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I can’t say that I meant to take a month plus long break from writing, but always find it difficult to get back into it if I hit pause. I let myself get into just a little bit of a funk where motivation of any kind was hard to muster, but thankfully plenty of good stuff was still happening with the exception of a stomach bug that knocked me straight down for a few days and battled a little bit with Jacob too.

My favorites include some long weekends that had time for going to a baseball game and a trip to the zoo, Mother’s Day and our 6 year anniversary falling on the same day (with my mother-in-law’s birthday the next day!), Jacob turning two and a half and these stages just getting more and more fun, and starting and finishing Love Warrior at a pace that was record setting for me lately.

On the accomplishments end I finished Gilmore Girls and personally I didn’t love the Year in the Life revival nearly as much as I loved the original series (side note, is it sad that I consider this an accomplishment?!), and I also read The Wear She Wears It and it inspired me to completely reorganize my closet. Now I’m back to an approach that’s a little more seasonal rather than most everything being crammed in at once in hopes that it forces me to shift my style a little bit as the seasons change. We’ll see how I like it, but the process did result in another two bags full of clothes to be donated so that’s at least a win!



7 Things


it was a great day for a race!

Hello! We’re winding down another weekend here, having spent most of the weekend up north for the Toledo Marathon with my husband and brother running the half marathon and my future sister in law running the 5k. My out of shape self was happily the spectator.

So here we go, my favorite post to write this week – 7 Things! 7 typically very random, mostly unrelated things. 😉

1. Speaking of races, the Boston Marathon was this past Monday and I read an article about the first woman to run in this race running it again after 50 years. This woman had the race director chasing her down and trying to rip off her race number because at that time women weren’t allowed to enter officially. This was in 1967 and it always shocks me a bit to hear that this was happening as recently as in my mom and dad’s lifetime. I’m thankful to them for raising me to be involved in every sport out there as a kid and just couldn’t imagine having this type of experience.

2. Last fall we started a policy at work where we’re permitted one work from home day per month and I took my April day last week. Major perk of this now that it’s spring is that I got to eat my lunch out on the patio watching Gilmore Girls. The best.

3. Mother’s Day is coming up soon and while of course I’ll treat my mom (and mother-in-law) to something special, I like the idea of ordering this card for my two closest mama friends too because I think we could all use the reminder sometimes!

4. I had been so good about ignoring the clearance Easter candy and then finally gave in to some white chocolate Reese’s eggs, thinking my husband would eat them too because he likes white chocolate. Wrong! I came home and he said he’s not a big fan of Reese’s. I wasn’t aware that was a thing!

5. My husband recently dug up the little section of our yard that ran between the edge of our patio and the house and put some mulch down and it looks nicer than the grass that was there, but it’s looking a little bare. I’m thinking about getting some big pots to line up in that area and trying to grow an herb garden, but have zero idea what I’m doing. I looked up some things online, but we’re near the Herb Capital of Ohio (bet you didn’t know there was such a thing – haha!) and I just noticed that they’re having an herb day next month so I could go, learn a thing or two, and buy some herbs to make it happen and I think I just might do that. (This just hit me as something to throw on the list that 20 something Jess would never believe 30 something Jess would even be interested in!)

6. As an Academic Advisor, seeing this article over the weekend brought me to tears. I work with almost exclusively non-traditional students and if there’s one thing it’s taught me about myself, it’s that when I was a traditional college student I really didn’t realize how easy I had it. There’s been several times over the past few years that phone calls to my mom on the drive home from work include a great big thank you for all my parents did for us growing up!

7. I get to be a bridesmaid and Jacob gets to be a ring bearer! I’m so stinking excited. My brother is getting married this September and they asked us to be a part of the wedding while we were home over the weekend. I cannot wait for all the fun to start – I’ve reached an age where the past couple of years have focused on kids instead of weddings and it’ll be so much fun to get to be right there for this experience. Here’s just hoping I haven’t been out of practice for so long that I can still hang for the night at the bachelorette party! 😉


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Current Favorites


A few things I’m loving lately…

This bare feet toes in the grass weather we’ve been graced with! A couple of nice weekends in a row has done wonders for my mood and attitude.

Gilmore Girls, like 10 years too late or something like that right? I started watching it while on winter break (the university I work for is so kind to close down for a week and give us a week off) and made pretty slow progress for awhile. Now I’m so hooked that I feel like I’m tearing through it and am closing in on the end of season 6 and already feeling like I’m going to seriously miss it once I’ve made my way through them all.

My skinny jeans, just in case you missed my post earlier this week.

Hearing back to back current favorite songs on the drive to work – Shining with DJ Khaled, Beyoncé, and Jay-Z and All Night by Chance the Rapper for the record, and then hearing more Beyoncé on the way home that night with Crazy in Love. All songs that leave me unable to fight the urge to dance in my car and not care if I get some strange looks. 😉

Iced coffee. Drinking them in the winter always feels a bit wrong to me, so now that the weather is acting like it’s spring I’m bringing them back. Some Trader Joe’s cold brew, my new favorite almond milk creamer, some honey, then loading it up with either coconut milk or almond milk (depending on what I have in the fridge) before adding a bunch of ice and then it’s perfect!

