Even though we’re now a month past the two and a half year mark, most days I’m sitting here wondering how the heck that happened. Two and half years old?! Weren’t we just bringing Jacob home from the hospital?! Along the way I’ve found myself saying this is my favorite stage at pretty much every stage along the way since that first year but this one truly has been the best. Sleeping through the night for the most part (we’ve had such a big struggle with this), talking in full sentences that make sense, and play independently without watching him like a hawk – I recognized how nice this shift is the last weekend we spent with our cute little 14 month old niece. 🙂 But maybe we still use those eagle eyes more than I think because he recently started telling me “I know mommy, I be careful”, which got me thinking and realizing that right behind I love you, be careful might be the words I say to him most.

He could push cars down his race track for hours (if you have a car obsessed kid, buy this…entertainment for hours and it easily snaps apart to be put away so it’s not another huge toy taking up space in your house) and we can’t help but let him pick out another hot wheels car anytime we’re in Target. He comments every time he hears a firetruck or an airplane, telling us that the firetruck is “going to help somebodies” and excitedly yelling “it’s a planecopter!”. To be fair, this is a great term because you can be right whether it’s an airplane or a helicopter so maybe it’ll catch on? Every time he says it I laugh and think I should correct him, but just can’t bring myself to break such a cute habit. He’ll figure it out someday, right?

Blankets are still called grippys, a term he made up when he was very first learning to talk and we still just roll with it. He has an absolute love for french fries with lots of ketchup and loves chips, even the spicy ones – me and my love of spicy sweet chili Doritos may be to blame for that one. The kid can hear you sneaking into a bag of jelly beans from a mile away and will come running your way demanding his share of them, but will almost always turn up his nose at cake. After licking off all the frosting of course. Thankfully he only demands these things if he knows they’re in the house, so we can easily distract him with the healthier options he loves like pretty much any kind of fruit!

But just to make sure I stay distracted from how big he’s getting, he insists on being the wildest momma’s boy I know. Completely adventurous in spirit meaning I spend most of my time on outings trying to keep him close to us, but still clings to my leg when I drop him off at daycare and every meal ends in him crawling over from his chair to join me in mine by sitting on my lap. And I’ll gladly take those snuggles for as long as he’s willing to dish them out!


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