1. This week (or actually last week now since I’m off schedule) I’m grateful for: fall weather finally appearing and being able to wear the first turtleneck of the season (!!); being there to witness another Buckeye win (especially because it really wasn’t looking good the first few minutes of the game); a husband who cooks pretty much every single meal – not quite sure if he does this because he enjoys it or because he’s better at it than me and just prefers to eat good food. Either way, I’ll take it. 😉

2. A perfect example of why a husband who cooks (and I guess bakes) got added to the list of things I’m grateful for – he decided to make a pumpkin pie yesterday just for fun! Like buy the pie pumpkin, clean it out, bake it, turn it into a pie type of effort and although he wasn’t overly impressed by the flavor I thought it was pretty darn good. Google led him to this recipe for the filling, and we definitely used a store bought frozen pie crust.

3. And further proof that his culinary skills exceed mine, he made a really good chili to have around for weekend lunches. I love when the weather gets cold enough for that meal to sound good and it’s one we lean on pretty heavily to get us through fall and winter. I caught a good sale a month or so back and stocked up on chili beans, diced tomatoes, and crushed fire roasted tomatoes and that’s served us so well that forever more I’m going to make sure we’ve got a stock pile going in the pantry as soon as the weather shows the slightest sign of a dip in temperatures!

4. But one thing I always head to the kitchen to create? A cocktail! This has been my go to drink for the past two weekend, but it’s pretty sweet so one is usually enough. Thank you Pinterest for the idea and for giving me a recipe I’ll pin and actually make! Anyone else’s account have food recipes that they always have the best of intentions of trying out, but rarely do?

5. And just to make sure this post isn’t completely dedicated to recipes, a good article that a co-worker shared last week about making friends as an adult that totally rang true for me. I’m thankful to have been able to cling tight to friends I grew up with and from college – I’d be lost without them!

6. I listened to Chrissy Power’s new podcast last week, specifically the one where she interviewed Ginger Parrish and she mentioned this article a friend shared with her about a different approach to the stranger danger type of lesson with your kids, one that talked about how there’s “tricky people” in the world. As hard as it all is, I’ve always been personally more intimidated by the thought of parenting successfully as our son gets older. You know, when the challenges go beyond just keeping them alive and healthy and you need to make sure you’re raising smart, safe, kind little human beings so I’m definitely filing that article away in my toolbox for parenting!

7. Am I the only one who used to be so indifferent to Halloween and now that I have a kid, I love it?! I can’t be. But I’m almost sad that tomorrow is the end of costumes and that the pumpkins and mums will begin to lose their charm. The only thing that I think will cure it will be how exciting the holiday season will be. My husband already started talking about the Christmas tree last night so yep, pretty sure we’ll be those people with decorations up so early it has you rolling your eyes. 🙂

Here’s to a good week friends!

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1. This week I’m grateful for: the Minute Clinic at CVS so I didn’t have to take time off work to go to the doctor to check out an earache (plus that time alone in their waiting area I spent reading my book was golden!); five minute breaks to get up from our desks and walk around the block with a co-worker before getting back to the task at hand; a bye week for our Buckeyes because as much as I love them, it was really nice to have a Saturday where what time the game started didn’t have to be part of the conversation when making plans.

2. For the first time maybe ever I looked at the forecast the other day and was actually irritated that it was going to be 75 and sunny. But it’s the end of October! In Ohio! And yes this warm weather feels good but I’m just ready for a chill in the air, for the leaves to completely turn colors, and to be able to layer without walking outside and sweating. Taking Jacob on his class field trip to the pumpkin patch though left me feeling a little more like it’s actually the month of October and he had a good time placing them on the porch this weekend, walking them back and forth to either end before deciding that two were coming in the house with him.

