Hi! I’m Jess. Thanks for stopping by! I’m a full time working momma and wife living in the Columbus, Ohio area. Things I’ll always gladly say no to include working on a Monday, making dinner, household chores, and staying up past my bedtime. Things I’ll always say yes to include all the snuggles, a good homemade iced coffee, a close friend in need, a solo trip to Target, an impromptu dance party with my favorite 1 year old.

This little corner of the internet started a few years ago as a place to document a shift in my personal style. As life tends to do, 4 years and one baby later things look different again! Sometimes I’ll get dressed in an outfit I really like, I’ll manage to take pictures of it, and I want to talk about it. Other times that cute outfit just doesn’t happen, or it does but I don’t get around to taking any pictures of it, but I still want to hang out and chat – maybe about motherhood, maybe about life lately, maybe anything else that’s on my mind. I’d love to have you stay awhile if you’re so inclined, and hope we find some common ground.

Other places you’ll find me:

Pinterest – where I pin clothes I like and recipes I rarely get around to making

Instagram – special moments, deep thoughts + cute pictures of my kid

Snapchat @ rupie514 – admittedly, mostly videos of my kid doing something I find particularly cute or funny

Twitter – the occasional random thought











*I’ve decided to use some affiliate links included in some posts, which means that I may receive a few cents each time you decide to view one of those links. This is just an attempt to earn a very small amount of spending money for something I already enjoy doing, and all funds will likely go right back into my shopping budget. :)*