7 Things


1. “Take a picture of my cars Mommy!” Over and over with different cars until he got distracted and was ready to race them down his track again. The love of cars is clearly something that shows no sign of slowing down anytime soon and our hot wheels collection keeps growing lately as a result…

2. It’s been pretty interesting to follow along and read about Hailey Andresen and her family’s decision to travel indefinitely and how they’re doing that with a little one along for the adventure. Sometimes I wish I were that brave! I most follow along on Instagram and just catch blog posts every now and then, but I read her post from this week that detailed the few clothing items she packed for their travels and have been fascinated by the small number of items! It left me feeling like I wouldn’t be able to do it because it would feel too extreme for me, but it also left me feeling like I have so many more clothes than I need. Maybe another closet clean out coming soon?

3. I’ve seen the Solly Baby Book Club posts on Instagram each month, but just never get it together in time to get the book and then actually get through it in the same month at my slow pace that I’ve just accepted. This month’s is Rising Strong by Brene Brown which is a book that has been on my reading wish list for awhile and they recommended the audio book so I’m actually giving that a try and seeing if listening to it on my commute back and forth from work is a good way to get through it. We’ll see how that goes!

4. But listening in the car might be tough to talk me into because after hearing Doo Wop by Lauryn Hill on the radio twice within a couple of days, it made me dig back through my cd collection from 10-15 years ago that I found during the last cleaning spree I went on because I knew I had her cd! The rest of the collection is pretty laughable, but I have been thoroughly enjoying bringing hers back and giving it a little attention.

5. I think I’m going to continue to dig into Katie Dalebout’s podcasts because I’ve listened to only two so far and I’ve found things that really catch my attention in both. I listened to this one this week and am going to start checking out the NY Times podcast she talked about, The Daily, as a good source to just need to invest no more than 20 minutes into listening to current events – just enough to feel responsible and a little bit in the know to what’s happening in our world without investing a lot of time digging through news stories to learn more, something I unfortunately cannot bring myself to do. Delivery by podcast is perfect too, and my goal is to just do this as I start off my work day each morning as I prep for the day.

6. Did you hear the news that Target will be discontinuing some of their clothing brands like Merona and Mossimo in favor of new lines that help create a “unique personality”? I’m really curious to check it out, but for someone who loves clothes I’m really cheap about it and it’s leaving me wondering if that will leave me with no replacement for the under $10 boyfriend tees that I’ve loved over the years.

7. Drinks with jalapeno in them have been my favorite this summer, so yes please to these blackberry jalapeno margaritas! I think one of these is a good way to kick off the weekend, right?! Thank you Pinterest for the great idea. 🙂

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