All Black

sweater edited

This week is week two of back to work after a wonderful 11 day vacation because we close down for our winter break. I wore real pants as little as possible over those days so the transition back to having to look a little more pulled together feels like a little more work. To deal I might need to throw a repeat of this outfit I wore a few weeks ago into the mix!

Even though my job made a policy change this year that allows us to wear jeans whenever we want, I still was a little disappointed when my calendar one cold Friday morning called for an event we decided we should go business casual for. I coped by wearing head to toe black and between my black jeggings and this really warm and cozy turtleneck, I was actually more comfortable than I am on days I wear a more casual look while feeling way more put together than usual.

But! This sweater was a $10 clearance Kroger Marketplace find and I have plenty more items in my closet that are just as random as a find for about the same price point. Most of the time this is just fine and you might never be the wiser if I wasn’t one to talk about clothes out on the internet but this one is showing it’s price point and is shedding like crazy, leaving it looking a little ratty. It’s so comfortable and has a front pocket so this baby isn’t going anywhere, but she just may need to be demoted to weekends at home and grocery store runs and a replacement found for the week day rotation. This one is the closest to the style I’ve found within a price point that doesn’t make me cringe and it comes in black but is out of stock right now in my size so I might have to keep my eye on it. Any cozy ones you’ve seen lately?


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