Seven Things

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1. Jacob’s third birthday is coming up soon and I’m probably kidding myself to say that I don’t think his actual birthday will hit me with that momma hurt as bad as the last two years. You know the one, where you spend most of your days really loving this stage and you just want to tell time to slow the hell down a bit. But the little stuff is what’s been throwing the reminders my way that he’s getting so much bigger. Like this picture where he looks so tall, he’s starting to call me Mom instead of mommy sometimes, and the recent development of him listening well enough while we’re at the store that he’s allowed to always walk with me instead of being contained in the cart.

2. I saw Dani post a picture of apple cider Moscow mules in her IG stories and man did they look good. After a summer of loving margaritas I think I may just need to keep a seasonal favorite going. Maybe an apple cider Moscow mule will be the winner for fall?

3. You know that idea of if you don’t want to be asked to do something again, just really suck at it and you won’t be asked again? I think that officially applies to me making dinner, with the one exception being my pizza making skills. We had friends over this weekend and I decided I was going to make chili for lunch. I asked my husband one question about how he cooks up his onions and peppers and the next thing I knew he was taking over and just made the whole thing for me. Can’t say I’m mad about it, he is a far better cook than I am!

4. I treated myself to Friday off work but didn’t keep Jacob home partly because after missing two days due to a stomach bug last week I could tell he was ready to be back but mostly because I was feeling the need for a day to myself. I used to enjoy going thrifting but trying to focus on the hunt like you need to is nowhere near enjoyable when a kid is with you so I hadn’t been in ages. I finally went again and managed to find 3 pairs of brand new looking shoes, 3 sweaters, and a really comfortable sweatshirt for all of $29. Such a score!

5. This is the first year Jacob is old enough to have an opinion about his Halloween costume and each time we ask him the consistent answer is that he wants to be a cost. He’s also insisted that daddy is a witch and that I’m a lion for Halloween and it’s just so cute to hear him say it that we’ll entertain him and go along with it. 🙂 We’re going simple with ours – the witch is done after finding a hat and this hilarious green nose for $1 at Target, but I have to figure mine out. I have an old headband and glue gun so I think I’ll try buying some felt and giving this a try first and if that’s a fail then Amazon prime to the rescue.

6. As of today I’ve officially started making my Christmas list. After years of feeling bad about actually giving my mother in law a list when she asks me repeatedly what I want, I finally cooperated more than usual last year and of course loved the combination of a few things I specifically asked for along with things she found (I married into a family full of very good gift givers btw). Top of the list is this top because I love that you can style it two ways – check out Audrey’s post to see it styled, love the off the shoulder look!

7. If there’s one thing better than giving yourself a 3 day weekend, it’s treating yourself to a 4 day one. 😉 Using up some vacation days that are about to expire and I have tomorrow off work too. I plan to take it pretty easy with cleaning bathrooms the only must happen thing on my to do list (oh, adulting) but if the weather is nice then I’m thinking about picking Jacob up from daycare early and heading to the park.

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One thought on “Seven Things”

  1. Ooh sounds like the best 4-day weekend! And I get “Mom” instead of mommy every once in a while too, and it slays me every time. I mean, it makes me feel like my kid is growing up way too fast, but it also is kind of adorable to hear that come out of the mouth of a 3-year-old.


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