1. Feeling grateful for: lots of family time this weekend, it had been too long!; an extra vacation day that allowed for a lunch date complete with a drink before heading home to an afternoon of watching Stranger Things together; the feeling of walking back into your home after a loooong (but fun!) weekend away from it.

2. My little buddy is officially 3!! Part of the weekend long birthday celebration was talking him to his first basketball game and it didn’t quite go as planned. He loved watching the team warm up, but all the noise during the team’s intro (think fireworks shooting off the scoreboard) scared him and then he was so scared he wouldn’t sit in his seat for the whole game. But he happily wandered around the arena with me and talked me into buying him a basketball in the team shop so I can’t complain. πŸ™‚

3. Halloween feels like it was ages ago so it feels strange to still be talking about it, but this year it was such a good one. Jacob picked out our costumes and I loved scrolling through Facebook the next day and seeing everyone’s pictures. My favorite was the baby scuba diver, exactly like this costume!

4. And maybe it feels like so long ago because the second Halloween was over there was an immediate shift to everything Christmas. As much as I’m looking forward to it, it may take me until Thanksgiving passes to really be ready but my husband is already re-organizing the living room to make space for the Christmas tree, wanting to go shopping for decorations, and talking about it being time for Christmas music soon so their may be no fighting it.

5. A stop at Dick’s Sporting Goods at the request of my husband was a part of the vacation day lunchtime outing I mentioned, and walking it around it made me want pretty much one of every sweatshirt Nike had out there. One of each please! 1/2/3

6.Β “People get into nonprofit work and they think they’re going to save the world in six months and then think of something else to do. You find out that there are all kinds of blocks to doing that. The yield is very low in terms of souls that you save, so to speak. But the ones that you do its really heartwarming.” – Stephen Garland, The Hardy Center.

I’m such a feelings person that it usually doesn’t make much to make me cry so I guess I shouldn’t have been surprised when I read this article about a local man who is a program director at a local organization here in Columbus, Ohio. I spent about 6 years working at organizations supported by grant funded programming, spending time working with both ex-offenders and at-risk older youth, and this just hits home so much. The work is completely worth it for the ones whose lives are impacted for the better as a result, but it’s really hard to not get down about the ones who aren’t ready for change.

7. And speaking of work, I love the work I currently do (Academic Advisor) but I can’t say I’m looking forward to going back in after treating myself to a 4 day weekend during one of our busy seasons so to cope I’m convincing my husband to agree to one more episode of the Stranger Things binge before talking myself into re-joining the real world. πŸ™‚

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One thought on “SEVEN THINGS”

  1. Bummer about the basketball game! That sounds like something Jona would do too–he is NOT a fan of loud noises either. Yay for a long weekend! I just took the day off on Monday too and I was SO glad to get a break. It was hard to get back to it yesterday though. Sigh…


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