Lighten Up

tee: Forever 21 / sweater: H&M / pants: Express / shoes: Target

The title of this post could apply to my attitude too, and not just my closet. We did it though! We survived our three day weekend of nothing but potty training and he did so well. Fingers crossed we continue that path. But while he did great, I kind of felt like I did not. I was grumpy from being cooped up at home all weekend, having to cancel plans with a friend and turn down a few other fun plans to be able to stay home, and then yesterday a skipped nap and bedtime shenanigans threw me right over the edge but nothing that leaving my husband at home and heading out for a solo ice cream sundae run couldn’t solve!

But, back to the more fun topic of clothes. 🙂 Back in April I had read The Way She Wears It by Dallas Shaw, a book about revealing your personal style. I was feeling like I was in a rut, constantly wearing a different version of the same outfit over and over again. She breaks her wardrobe up into seasons and while I of course only wear certain items during specific times of the year because of weather, for the past few years I’ve kept the majority of my clothes all together in my closet just swapping out shoes, heavy sweaters, and shorts as the season changes dictated.

In her section about spring she talked about all sorts of things like prints, florals, lace, skirts, off the shoulder tops, and distressed denim. It had such a light and fun feel to it, something that when I looked in my closet was definitely missing among the sea of black and other neutral colored tees. In fact, the only thing that looked familiar from her list was my collection of distressed denim. That one I’ve got locked down!

It didn’t help that at that point our weather had not yet showed enough signs of warmth to want to show any more than your ankles or a peek of your toes, and that I swear you have to pry those big cozy sweaters right out of my hands at the end of the season. Feeling frustrated and even though I wanted to, feeling unwilling to donate everything and start fresh, I focused on the little things that felt more manageable and like I was switching things up just a bit without going through a full on shift. Strategies like layering this peach toned tee under this sweater rather than one of the black tees I would’ve surely reached for before, a nude shoe with peep toes to show off a more spring like nail color, turquoise jewelry, and treating myself to a brighter lip color than I would usually wear were ones I found that gave me the refresh I was looking for.

Any additional little tricks you have to share to switch things up a bit? Now we’re settling into summer with some 90 degree weather being thrown our way and all I want to do is throw it back to our May temps like we were having here in this picture!


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2 thoughts on “Lighten Up”

  1. I’ve been craving (can you crave an article of clothing) light, springy floral patterns this year which is so, usually, not me. I see the value in a seasonal wardrobe. I’ve done it both ways, but in this weird maternity leave I just wear what’s comfortable and dream of the day if full access to all of my clothes again. I might have to check out that book!


    1. I think you can totally crave an article of clothing! 😊 So far I’m liking it, and it’s letting me figure out where there are some gaps in my wardrobe. Let’s just say that it’s very clear that summer is the clear loser in terms of seasons I enjoy getting dressed for haha! Good for my closet and me, maybe bad because now I want to spend a good chunk of money. But I completely understand that inbetween time. I think Jacob was about 9 months old before I felt like whatever shape and size my body was, that I could probably just accept that was my new reality and reshape my wardrobe with only items that I felt still worked. Tough process!!


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