A Reminder


This has been my favorite holiday season I can remember, I think mostly because Jacob is so much fun right now and just old enough to get excited about things like being the one to turn on the Christmas tree every morning and watching the train my husband insisted we buy on black Friday to set up to go around the bottom of the tree. His recent birthday clued us into the fact too that he is more than capable of opening presents and being excited about their discovered contents.

My husband’s family coming to our house for a cookie making party over the weekend combined with some snow that stuck around until melting this morning put me in even more of the holiday spirit. I’m an introvert at heart who needs her time by herself to recharge, but I love me a good house full of people I enjoy for a weekend and with 6 adults and 4 kids rounding out our crew it was the perfect amount of full. Jacob was so excited for his older cousins to chase him around that he pushed me away several times, and I’m finally to the point in my motherhood experience where I’m much more laid back about things.

But then when everyone left on Sunday morning I had that oh shit we have two weeks until Christmas feeling sink in, so Jacob and I headed to the mall while my husband was working out to play a little game of how many stores can I make it to with the specific stash of snacks I took with me. The good news is that we made it almost two hours and it only took two pouches, two single serving bags of fruit snacks, one sucker, and buying a wooden car that was locally made and much of the proceeds went to a good cause. I snuck it away and hid it in the closet once we got home and he’ll be reunited with it on Christmas morning. 😉

I got a lot done but as I was hustling around the mall feeling like I was on borrowed time with a toddler in my company, a guy smiled and stepped off to the side so I could pass saying he saw me coming. We had a good laugh about feeling rushed to get everything done because a toddler in a stroller can only be entertained by sitting still and shopping for a short window or time and he gave me that smile and said I remember those days. I often get that comment if I’m on my own with Jacob and a kind stranger opens the door for me before I even have a chance to struggle with it, or if we’re out to dinner and he catches the attention of the people sitting at the table next to us. But the smile that goes along with that comment every single time tells me that yeah, they’re probably remembering the stress this stage brings with it but they’re probably missing it too, if only for just a minute. And it always without fail reminds me to slow the hell down, like physically stop rushing everywhere and through everything and just enjoy the ride! Sharing that today in case you need the reminder too. 🙂


Throw Back

tee / sweater (I went down a size for a better fit in the shoulders) / jeans / necklaceshoes


These pictures are throwing it back about a month, to the week when the last day of October rolled into the first week of November and my little man turned two. I remember it being pretty chilly when he was born, but the days surrounding the two birthdays he’s had since then have been unseasonably warm. It was hovering right around 80 degrees on this particular day, so we ran around Homestead Park and enjoyed what had to be the last leg of the wildflowers. So beautiful and we will definitely be back next year when they’re more in their prime.

This somehow feels like maybe ages ago, and maybe that’s because Thanksgiving is behind us and cooler weather finally arrived to stay so it’s easy to focus on decorating and preparing for Christmas, the grand-daddy of all family holidays for us and probably you too, right? But even though the seasons feel like they’ve shifted, this is still the same ole outfit I feel like I can’t get enough of: distressed jeans, comfy tee, cozy sweater, and my Converse (although they’ve been neglected lately in favor of these that I recently bought). And even though I may be forced to add a coat now that December is arrived, I’m still too stubborn to cover those ankles up from the cold. Ankle jeans + sneakers forever and ever please, or maybe at least until it snows… 😉


Fighting That Funk

I’m beginning to think that the library may be replacing Target as my happy place and I think both my husband and our account would be cool with that. Last week I was in a strange, restless kind of mood that has this typically chill person who puts off her entire to do list to just hang out and watch a good show or read a book feeling like she has to complete all the baby shower decorations projects she’s doing for a baby shower 6 days away right this very second and rearrange the entire upstairs of our house. Once the decoration projects were completed and two evenings had been spent trying to move furniture without waking up a sleeping toddler in the next room, I was (and still kind of am) talking myself down from another full on closet clean out and am trying to convince myself that’s a project better left for after the holidays.

Why the sudden need to do all the things right now? Not a clue. But I realized the thing that made me feel best last week was getting out of the office for awhile one day to hang with one of my favorite people ever, grabbing lunch and then hanging out in the library gift shop reading greeting cards so funny I was cry laughing. And we all need a good cry laugh every once in awhile, right? You know the kind, where you’re laughing so hard you c ant stop the tears from falling.

So while unfortunately work schedules can’t align enough for that time with a good friend in the middle of the day to happen with too much frequency, I decided to change up my scenery again the next day and headed to the library by myself. All I really did was read about 2 pages of the current book I have my nose in, eat my sandwich, and stare out the window at the park below while absolutely zero thoughts ran through my head and damn it felt good. From my experience, an added bonus to hanging out in the library in the downtown area of a sizable city is that you’re bound to have some good people watching. Recent experiences for me include a man muttering something about someone being a hard core criminal under his breath (maybe I should be more concerned about that one), a man practicing his chess skills by playing against himself and timing how fast he is, and seeing a man walk through the neighboring park on stilts. I love this place!

