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Time has moved so quickly once we stepped out of that holiday break bliss that it feels like Christmas was way more a month ago. In fact, I’m fairly confident I’m the last one still getting around to post something about the holiday season. 🙂 But while we were still in those post Christmas, lounge around at home days, I realized that I wish-listed and gifted plenty of things for Christmas from the bigger retailers and am completely fine with that as those new Nike’s pictured above show (side note – these are the most comfortable shoes I’ve maybe ever owned). But one thing that’s become increasingly more important to me over the last couple of years is to not forget the smaller, more locally owned businesses, especially because it’s a really good way to find something that’s probably pretty unique.

This Christmas I incorporated a few gifts from small business owners and received some too, and by default of where we live also were all from makers here in Ohio. Here’s the details, with all but the breweries of course having the ability to shop online.


Earrings for my sister in law from Grey Goose Gifts. The main branch of our library here in Columbus has the cutest little gift shop and I found them while browsing around in there one day.

Earrings from a co-workers etsy shop for my soon to be sister-in-law.

Bottle opener made from a map for my brother-in-law because the map piece included a location that should be a little bit special to them. (Her etsy says she’s taking a break, but here’s a picture from IG) Had to include a barrel aged Christmas Ale too from an Ohio based brewery!

A 6 pack of beer from Columbus Brewing Company for my brother – he really likes their Pale Ale, so when I found a pale ale style that I hadn’t seen before I decided he needed to give it a try.

A car for Jacob that one of the employees at Celebrate Local so conveniently handed him while we were shopping one day. I couldn’t say no though when I read that they’re made by someone local with autism and the proceeds are a source of income that supports him. I can’t remember who made it, but there’s plenty of other goodies you can find on the stores’ site!

Coffee for my Dad’s stocking, bonus is that it made our car smell amazing while it hung out in our car all through the 2 hour drive to my in-laws on Christmas and until the next evening when we made our way to my family’s house.

My husband’s extended family does a gift exchange each year and you leave a wish list and draw names at Thanksgiving dinner. When my husband drew one of his cousins and hot sauce was on the list, then a little gift set from CaJohn’s.


Goodies from The Jones Market – this place is easily the winner as my favorite small business. This necklace (it’s out of stock right now, but if it comes back then snatch it! It’s beautiful) and the one pictured above, plus this silver bracelet all made their way home with me. I’m a happy, happy girl!

Sweater (pictured above) from Merchant 31 – I saw this while shopping with my sister-in-law and she went back and picked it up for me.

Mug from The Hotel Gallery, and after catching up on their website my mug must’ve been made by owner and potter Sally Watson. (mine pictured here on my IG.) Really have a thing for homemade pottery right now so this was a perfect gift.

Have any small business gems to share? I’m always looking for more!

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