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Confession: I’m not the mom who gets joy out of spending endless amounts of time playing cars and games with my son and I feel a little bit like a bad mom admitting that. But I let that be my husband’s thing and there’s one thing I’ll always happily do. Go exploring! I’m always up for heading someplace new, the more wide open the better, and just letting little man lead the way. Even better when you have the company of a good friend who joins you. Thanks for bringing the Starbucks, the good company, and the ever appreciated extra set of hands – we love ya Cass! 🙂

I thought now that we’ve reached the potty training stage that would mean carrying around less stuff. Down with the diapers! Nevermind that he’s still scared of using anything except his little potty so yes, I was that mom at the park with a potty in the backseat of her car that she carried into the public restroom because her child refused to even try to go to the bathroom without using one. I’ll take it though since that’s the toughest thing he’s thrown our way in the past 5 weeks of potty training. And if there’s one thing I’ve learned this summer, it’s that any friend you have who isn’t fazed by the shenanigans that potty training a toddler brings is a gem. You hold on tight to them!

But I was wrong, so wrong to think that downsizing was in the cards for me! He’s a water loving kid who I think can sniff out a puddle from a mile away so recent adventures have proven that an extra set of clothes is necessary, right down to extra shoes and socks recommended and something to dry off with along with all the other things I find myself carrying around. Long ago I decided to be a back pack purse carrying type of mom and have been thankful the trend has provided several options over the past few years. While I wish I could justify spending the money on this Lily Jade one, I just can’t so I’ve been rotating through some good finds at Target.

I’m on my third one, having destroyed one I used it so much and my current two get rotated between seasons. The current one I’ve been using converts to a cross body bag too which I thought was the best feature ever, and then go figure that I don’t think I’ve even used it that way yet. But I think I’m still sold on the idea! And browsing Target’s website, as I do, I’m thinking this might be the next one I make moves on.








7 Things

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1. Vegetables are good for you and taste good, right?! I’m trying to convince myself of this, but I struggle. Why can’t I just be one of those people who loves her vegetables? But in an effort to up my vegetable intake and just make better lunch choices in general, I spent several hours prepping lunches last Sunday. Because my lunch one day the previous week was chips and queso that I picked up when a few of us from work walked down to visit some food trucks for lunch. Seriously.

2. Julie shared in an IG story with a tutorial on how she curls her hair, and she mentions that once she’s done she sprays dry shampoo on her hair because it not only helps with volume, it also absorbs moisture so it helps tackle the humidity. Thanks for the new trick!

3. On Tuesday I went to see the I Mom So Hard show with some friends and it was so good I was cry laughing within probably the first 10 minutes. I don’t think I can even remember the last time we had a girls night out, so the chance for drinks, dinner, and a show with them was definitely the highlight of my week.

4. Wreck It Ralph was a long time favorite in our house, in fact I think it was the first movie that Jacob ever watched and loved if I’m not mistaken. We’ve been excited about Wreck It Ralph 2 coming out next year, and after reading about it yesterday I’m looking forward to it even more – how cute that all the Disney princesses are making an appearance!

5. Over the past few days I’ve realized that thanks to the cicadas it’s sounding like summer instead of just feeling like it, and while it’s not usually my favorite season I’m almost kind of liking it this year.

6. It hit home a little bit and had me feeling even more like I need to check my own behavior a little bit when two of my favorite bloggers both had posts this week that talked about keeping phone time in check. Good reads – here and here!

7. I finally made the blackberry jalapeno margaritas I referenced in last week’s 7 Things, just substituting fresh jalapenos for some jalapeno limeade from Trader Joe’s and they were definitely worth the hassle of creating and then straining the syrup. So freaking good!