Any tricks you have to share for when you feel like your mood needs an adjustment? I’m all ears because my house can only be arranged a few more times… 🙂

P.S. Just in case you’re curious, Shop Sapling Press is the company whose cards and mugs I can’t stop laughing at, and Elizabeth Gilbert’s Big Magic is the book my nose is currently buried in.



It’s been quiet over here for a bit (not in my house, just in my corner of the internet) because I was feeling some post election shock that left me feeling like I couldn’t bring myself to think about blogging for fun when there were much bigger picture things that deserved the mental energy. I pretty much summed up how I was feeling in an Instagram post here, but Anne really said it best in a post that left me nodding my head in agreement.

But I’m back! And wanting to talk about life lately here in our world, so here we go…

At home

The Christmas decorating bug got us good. I love Thanksgiving and in no way want to skip over the holiday this week, but the arrival of cold weather combined with the first snow flurry of the season over the weekend put me in the mood for pulling the Christmas tree out of the basement, buying a new wreath, and now I want to stock up on more decor. I even thought these winter themed $1 window clings pictured above were a great idea until I turned around and saw him eating one…

At work

After taking the week of Jacob’s birthday off I feel like I’ve been busting my tail for the past couple of weeks because we’re in a busy period at work so I’m looking forward to a long holiday weekend and then the countdown begins to winter break. I absolutely love that our university closes down for the week between Christmas and New Years but we get paid for it and it doesn’t count against our vacation time. Such a great benefit!

In style

I bought all 3 colors of these flats this fall and have loved them so much that I haven’t even wanted to wear boots yet, and aren’t we all usually ansty for that by like mid-September? After walking back from lunch on Monday in them left the top of my feet red from the cold, I finally gave in to tall boots for the first time this fall. Not super excited about it.

On my wishlist

We bought Jacob some Burt’s Bees pajamas (we bought these, these and these in midnight stipe) and the material is so soft that my husband made one comment about wanting a pair that it sent me on the hunt for them in adult sizes because when your husband agrees to matching family pajamas, you just don’t let that opportunity go! 😉 I’ve had my eye on the small stripe style of this pair but every time I look they’re out of stock in the sizes I need. I thought I got lucky yesterday and ordered them, only to have my order cancelled today because they weren’t in stock. The hunt continues!

On my bookshelf

I’ve had a pretty big library haul lately and have been reading Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert and I’ve started in on The Curated Closet by Anuschka Rees. After being on the waiting list for a little while I just got the notification that The Magnolia Story is ready for me to pick up. I can’t help it, I was a little intrigued! I have some work to do to get through that stack, but I’m always looking for others to add to the list. Have any must reads to share?

Jacob: 2 (!!) Years




How could I pick just one?!

This kid’s birthday was last week and I think it’ll be an eternal state to be in where I simultaneously feel like our time as parents has flown by but also that we’ve been this family of 3 forever. The days are long but the years are short has never felt truer, and we’re only 2 years in!

This kid though has very much made it worth it. The struggles involved in functioning like a human being while caring for a baby have just been replaced with the struggles involved in doing the same with a very active and strong willed toddler, and now I feel the tides are turning on us again. Actually being able to communicate with words with each other has been such a game changer and it’s like a light bulb finally turned on for me recently that if I actually talk him through something that’s happening and give him choices that the toddler antics as a response happen much less often. Parenting, forever something to learn and that something usually feels like it should’ve been painfully obvious long before you realized it!

Maybe we’re just riding the high of this most recent stretch of good sleep, but it seems like my husband and I say to each other multiple times a day: “damn he is a cute kid!”. And all parents think that of course, but I feel that I’d be really hard pressed to find anything cuter than this kid who will name colors for you, loves to jump, sometimes count to 5, can name animals and tell you what sound they make, and says good bye to his pumpkin on the front porch every day as you pull out of the driveway to head to daycare drop off.

Things I Can Accomplish When I Don’t Work for a Week


I took all of last week off work because it was the week of Jacob’s birthday and I hadn’t taken a week straight of vacation time since last year for his birthday so I felt like I was long overdue. Long weekends are nice and all but I think every once in awhile it takes a full week of disconnecting to come back feeling refreshed. The jury is still out on whether I feel refreshed, but back to it I have to go anyway!

