7 Things

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My internal dialogue for the week, coming your way… 😉

1. Jacob loves getting the mail out of the mailbox and my husband has turned it into their routine to walk down the driveway and get it together when they get home at the end of the day and a picture of it that I posted awhile back prompted a friend of mine to send him a card and now my uncle has turned into pretty much a pen pal at this point and I love it. This week he got another card in the mail and when I asked him about it, he excitedly showed it to me and said “mommy I got mail!!”. I’ve been stringing them up above his little desk so that he can see them all, and the cards have been so cute that they add the perfect little bit of decor to his play area.

2. Some classmates started talking this week about planning a 15 year high school reunion for us this summer and it’s left me feeling all how has it already been 15 years and how has it only been 15 years all at once! I feel so far removed from my 17 year old self, but time still flies. Not mad about it though, so far my late twenties/early thirties has been my favorite!

3. We took a vacation day today to kick start a three day weekend of nothing but potty training, meaning our family is housebound pretty much all weekend. Even though I’m not a fan of cooking, I keep collect recipes this week like you’d think I loved it! Maybe I’ll be so desperate for an indoor activity and the need to keep eating my way through my 25 pound box of peaches from The Peach Truck (not at all mad about that!) will actually leave me motivated in the kitchen. I’ll share how the peach related options pan out, but am kind of feeling these chocolate peanut butter oatmeal cups (but I’ll use SunButter due to Jacob’s peanut allergy) for a sweet but limited guilt treat!

4. I got the oil changed on my husband’s car one morning before work this week and waiting at the car dealership was dare I say…nice? It was quiet and they had the two latest copies of StyleWatch just sitting there waiting for me, my favorite magazine to browse through but hardly ever buy for myself. Maybe there’s a reason I don’t let myself buy it though because I found another Living Proof product that I want to try (I’m in love with their dry shampoo so more than willing to try another product of theirs),  this swimsuit top and bottom (I’m unexpectedly loving the tropical palm print), and I feel like I need this shirt because I saw a picture of one like it paired with denim shorts and it just felt like summer!

5. I read this article about a dad who peeled an orange for his daughter’s lunch every day until her last day of high school and it made me think way back to this photo and feeling a little weary that day and like my only purpose was to be the constant peeler of all the oranges. So sorry Jacob, love you but you’re going to start peeling your own oranges long before age 18. 😉

6. I can’t be trusted at the grocery store by myself because I’m always quick to browse the beauty department and convince myself I deserve something new and fun to try. It started out a few years ago with constantly adding a new nail polish to the collection but now that I don’t do my nails that often, lipsticks and glosses are my go to. This Almay liquid lip balm caught my eye last time and the Lilac Love is just enough coverage that my toddler will comment that I’m wearing purple but you know, not enough for me to feel like I’m walking around with in your face purple lips. If that makes sense? But I love it so much I just bought the Pink Pout color too and I’m hoping that some darker colors make an appearance this fall because I’d love to give that a try.

7. Throughout this week my husband has woke up sounding like he has a scratchy throat, Jacob started coughing a little bit, and then I woke up this morning feeling like it was coming my way. Last week Bridget had talked on instastories about the homeopathic medicines that she was packing up for their family trip to Italy and Boiron was a brand name she referenced. I recognized one of the products as one that had been recommended by a nurse practitioner when Jacob had the flue a few months ago so this morning I tried their Coldcalm to see if I can fight these germs. It’s a little intense with taking two dissolving tablets every 15 minutes for an hour, then two more every two hours but if it works I don’t care! I think the stomach bug of a few weeks ago left me a little paranoid and traumatized…

Happy weekend to you!

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4 thoughts on “7 Things”

  1. That is too cute with Jacob and your uncle. We just give C our flyers. Of course, it gets a little weird when she asks for the Bulk Barn flyer as a bedtime story.

    It’s my 15 year “anniversary” of graduating high school, too. I’m told attendance at our 10 year was small (I did not go. I’ve got some unnecessary baggage I should really let go of but haven’t really needed to since I went to school in a small town and my parents moved after I graduated so I haven’t been back in almost 10 years) so there’s been no talk about doing a 15 year one. My sister is talking about a trip back there with all of our kids so they can see where we grew up. That’s more my style!


  2. hahaha! I love that!

    I went to a pretty small school graduated with barely over 100 people. I went to our 10 year reunion because friends of mine coordinated it and I had the thought that at the very least it was an excuse to head home for a night out with friends. We only live about two hours from both my hometown and my husbands’ hometown too so thankfully we still have a reason to go back regularly, but now that we have Jacob I feel like I’ve only seen those couple of friends who both live in the same city as us now and have little ones too, so there’s a pretty good chance I’ll be interested in going back for at least part of it.

    The trip back that you and your sister are talking about sounds like so much fun! Last weekend Jacob and I met my parents in my dad’s hometown for the day and we hadn’t been back to actually stick around and visit since my grandparents passed away about 19 years ago. It was so fun to get to listen to the memories he had there’s something enjoyable about noting how much a place has (or maybe hasnt’ I guess haha!) changed. If you guys decide to go, I hope you have a great time!!


  3. Good luck with the potty training! We do a one-day bootcamp here so we’re homebound for at least a day and I’m sick to death of talking about the potty when we finish. But in my experience it’s paid off because the training period is over much sooner and we don’t have a year of accidents and Pull-ups to deal with.


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