Weekend naps. Not for me, but for the toddler! 🙂 I think we all three benefit from the couple of hours of quiet time to ourselves and then when my husband goes upstairs to get him, nothing beats the sound of those little feet running down the hallway and seeing how excited he is to turn the corner and jump into my lap for a good snuggle.

This book!

How about you, what’s making you smile lately??

The Jeans I Can’t Quit


tee / sweater / necklace / jeans / sandals (they’re this pair just w/o the sparkle, but here’s a similar two tone pair)


Jeans. Easily the most worn thing in my closet since our HR department at work took a summer policy to permit them every day and made it permanent once fall rolled around. And even though I have a lot of love for styles like the boyfriend jean and flares, I keep running right back to the skinny jeans that still holds tight to top spot on my list. This pair is my go to and I maybe have 4 pairs in my closet now? After a lot of searching for the perfect distressed jean and coming up with options that just couldn’t compare to these, I took a pair of scissors to the knee of the oldest pair and then keep the others for rotation throughout the work week. And a little tip if you’re local to the Columbus, Ohio area – if you’re as cheap as I am, head to Discount Fashion Warehouse and keep your eye out because all of mine have come from there for about $15 a pair. You just have to be willing to give it a good look over for quality.

And lastly, I’m cheering over here because sandals for the first time this year!! I always thought fall won my heart, but am really enjoying and appreciating spring rolling in this year.

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7 Things


Happy Easter to those who celebrate! We very willingly took it as an opportunity to slow down to spend extra time together as a family, plan a special meal, and have do some fun tradition related activities. We have a few weekends of being out of town coming up so we stayed put, and it’s been nice to have the time with my two favorite guys.

This week was a quiet one around here, but I had to jump back in for another round of 7 Things. You know when my posts are a week apart and there’s back to back 7 Things that it was probably a bit of a rough week. Just was feeling a little off and having a week that felt all over the place. Here’s an example of why…

1. I had a hair appointment after work on Tuesday and after leaving 5 minutes later than I meant to because I forgot to send an email that I really wanted to get out that day, coming across a weird police situation on the highway, and then the real kicker of getting pulled over, I was about 20 minutes late and had to (understandably) reschedule the appointment. But hey, at least the officer just gave me a warning! Lesson learned.

2. My appointment was rescheduled for this weekend, so I got my hair cut yesterday and went a little bit shorter than I usually do. It’s so fresh and light that I keep getting the urge to dance and shake it around anytime some music comes on. Weird I know, but kind of testament to my feeling of when you think you look good, you usually feel that way too.

3. We decided coloring eggs would be fun this morning and it went about exactly how you should expect it to with a toddler. Whining when we had to wait for the tablets to dissolve, throwing the eggs in the containers, and spilling the pink one before ditching me to finish them on my own when he spotted a new toy that made an appearance. 🙂

4. I read Shea’s post over on the Kansas City Moms Blog because with a pretty much two and a half year old on our hands, those threenager meltdowns have pretty much started so I think I needed the reminder that this happens to probably every parent and ideas on how to deal. After a week full of meltdowns every single night when it was time to get out of the bath, when we tried to get him into his pajamas, and then again when it was time to go to bed I was feeling pretty defeated and started listening to the podcast Shea recommended. I’ve only listened to the first episode so far, but think I just need to start a routine of listening to one during my morning commute each day.

5. I finally picked a pair of glasses! After pestering friends, family, and co-workers to weigh in with opinions once I received my try on picks from Warby Parker I finally just went for this pair. Even though they were an out of pocket cost, my out of pocket costs would’ve been two and a half times the amount I paid through Warby Parker if I would’ve used my insurance benefits at the place I was looking at so I’m calling this a win.

6. Back when I did some reflecting on what I want this year to look like, one of the things I identified was that I wanted to develop a better skin care routine. Right now I wear a minimal amount of make up and skin care has consisted of most nights just taking a cleansing pad to my face (but many nights just heading to bed), washing it in the shower each morning, and then when I remembered every once in awhile a face mask while I’m just hanging out in the bathroom while my son takes a bath. In the past couple of week I’ve seen both Franziska and Bridget reference Sydney’s new Korean skin care routine and my skin has been having a bit of a rough time lately so I took note. Reading all the steps sounds intense (and expensive!) but I bought a couple of things this weekend and want to ease into some of the steps to see what happens. I’ll keep you updated!

7. My husband has been a life long fan of all Cleveland sports and as of this weekend the NBA play offs have officially started. I enjoy watching the Cavs because when we first started dating we spent a lot of time heading to play off games together (during LeBron’s first round with Cleveland!), but I’m just going to go ahead and accept that the next few months could very likely include a lot of anxiousness and definitely a lot of weekend plans revolving around needing to be near a TV for every possible game. Here’s hoping they make it worth it!