We had no plans to leave town the whole week so I had been adding to what I refer to as my adulting to do list for a few weeks, but really wouldn’t have felt one bit guilty if the only thing I accomplished all week was having fun with my guys. I’m happy to be able to report that I made it about halfway through my adulting to do list with things like getting Jacob’s 2 year well check appointment in, getting an oil change for my car, and finally dropping off the car load of stuff at Goodwill that I’d been driving around with for a week. For fun though, here are a few things I’m proud of accomplishing that weren’t a part of the list!

1. Bake a cake. I don’t really enjoy baking but the bug bit me for Jacob’s birthday. The recipe was easy (important for my skill level) and allergy friendly – I’ll share it soon!

2. Watch the entire season of Stranger Things. I’d been wanting to watch the Netflix series for awhile but the whole work and not being able to stay awake past 9:30pm deal made that difficult. On the days my husband took off work too, this is how we spent Jacob’s naptime. Feeling late to the party, but glad we finally got to watch it. Weird show, but that’s the point so if that’s your thing then I’d recommend it. My husband described it as a combination of X-Files and ET which is probably pretty accurate!

3. Learn how to work the Roku. I’ll admit that I’m one of those moms who thought she wouldn’t rely on screen time, but with a busy toddler I just find myself giving into it especially in the mornings when I just want to move slowly and drink my coffee in peace. Plus it increases the chances that he’ll curl up with me. 😉 So last week I finally learned how to use the Roku remote to turn on his beloved choo-choos (Chuggington) before we’d get ready to get out of the house and go do something fun.

4. Paint my nails on only one hand – true story. But don’t worry, it’s just clear nail strengthener. I finally took off my chipped nail polish and decided to give my nails a bit of a break with just some nail strengthener. I made it through one hand during bathtime and then just never made it back to the other one which is probably a whole new special kind of lazy, even for me.

5. Have enough energy to stay up past my no later than 10pm bedtime. The work week grind had been leaving me ready to throw in the towel and head to bed by around 9:30 each night, and while usually keeping up with an active toddler is more physically exhausting I found myself willing and able to stay up and it became a regular thing to stay up later (for me, we’re still talking in bed by 11 most nights here!). Positives of that include more quality time together. Negatives include that if I don’t revert right back that I will probably be hurting this week!

6. Took a 5 minute nap. I’ve never been much of a napper, not even back in college. I feel like my approach is usually just once I’m up, I’m up for the day and I’d rather just go to bed earlier that night. But on my last vacation day of the week I decided to drift off while Jacob was taking his nap, only to be startled awake from the sound of a kid crying on a commercial thinking it was him. Still a win in my book.


Finally feeling a little bit inspired and able to function after kicking bronchitis and the most annoying cough ever and being on day 3 of a week long vacation with nowhere to be but our own city! To celebrate I’m linking up for Currently with Anne and Catherine



That as much as I love hanging out with my kid, that alone time with my husband is really really fun too. It took us two years, but we finally had a night away by ourselves in Cleveland for a Cavs game. Finding a really great deal on hotwire sealed the overnight deal rather than drive back to my in-laws house that night, and man it was appreciated. A view like this from our room (and a 32nd floor rooftop bar with an outdoor patio) made it really easy to feel good about being away.


I was really hoping I’d be able to say a World Series title for the Cleveland Indians for my life long fan of a husband, but judging by the current score I’m going to say that’s not very likely – I’ll gladly be wrong though! So instead we’re watching Stranger Things and I wrapped presents and blew up balloons in preparation for Jacob’s birthday tomorrow. I can’t wait to see the look on his face when he walks downstairs in the morning.



To read again! A good magazine for leisure, and I just picked up Elizabeth Gilbert’s book Big Magic. I’m not very far into it so far but it’s been nice to do some reading after I put Jacob down for the night, while my husband watches about every sport televised right now – with football season in full swing, professional basketball just starting, and his beloved Cleveland Indians being in the World Series hes had plenty of options to keep us busy!



Buying cute new flats for the fall has held off the urge to wear boots as soon as October hit so if it’s during the work week it’s been skinny jeans (they recently approved a year round jeans policy at work!) with one of these pairs of shoes (I have all 3 colors) and probably a black tee and some kind of sweater. I’m working on a post to show you what I live in on the weekends, but think mostly distressed denim. Here’s an example of how the I merged the two, even if it was only done by force due to forgetting my sneakers for a weekend away.


Looking at the google search history on my phone kind of makes me laugh. Right now there’s lots of Cleveland related things from our little overnight getting away there last weekend, like our hotel location and lots of things food and drink related. Funny ones in there include one to convert something from military time, how the Munchkin 360 cup works (because I seriously got that thing out of the package and then couldn’t figure out how kids get the drink out of it, not my finest moment), ninja turtle names because my mom and I were trying to remember all of them, and lastly the trash pick up schedule. Why I can’t keep it straight is beyond me!