3. Feeling all the feels from that field trip and completely thankful for these two guys. I am loving my thirties!

4. We had an IKEA open in our city over the summer and I hadn’t been yet. The other day we found ourselves nearby with some time to kill in the area and when my husband suggested checking out IKEA, I jumped at the chance. I had never been in one before and I have to say that I felt constantly turned around in that store and it was incredibly overwhelming. But I loved how detailed they got with the room styling and they had so much cute stuff for kids so I’m sure I’ll be back!

5. Thought it was cool to see that the owner of local restaurant Hot Chicken Takeover was on the Today show to talk about his fair chance employment efforts. The food is so good that it’s reason enough to be a fan (if you find yourself in Columbus, this place is at the top on the list of places I recommend visiting!) but as someone who spent a few years working for a non profit that worked exclusively with ex-offenders and focused on helping them learn job readiness skills and then coaching them through the job search process, that’s a cause that’s close to my heart. Gainful employment is such a difference maker!

6. I found this drink recipe on Pinterest and after making it this weekend I have to say, pretty good! Great weekend option for that good apple cider I’ve been craving.

7. Operation clean out the freezer in underway to prepare for the approximately 3/4th’s of a hog I’m about to pick up this week from back home. The really fun part of that is that gave me an excuse to make the chocolate chunk cookies out of the dough sitting in my freezer that I bought from a fundraiser a co-workers daughter was doing. I’m going to have to share though because I can’t be trusted with that many cookies in my house!



Seven Things


1. Things I’m grateful for this week: a kind, thoughtful message from someone I haven’t seen in years; a forever ongoing group text message thread with two of my bestest friends that is a constant source of laughter and encouragement; THE WEEKEND (I really feel like I earned it this week).

2. (last) Friday me: I really want a pair of mules but I am not going to let myself look because I don’t need them. Sunday me: has to pass by DSW on her way from Carter’s to her car, now owns a pair of mules. Straight copied from a text to a friend because I knew she’d admire them with me. 🙂  But just look at these, and I found them for only $28! No regrets, they’re incredibly comfortable and I’ve already worn them three times this week.

3. I had no idea who Van Jones was I did some googling, but caught a really interesting interview with him on the radio on my drive to work the other morning and he shared this thought on the climate in the U.S. right now: “we’re all just failing preschool and Sunday school right now” and I couldn’t help but find myself nodding my head in agreement.

4. The main branch of our local library has a semi-annual book sale and the fall event is this weekend! Last year I decided to make a small donation to their “friend of the library” program and one perk is early access to the sale. I took advantage of that last night and got quite a few kids books for only a $1 each, then found some books for me at only $3 a piece. I think I’m most excited about picking up Talking As Fast As I Can by Lauren Graham and most curious about a Deepak Chopra book I snagged. I listened to his episode on Oprah’s SuperSoul Conversations podcast just this week and liked it so much that I thought $3 was worth giving one of his books a try. Another good find – the audiobook of Sheryl Sandberg’s Lean In. I started it this morning on my drive to work and think I’m going to easily be hooked.

5. Maybe about a month and a half ago I got it stuck in my head that I really wanted to find a darker lipstick for fall that was the perfect purplish/berry color. I’m thinking that was my way of coping with that feeling of being so ready for fall but the weather not allowing dressing for it? I tried these lipsticks based on a recommendation from Jolie’s post and the blossom berry color was exactly what I was looking for. (I also have the forever fawn color she recommends and eternal flame – both good, but just can’t beat the blossom berry I’ve had on repeat lately)

6. The Columbus Marathon is this weekend and my husband signed up for the full this year and I’m actually pretty excited. The second half of the course winds through the campus of the college I went to so I’m thinking about using it as an opportunity to run around campus with Jacob. And of course after going to get donuts to kill some time during the last race my husband did, I’m declaring that a new tradition so coffee and donuts will be on the agenda too. 🙂

7. And if the donuts aren’t enough sugar for the family this weekend, then I’m toying with the idea of making this bourbon apple crisp recipe that was linked in Bridget’s post today. We’ve got apples, and there’s almost always bourbon in our house. Might be a winner!