7 Things

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I hope you’re winding down a great weekend, just like I’d say we are in this house! Keeping the weekend 7 Things post tradition going strong…

1. I jumped on the band wagon so quick with this The Magic of Motherhood book that came out last week. I saw it referenced on Instagram by a few bloggers I follow I think on Thursday and after checking out the Coffee + Crumbs blog and loving it, I figured I would like the book so I placed a pick up order through Target. I picked it up on my lunch hour on Friday and started in on it, and I’m already more than halfway through the book. If you know the pace I typically make my way through a book lately then you know this means something!

2. My husband suggested a trip to Target for a few things today and I’m never one to turn that down so we went. $67 later we walk out to the parking lot and he looks at me confused, asking how the heck did we spend $67?! To that I replied, that’s just the magic of Target my dear…

3. A friend of mine at work sent me this and it had me laughing so hard I was almost crying most of the way through!

4. I’m really wanting a pair of denim overalls, but just have to decide if I think  I can pull them off. This pair is currently sitting in my online cart, but I’m a little unsure about trusting junior sizing. That’s about the maximum cost I’m willing to put toward them though (I’m cheap!) so I might start searching a little bit.

5. I was reading Kayla’s blog and she mentioned these Easter popcorn bars. They sounded so good that I picked up the mini Cadbury eggs today while we were at Target, and am thinking I may have to get the rest of the ingredients and make them with Jacob next weekend. That is if the Cadbury eggs make it all the way to next weekend…

6. I went to an event that featured local (from Ohio) makers and found myself the Mother’s Day present I think I’ve convinced my husband I deserve to buy for myself. 🙂 I had been online eyeing these bags made by Little Mugshots and Rooted Leather and I got to meet Steph from Little Mugshots at the event. Seeing the leather bags in person and I was sold! You guys, they have a fabric lining that has your child’s silhouette printed on it…such a fun idea! I have to get my order in soon though because they’re only taking order through April 22nd and then they’re not making this bag anymore!

7. I only have to get through a 4 day work week this week, thanks to my employer deciding to give us a free day off for employee appreciation and they I’m sure strategically schedule it to take place on Good Friday. I’m very excited for a day off work to spend all to myself and hope to spend it doing equal parts marking things off the to do list and equal parts just taking it easy.




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Almost exclusively outfits, and most anything that includes distressed jeans has been catching my attention. I’m really wishing one of those distressed jeans + blazer looks would actually fly as appropriate at work, but we are definitely not that relaxed so I guess my distressed denim will just have to continue being worn in this form that should pretty much just be called my weekend uniform at this point!


Some de-cluttering although I think I’ll forever and always feel like this is work in progress in our house! But this time a bunch of purses and more clothes are just waiting to be donated in the next trip to Goodwill and other gems hit the trash, things like a Walkman (seriously had to be from like the late 90s, right?), my YMCA membership card from high school, and a TomTom navigation that was at least 10 years old and gave directions in the voice of Homer Simpson.


Physically? Sick! The germs that ended in the respiratory flu for my son have worked their way through my husband and me too. Everyone else seems to be recovered, but my recently morphed into a cough that’s feeling way too familiar from my round with bronchitis in the fall. Here’s hoping this viral bug gets the heck out of our house soon.

But emotionally, I was feeling stuck in a little bit of a funk but something worked to snap me out of it. I’m not sure what or who to thank for that, but I’m enjoying feeling pretty much back to my usual self.


New glasses! My current pair is a little over three years old now and I finally have an appointment today for an eye exam, but I’m being super picky about finding a pair that I like. I kind of like the idea of something a little more funky like this pair in the tea rose fade color, but given that these will be on face every waking moment I’d say I’m much more likely to go with another brown or tortoise pair like this one or this one (even though I’m so picky that even the little ck on the side bothers me – I don’t want to walk around like permanent advertising for a brand!). Fingers crossed I find a pair tonight that I really like or the hunt and likely indecisiveness will continue.


Letting go and saying no. Seeing the Solly Baby book club selection for the month of March being Present Over Perfect by Shauna Niequist motivated me to pick it up again and while I’m stuck again and haven’t made a ton of progress, she already spoke to me just with her talk about being the type of person who is uncomfortable at the thought of letting someone down (raising my hand so high with this one, because me too!!) but needing to realize that you will let someone down at some point and you get to be in control of what that looks like and who you’re doing that too.

What I’ve realized as I’ve forced myself to think about this as it applies to my life, is that these ways in which I feel like I’m letting someone down by either choosing to do or not to do something are so minor that most of the time the people I think I’m disappointing aren’t even upset about it. In fact, they probably don’t even think twice about it. To steal a take home lesson from the book that holds the title of current favorite for me, Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert, people are far too busy worrying about themselves and unless you succeed spectacularly or fail spectacularly then nobody is probably paying you much mind anyway!