Seven Things


helping me make frosting for the cake he insisted we make

1. Jacob’s daycare had some kind of summer camp this week and the theme was pirates. Now if you ask him what a pirate says, he’ll tell you “ho ho ho”….not quite buddy, haha! (Ahoy being the correct answer)

2. AJ linked this article on Instagram about ways you’re making your life harder than it needs to be and I found myself nodding my head and saying to myself yuuuupppp!


3. I had not seen these in stock for awhile, but my favorite sweater from last year is back and in a moment of 40% off weakness early in the week I bought two more! Worth it though because I know they’ll get so much use – their length makes them perfect to pair with boots in the fall, but they’re lightweight enough that I’ve worn mine plenty last spring and this summer especially with that air conditioned chill our office eternally has. Right now they’re back to 30% off, completely worth it in my opinion.

4. My husband and I have birthdays in July that are only two weeks apart. I took Jacob shopping for my husband and after him insisting that we were getting a cake, we picked up a box mix of Trader Joe’s vanilla cake made with Madagascar bourbon vanilla flavors, and it was the best box cake I’ve had (only the best for birthday celebrations in this house!). Trader Joe’s, how do you do it time and time again. My birthday is coming up next on Monday so I took the liberty of buying their Meyer lemon cake mix with lemon icing course and my expectations are high.

5. Did you guys hear about Alfred Angelo closing last week? Bad news is that our bridesmaids dresses for my brother’s wedding in less than two months were from that company. Good news was that his fiancee’s dress was not involved in that drama, and our dresses were ordered through a pretty accommodating local bridal store and not at one of Alfred Angelo’s stores so money was refunded and the bride was able to find different dresses she likes for us to wear. Close call!

6. I’ve always disliked bra shopping because I just find it very annoying. Because of this I do it maybe once a year if I’m lucky but because I want it to take as little time out of my day as it absolutely has to, I’ve finally started just heading right in and taking a sales associate up on their offer to help rather than try to figure it out on my own. I finally went into Victoria’s Secret this week to re-stock and this was such a time saver. Plus, I forgot how good it feels to have undergarments that make you feel a little sassier, haha! Took the sales associate up on her suggestion of this bra and it’s easily going to be a favorite.

7. This was good for a little bit of a needed smile, especially after tantrums were thrown this week because I put the “wrong” sheets on the toddler’s bed and then this weekend when we left the restaurant we went to for dinner without him winning the green balls in the little arcade style game we let him play. All the eye rolls for both of those!

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