The Basics


I did a huge somewhat Marie Kondo inspired closet clean out back in 2015 I think it was, and I’ve been really getting the itch lately to do another significant round of it. I’ve had a donation pile I just kept adding a piece here and there to for awhile now, then spent part of a vacation day last week pulling everyyyyything out of my closet and being picky about what back in. But while I’ve been weeding as much out as possible, there’s one item I’ve finally just accepted that I can have plenty of and not feel bad about it – the plain tee. I layer them up under everything and live in them on the weekend so finally decided that if I want like 5 each of my favorite black, white, and gray tees then that’s fine, especially when I found some at this price point!

How much I lean on t-shirts and denim has me feeling like my style has gone right back to the basics the past few years, and clearing out the pieces that don’t align with that style have left me with plenty of pieces that mix and match and layer up together really well. When summer hits though and the temperatures are hot, sometimes I just have to forget the layering and just stick with one of my favorite tees. While the weekend version of this plays out with sneakers and most definitely some distressed denim, this has been my favorite way to switch it up a bit for the work week. A pair of flares to switch it up from my go to skinny jeans, the strappy wedges from my list of summer staples, and red lipstick although this bright of a lip color is a look I’m admittedly still getting used to.

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One thought on “The Basics”

  1. I’ve noticed I’ve gone back to basics too! I wonder if that’s an over-arching style trend, whether it’s because we’re both fully into mom-phase of our lives, or whether it’s because there aren’t seventeen million style blogs that we have to follow and contribute to and try to make ourselves unique from. I do miss the fun of putting together something that I’ve never worn together before, but I don’t miss the 17 layers it took to make it an “outfit.”


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