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Tee: Target / skirt: Express / sandals: Target / necklace: Madewell

My style has always been the casual, mostly tees and jeans type whenever I can get away with it and when our Human Resources Department made a temporary denim anytime policy a permanent thing last fall I think my wardrobe has done nothing but get even more casual! That might be something that needs a little bit of change and I’m starting to miss wearing some of my fun blazers so those will likely make a comeback soon, but for right now I’m enjoying a summer full of comfortable tees and throwing on a stretchy skirt when even your favorite denim doesn’t sound comfortable enough. Bonus points for this outfit feeling just fine for a casual Friday around the office, then getting off work early and heading right into a mini speed date with my husband to start the weekend off right!

And P.S…did you see my 7 Things post from last week that referenced the changes coming to Target and my fear of losing my favorite tees?! This tee is another style that I might need to stock up on if they still carry it!


7 Things


1. “Take a picture of my cars Mommy!” Over and over with different cars until he got distracted and was ready to race them down his track again. The love of cars is clearly something that shows no sign of slowing down anytime soon and our hot wheels collection keeps growing lately as a result…

2. It’s been pretty interesting to follow along and read about Hailey Andresen and her family’s decision to travel indefinitely and how they’re doing that with a little one along for the adventure. Sometimes I wish I were that brave! I most follow along on Instagram and just catch blog posts every now and then, but I read her post from this week that detailed the few clothing items she packed for their travels and have been fascinated by the small number of items! It left me feeling like I wouldn’t be able to do it because it would feel too extreme for me, but it also left me feeling like I have so many more clothes than I need. Maybe another closet clean out coming soon?

3. I’ve seen the Solly Baby Book Club posts on Instagram each month, but just never get it together in time to get the book and then actually get through it in the same month at my slow pace that I’ve just accepted. This month’s is Rising Strong by Brene Brown which is a book that has been on my reading wish list for awhile and they recommended the audio book so I’m actually giving that a try and seeing if listening to it on my commute back and forth from work is a good way to get through it. We’ll see how that goes!

4. But listening in the car might be tough to talk me into because after hearing Doo Wop by Lauryn Hill on the radio twice within a couple of days, it made me dig back through my cd collection from 10-15 years ago that I found during the last cleaning spree I went on because I knew I had her cd! The rest of the collection is pretty laughable, but I have been thoroughly enjoying bringing hers back and giving it a little attention.

5. I think I’m going to continue to dig into Katie Dalebout’s podcasts because I’ve listened to only two so far and I’ve found things that really catch my attention in both. I listened to this one this week and am going to start checking out the NY Times podcast she talked about, The Daily, as a good source to just need to invest no more than 20 minutes into listening to current events – just enough to feel responsible and a little bit in the know to what’s happening in our world without investing a lot of time digging through news stories to learn more, something I unfortunately cannot bring myself to do. Delivery by podcast is perfect too, and my goal is to just do this as I start off my work day each morning as I prep for the day.

6. Did you hear the news that Target will be discontinuing some of their clothing brands like Merona and Mossimo in favor of new lines that help create a “unique personality”? I’m really curious to check it out, but for someone who loves clothes I’m really cheap about it and it’s leaving me wondering if that will leave me with no replacement for the under $10 boyfriend tees that I’ve loved over the years.

7. Drinks with jalapeno in them have been my favorite this summer, so yes please to these blackberry jalapeno margaritas! I think one of these is a good way to kick off the weekend, right?! Thank you Pinterest for the great idea. 🙂

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I’m as slow as ever with this task, but I’ve been working on using Artifact Uprising to make picture books full of the pictures I have of Jacob. It has been quite the task to go through all of them because since having my phone delivered on the day we came home from the hospital I have collected about 10,000 pictures on my phone (I think I may be obsessed with taking pictures?), but let’s be real – it’s been a fun task going down memory lane.  Just look at those pictures!! Where has the past 2 years gone?! I have so many that I want to include though that I’ve decided to make a book for each year. Considering he’s now a few months beyond two and a half and I’m not even done with his first 6 months of life I should have this project done by what, maybe the time he graduates from high school? 🙂


Work outs again! They feel hardly mention-able with how short they are and my body (and mind) have made it clear it’s going to be a long road to feeling like I’m in any kind of shape again but I am proud that after a co-worker read my Summer Bucket List post that included running a 10k and suggested we run one together, that I committed to it. It may not be pretty, but I will cross that finish line.