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Seven Things

IMG_2356 (1)

1. Jacob’s third birthday is coming up soon and I’m probably kidding myself to say that I don’t think his actual birthday will hit me with that momma hurt as bad as the last two years. You know the one, where you spend most of your days really loving this stage and you just want to tell time to slow the hell down a bit. But the little stuff is what’s been throwing the reminders my way that he’s getting so much bigger. Like this picture where he looks so tall, he’s starting to call me Mom instead of mommy sometimes, and the recent development of him listening well enough while we’re at the store that he’s allowed to always walk with me instead of being contained in the cart.

2. I saw Dani post a picture of apple cider Moscow mules in her IG stories and man did they look good. After a summer of loving margaritas I think I may just need to keep a seasonal favorite going. Maybe an apple cider Moscow mule will be the winner for fall?

3. You know that idea of if you don’t want to be asked to do something again, just really suck at it and you won’t be asked again? I think that officially applies to me making dinner, with the one exception being my pizza making skills. We had friends over this weekend and I decided I was going to make chili for lunch. I asked my husband one question about how he cooks up his onions and peppers and the next thing I knew he was taking over and just made the whole thing for me. Can’t say I’m mad about it, he is a far better cook than I am!

4. I treated myself to Friday off work but didn’t keep Jacob home partly because after missing two days due to a stomach bug last week I could tell he was ready to be back but mostly because I was feeling the need for a day to myself. I used to enjoy going thrifting but trying to focus on the hunt like you need to is nowhere near enjoyable when a kid is with you so I hadn’t been in ages. I finally went again and managed to find 3 pairs of brand new looking shoes, 3 sweaters, and a really comfortable sweatshirt for all of $29. Such a score!

5. This is the first year Jacob is old enough to have an opinion about his Halloween costume and each time we ask him the consistent answer is that he wants to be a cost. He’s also insisted that daddy is a witch and that I’m a lion for Halloween and it’s just so cute to hear him say it that we’ll entertain him and go along with it. 🙂 We’re going simple with ours – the witch is done after finding a hat and this hilarious green nose for $1 at Target, but I have to figure mine out. I have an old headband and glue gun so I think I’ll try buying some felt and giving this a try first and if that’s a fail then Amazon prime to the rescue.

6. As of today I’ve officially started making my Christmas list. After years of feeling bad about actually giving my mother in law a list when she asks me repeatedly what I want, I finally cooperated more than usual last year and of course loved the combination of a few things I specifically asked for along with things she found (I married into a family full of very good gift givers btw). Top of the list is this top because I love that you can style it two ways – check out Audrey’s post to see it styled, love the off the shoulder look!

7. If there’s one thing better than giving yourself a 3 day weekend, it’s treating yourself to a 4 day one. 😉 Using up some vacation days that are about to expire and I have tomorrow off work too. I plan to take it pretty easy with cleaning bathrooms the only must happen thing on my to do list (oh, adulting) but if the weather is nice then I’m thinking about picking Jacob up from daycare early and heading to the park.

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After at least a year now of a change in dress code at work to a much more casual, jeans are appropriate any day of the week type of policy, I feel like I live in denim and it’s starting to get just a little bit boring. In a recent shopping trip I found these wide leg black dress pants and they’re feeling like a really good alternative. The first time up I paired them with just this tee and denim jacket look so they still felt casual, but I could easily dress them up if I needed too!


My vacation days, and for not really a good reason. My employer has what I’d consider a pretty generous vacation time policy and with no special trips planned last year I found myself with 5 more days I have to use by the end of this month or I lose them. While  at least one of those is going to be a day for doctor’s appointments (just routine stuff for Jacob, allergist and 3 year well check), I’m making sure I plan for some family time together and the much coveted time off work spent completely by myself!


