wear them constantly. I can’t find the pair I have online, but this pair looks pretty similar in look and fit.


My not so fun answer is all about potty training. It’s time to get serious about it and I’m anticipating conflict and resisting from our toddler and as a conflict avoider this means that I’m really not looking forward to the experience. I’m hoping this is just yet another situation in which I expect the worst behavior from my kid and then he’s totally fine, but we’ll see! The writer of the book we’re reading about it jokes that you’ll definitely want wine at the end of day one and she’s not opposed to wine with breakfast being appropriate so I think just maybe I’ll be able to handle her approach. 😉

The more fun answer is that I’m working my way through Gretchen Rubin’s (the one of The Happiness Project fame) Better Than Before Book, which is all about habit making and breaking and ways to understand ourselves better and approach them in ways that will increase the likelihood of you succeeding with them. So far it’s pretty interesting, but admittedly I tend to be really interested in anything related to assessing and discussing personality types!


Ideas for my birthday that’s coming up next month! Last year I told my husband not to buy me a birthday present, that instead I would take a vacation day from work to spend shopping by myself and purchase whatever I wanted (within reason of course) without letting myself feel guilty about it and it was wonderful. I already have the vacation day requested for this year and plan to suggest the same thing. A pair of distressed denim shorts at a length that doesn’t make me cringe is top of the list along with a new swim suit. While I’d like to find these before my birthday rolls around at the end of July, I don’t have high hopes it’ll happen before then. Other ideas I’ve been considering are a necklace from Ruhling // Woven (because I love my Madewell one pictured here). a Natalie Borton necklace (especially if this one is still available!), or some new prescription sunglasses from Warby Parker because I’m due for an update. I’m kind of liking either these or this pair!


To get it together this month, or at least that’s what I keep telling myself. At work we’re in this calm before the storm period before our schedules will really pick up at the end of this month, so I know that I need to get some habits going I want to set (like getting up earlier, upping my activity level, making better food choices, and stepping away to take some time to myself). We’ll see how I do!

Summer Bucket List

FullSizeRender (82)

I saw Beth’s post with her summer bucket list and loved the idea so much I decided to do my own. Inevitably I always have a bunch of ideas of random things I want to do (please tell me I’m not the only one who does this!), then forget half of them and they never happen so plan to check back in with this list throughout the summer when we’re looking for things to do. So here we go, here’s my list:

Catching The Peach Truck tour

Does this still count as a summer bucket list item if I just checked this one off the list on Saturday? 😉 These peaches are the best though – my dad gave me the heads up on this farm that goes on the road and has essentially pop up shops in different states throughout the summer to sell their peaches. We had them last year and they’re so delicious that I jumped on the opportunity to head back for another 25 pound box of ’em and now I’m thinking of allll the peach related recipes. If you’re in Ohio, Kentucky, Tennessee, Indiana, or Pennsylvania then I definitely recommend checking out the tour schedule and getting yourself some!

Franklin Park Conservatory

The grounds of this place are beautiful and it’s the perfect space to let Jacob lead the way and wander through. They just kicked off an exhibit that includes animal sculptures, how fun is that?! I think Jacob would love it.

Farmer’s market (several times)

My husband always seems to be training for some kind of race which I love both because it keeps him in shape and healthy (something I could follow his example on!) and because the longer weekend work outs give me one on one time with Jacob. I like to get out of the house most weekends and starting off the day with an early morning trip to the farmer’s market when we can beat the heavier crowds is perfect. It’s nice to live in an area where there’s several options, but this one is a pretty big one so I like to head there.

Stop and smell the roses

Or the peonies, or the wild flowers, or whatever other pretty flowers I come across. I have three flower related stops for my bucket list: Red Twig Farm to see the peonies, the Columbus Park of Roses, and the wildflowers at Homestead Park. I’ve been to all three places but never in their prime part of the season so I’d love to go back – the pictures in this post show us on the path through the wildflowers when we visited in early November when I’m sure the flowers were all about ready to call it a season and it was really pretty even then!

Overnight date night

Between living two hours away from most of our family and my high level of anxiety about separating from my kid overnight, we’ve only got around to having Jacob go spend the night with family twice. And he’s two and a half….admittedly this is a bit ridiculous because he has a great time with family without us around and my husband and I have enjoyed the alone time together. It’s very much needed to recharge every once in awhile so I want to make sure we plan a night away just the two of us sometime this summer.

Visit the Newport Aquarium 

I’ve heard such good things and this aquarium isn’t more than maybe a two hour drive for us. So in addition to getting an adults only night away, I definitely wouldn’t mind spending some family time driving down and making an overnight trip out of it just for a change of scenery too!

Touch a Truck event 

Just what it sounds like, a bunch of trucks and heavy equipment gets together and kids get to check it out and they have the event at a lot of different places all over the city it seems. They had it at the zoo last year one weekend while we were there, but a year can make a big difference in the interests of a toddler and I think he’d get pretty excited to get to see construction equipment and fire trucks up close!

Scott Antique Market

My mom and I have gone to this several times over the years when they’re here in Columbus. We do a lot of just browsing because there’s some really interesting things to check out, but the one thing I go with the intention to spend my money on is the jewelry. I’ve found some of my favorite pieces there (funny enough mostly from two booths – one run by a sweet elderly couple and discovered the other one is run by their daughter) and I always love having jewelry that’s unique. This event won’t make it back to Columbus until late fall, but if I want to make about an hour drive I could make it happen at another location this summer.

Columbus Coffee Trail

If the need for caffeine intake is the sole purpose of the trip then I’ll happily hit up McDonald’s for their cheap (and good!) coffee, but I much prefer the charm of a local place. Columbus has an ale trail where you visit different local participating breweries and there’s some free giveaway once you visit a certain number of them, and I recently discovered there’s a coffee trail that exists too and if you visit four you can get a free t-shirt. My favorite coffee shop is on the list and there’s 5 others close enough to where I work that if I wanted to get a good walk in over my lunch hour I could make them my destination. This will definitely be happening!

Visit campus

I graduated from Ohio State but despite never moving away, I just don’t often have a reason to want to go back anymore. Last year my best friend from college came back from out of state and we spent the day wandering around and reminiscing. It was so fun that I want to take Jacob and let him take the lead on the wandering. At two and a half he’s far too young to understand the point of any of it, but at worst a huge university at its emptiest over summer break has to be a great place for a kid to run off some energy!

Run a 10k race

I started out thinking I should run another half marathon but then stopped myself because that’s awfully ambitious for someone who hasn’t done one of those (or much of anything else for that matter) in about a year and a half. So 10K I think is, and there’s one in August that could be perfect timing. If I say it on the internet then I have to do it, right? 🙂

And that’s my list! Anything fun on yours this summer?!