Time with my husband’s family who came to visit yesterday to celebrate the 4th! Our immediate family on both sides is spread out a little bit so it was nice yesterday that they all made the drive from their respective distances from Columbus to spend the day with us. Jacob had the time of his life getting to run around with his cousins and grandparents (I couldn’t even pin him down long enough to eat a real lunch and had to catch him for a few minutes at a time to even get him to eat a snack!) and I enjoyed playing bartender and assistant to my husband while he made us a delicious lunch on the grill. 🙂


After wandering around the library one day and picking up books that just captured my attention, I read through Aimee Song’s Capture Your Style pretty quickly because I found it fascinating to hear how much technique and strategy some people are putting into Instagram. My favorite part though was just to learn about how she approaches photography and styling photos, as well as the technical side of things like editing for better quality photos. It definitely left me thinking that it was just too much effort for that level of coordination, but gave me a different type of appreciation for the work these women with large platforms have put in.

The other book I’ve been slowly but surely making my way through is Gretchen Rubin’s Better Than Before. I saw this book referenced in this post on Anna’s blog and decided to check it out. It’s a pretty interesting look at habits and a discussion about why some people can set them more easily than others so it provides insight on how to be better at establishing and maintaining new habits. I love most anything that digs into characteristics of our personalities and how those characteristics play out in our lives so it’s no surprise to me that I’ve been enjoying this book!


More time without my phone nearby, or at least trying to. I recently listened to one of Katie Dalebout’s podcast episodes where she interviewed Daniel Lerner, an instructor for a popular NYU course called Science of Happiness, and they talk about positive psychology, relationships, and knowing your strengths and it was such a great episode. I found myself jotting down several notes of things I wanted to remember, but one he touched on (and we all probably truthfully know) is how our conversations with the people you’re with change when your phone is in sight, even if it’s just sitting on the table and you’re not even touching it. I’ve known that putting my phone down more is something I have room for improvement on so this was a great push to remember to do that so lately I’ve been leaving my phone in my purse for a bit when I first get home from work, I’ve made sure that Jacob and I have a good amount of snuggle time before bed that involves no screen time for either of us, and earlier this week my husband was off work on a day that I wasn’t and made the effort to meet me for lunch so I zipped my phone in my purse and didn’t touch it until it was time to leave. True alone time, the kind where someone else is in charge of the safety of your child and you’re away does not come by often so I wanted to make the most of the opportunity!

7 Things

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1. I’ve been interested in creating a little potted herb garden for the past few months, but never bothered to make it happen. A trip back home to my parents house and I loved my dad’s little herb garden so much that now I’m thinking about it again, but maybe with a little funny twist like this. Although this house plant might be my favorite!

2. My husband’s birthday is coming up in about a week and I’m continuing last year’s gift idea of filling a box with the number of gifts corresponding with age. He’s notoriously hard to buy for because if there’s something he finds that he really wants he typically just buys it so this is my way of gifting some fun little things. I keep it really simple with things like a 6 pack of craft beer counting as 6 items and a pack of his favorite candy in the snack size, then throw in practical things too that he needs and just hasn’t taken the time to get like a new handheld water bottle for running and a new pack of white undershirts (boring, but the man needs new tshirts!). My favorite find for this year’s box has been these Star Wars ice cube molds that I think will be a fun replacement to the plain spheres he’s been using for his drinks.

