1. This week (or actually last week now since I’m off schedule) I’m grateful for: fall weather finally appearing and being able to wear the first turtleneck of the season (!!); being there to witness another Buckeye win (especially because it really wasn’t looking good the first few minutes of the game); a husband who cooks pretty much every single meal – not quite sure if he does this because he enjoys it or because he’s better at it than me and just prefers to eat good food. Either way, I’ll take it. πŸ˜‰

2. A perfect example of why a husband who cooks (and I guess bakes) got added to the list of things I’m grateful for – he decided to make a pumpkin pie yesterdayΒ just for fun! Like buy the pie pumpkin, clean it out, bake it, turn it into a pie type of effort and although he wasn’t overly impressed by the flavor I thought it was pretty darn good. Google led him to this recipe for the filling, and we definitely used a store bought frozen pie crust.

3. And further proof that his culinary skills exceed mine, he made a really good chili to have around for weekend lunches. I love when the weather gets cold enough for that meal to sound good and it’s one we lean on pretty heavily to get us through fall and winter. I caught a good sale a month or so back and stocked up on chili beans, diced tomatoes, and crushed fire roasted tomatoes and that’s served us so well that forever more I’m going to make sure we’ve got a stock pile going in the pantry as soon as the weather shows the slightest sign of a dip in temperatures!

4. But one thing I always head to the kitchen to create? A cocktail! This has been my go to drink for the past two weekend, but it’s pretty sweet so one is usually enough. Thank you Pinterest for the idea and for giving me a recipe I’ll pin and actually make! Anyone else’s account have food recipes that they always have the best of intentions of trying out, but rarely do?

5. And just to make sure this post isn’t completely dedicated to recipes, a good article that a co-worker shared last week about making friends as an adult that totally rang true for me. I’m thankful to have been able to cling tight to friends I grew up with and from college – I’d be lost without them!

6. I listened to Chrissy Power’s new podcast last week, specifically the one where she interviewed Ginger Parrish and she mentioned this article a friend shared with her about a different approach to the stranger danger type of lesson with your kids, one that talked about how there’s “tricky people” in the world. As hard as it all is, I’ve always been personally more intimidated by the thought of parenting successfully as our son gets older. You know, when the challenges go beyond just keeping them alive and healthy and you need to make sure you’re raising smart, safe, kind little human beings so I’m definitely filing that article away in my toolbox for parenting!

7. Am I the only one who used to be so indifferent to Halloween and now that I have a kid, I love it?! I can’t be. But I’m almost sad that tomorrow is the end of costumes and that the pumpkins and mums will begin to lose their charm. The only thing that I think will cure it will be how exciting the holiday season will be. My husband already started talking about the Christmas tree last night so yep, pretty sure we’ll be those people with decorations up so early it has you rolling your eyes. πŸ™‚

Here’s to a good week friends!

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