More like what I want to be searching for, a pair of mules. Like look how cute these are, or what about these?! Thankfully I’m not an impulsive shopper online and save that for just in person so maybe I need to just stay out of all shoe stores until the next season. 😉



Up after myself, way more than usual after reading this article. I know, congrats on being an actual adult, right? While I definitely have a long way to go, the whole “don’t put it down, put it away” concept is simple enough that it kind of works.


A sincere effort to turn around my track record with plants at my house surviving mere days. I started with a house plant that still looks great even though it’s been in our family for a month. That got my confidence going just enough to buy some fall flowers for the front porch. My big planter of Gerber daisies may not have survived, but my mums are looking good! I’m sure I’ll show them off soon like only a proud plant momma would. 🙂

Weekend Wrap Up


This weekend was a good one guys, and I hope you can say the same. I survived the 10k I had signed up for and then kept procrastinating on training and even survived it with a far better time than I was expecting and with my toddler sidekick along for the ride in the jogging stroller. How well he did might’ve been the biggest surprise of the weekend, especially after a particularly bad experience last weekend that involved him yelling and me getting pretty frustrated and angry so wins all around on the 10k experience.

It’s officially October and with that I let myself fall victim to everything fall related. I bought another mum this weekend to add to my crew of plant babies that I have a newfound determination to keep alive. Butternut squash pasta in the shape of pumpkins, pumpkin break mix, and actual pumpkins all found their way into our cart this morning at Trader Joe’s but I held strong and didn’t go for the apple cider jam that looked so good! Next Trader Joe’s, next time for sure.

But while I’m always happy to see fall come around and almost never sad to see summer go, this year I’m a little bit sadder to see summertime go. Sure I’m ready to stop sweating and experience temperatures that allow me to wear all the sweaters and boots again without looking like I’ve possibly lost my mind, but this summer was such a good one. I’m celebrating with one last favorite picture from the summer, one from a random stop on the drive back to Columbus from my parent’s house on and not letting myself feel bad about only making it through five of my eleven summer bucket list items. Catching the Peach Truck with my parents back in my dad’s hometown and using it as an excuse to spend the morning going down memory lane, spending my birthday with my boys at the Newport Aquarium, and completing the Columbus Coffee Trail with one of the girls at work all topped the list of my favorites that were actually checked off the list. Maybe time to start on this fall’s version?



Feeling a bit rusty on the blogging front, but can never resist an opportunity to join in on the Currently link up with Anne, with Lowanda co-hosting this month!


The fact that I was smart enough to use some vacation time that expires at the end of October to take this week off and next Monday, for 10 whole days away from work. Good thing too because little man landed a viral infection that also led to an ear infection so we have been taking it easy at home together the past two days.


We almost never watch a show in real time, choosing to wait awhile to stock up on episodes and then be able to binge watch episodes of our favorite series but this season of Game of Thrones we got completely caught up in and stayed up late (for us anyway) to watch the finale. I really enjoy the show but can’t for the life of me remember every character’s names and back story so don’t count on me to have a good chat about the show!


Family! My brother gets married this weekend (hence the timing of using up those vacation days) and we have family coming in from out of state that I’m really excited to see.


My house for said family. 🙂 We only had one of my cousins stay with us for just a night before making the couple of hour drive to my parents house, but it was a good reason to finally get our house in order and do a big purge of things we don’t need anymore. Everybody’s closets got a good clean out and I have a nice big collection of items to donate to a local community free store in addition to some kids clothes to pass along to a friend and a co-worker with little boys. New rule established this week – I’m only allowed one plastic tub of old baby/kids clothes that I keep for sentimental value. I’ve always had a little quirk of associating memories with specific clothing so I’ve had a really hard time parting ways with some things until lately.


No surprise here, but the toddler makes up about 95% of the pictures on my phone. 🙂 I’ve always enjoyed candid pictures of him which is good because that’s about all I can manage to capture, but he’s been flashing us this overly excited grin more and more lately and I was happy to catch it on camera as we celebrated one last summer day over the weekend.