3. After talking last week about returning the swimsuit I loved the look of but didn’t fit well, I think I finally found one I’m happy with! From Target no less, I should not be surprised. These high waist bottoms hit me right in a place that feels comfortable, then went with this floral top for a little more fun print on top to balance the plain black bottoms. It made me feel every bit of my mom status to realize that the perfect swim suit I was trying to find needed to be high waisted and high neck, but I think I’ve just accepted my mom status (and mom body!) and just want something I’ll be comfortable in for any situation that calls for a swim suit – no need to be that mom at her toddler’s swim lessons who feels like everything’s hanging out. 😉

4. Getting the hang of potty training led to a lot of time indoors for a bit and admittedly a lot of screen time. After hitting our limit for tolerating Little Einsteins we came up with an excuse to not turn them on – that they’re sleeping and need their rest for awhile. He totally believes it and it was pretty cute when the next time we let him watch an episode he got so excited and asked me, “they’re awake?!”. Definitely not a parenting high moment for us, but just one of those things we did to save our sanity!

5. Dare I say, CVS may be replacing Target as my new guilty pleasure? Most of my just for fun type of purchases lately have been beauty products anyway and the location of their stores make it so much easier to just pop right in real quick when I need something and then it’s all to easy to pick up a new hair product or lip color too. 🙂

6. The past couple of times I’ve gotten my hair cut my hair stylist has curled my hair with a straightener and I loved it so much when I got my hair cut last week that now I’m determined to learn how to do it. I found this video to help me and I’ve given it a try, but it is definitely going to take some practice.

7. I’ve had a little bit more energy lately (I’m thanking my slow ease back into working out again), meaning I can actually stay awake a little bit after putting Jacob to bed each night and my husband and I can watch a show. I feel like we’re always a little behind on new shoes, but we decided to start Westworld a couple of weeks ago and are hooked. We thought we could fit in the finale during Jacob’s nap this afternoon but he woke up when we still had a half hour to go, so we were left hanging! Looks like tonight we’ll be finishing it up. Have you seen it? If so and you loved it too, please tell me what you think we should watch next!

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Hey, It’s Ok…

Hey, It’s Ok / Say Yes / Sunshine print (I just framed the part I wanted) / It Will All Turn Out Alright card / Ohio print (can’t remember brand, but found here 

As soon as I finally got my office nook set up in a way I liked (a peek of that here), a big train table came to our house from my husband’s grandma’s basement and we decided to give my office nook a boot in favor of it being a home for the train table so it could stay out of our living room. As I was shifting some things around to set up my new space in a spare bedroom, I found a folder that was clearly from years and years ago because it was full of inspiring quotes and home decor cut outs from magazines. You know, pretty much what we did before Pinterest was invented! Anyone remember the Hey, It’s Ok article that was always included? Do they still do that? Either way, I found some that I had clearly found entertaining and it made me want to have a little fun and create my own version of things I regularly have to tell myself are totally fine in this stage of life, and then I figured it would make the perfect final print for my office nook. So here we go!

Hey, it’s ok…

To be in your thirties and still not be 100% sure you know what you want to be when you grow up…

To just buy canned fruit to send in your toddler’s lunch for the week when you had a really busy weekend because food prep feels like the thing that might just throw you over the edge that Sunday night…

To not rely on your significant other and take matters into your own hands by buying yourself flowers when you want them…

To feel incredibly jealous when you pass a mom walking her kid to school as you’re on your way to drop yours off at daycare so that you can go to your full time job and want nothing more than to be able to be a stay at home mom, then feel the exact opposite and be incredibly grateful to be working outside of the home as soon as you hit the next rough parenting day…

To desperately want to be a minimalist, but just accepting that you own a lot of shit and you really like most of it…

To be unsure how you feel about whether your family should be considered complete as a family of three. I think we’re pretty set on having Jacob be an only child, but when I read this post it makes me fear just a little bit that it’s just because I worry about being able to handle a change in the family dynamic…

To know exactly which friend to text when you see find two similar pairs of cute shoes and need advice on whether you should buy both. You text the shoe obsessed one of course, not the one who would tell you that you just need one of them… 😉

Any others you have to add?!