That Mom Life

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Confession: I’m not the mom who gets joy out of spending endless amounts of time playing cars and games with my son and I feel a little bit like a bad mom admitting that. But I let that be my husband’s thing and there’s one thing I’ll always happily do. Go exploring! I’m always up for heading someplace new, the more wide open the better, and just letting little man lead the way. Even better when you have the company of a good friend who joins you. Thanks for bringing the Starbucks, the good company, and the ever appreciated extra set of hands – we love ya Cass! 🙂

I thought now that we’ve reached the potty training stage that would mean carrying around less stuff. Down with the diapers! Nevermind that he’s still scared of using anything except his little potty so yes, I was that mom at the park with a potty in the backseat of her car that she carried into the public restroom because her child refused to even try to go to the bathroom without using one. I’ll take it though since that’s the toughest thing he’s thrown our way in the past 5 weeks of potty training. And if there’s one thing I’ve learned this summer, it’s that any friend you have who isn’t fazed by the shenanigans that potty training a toddler brings is a gem. You hold on tight to them!

But I was wrong, so wrong to think that downsizing was in the cards for me! He’s a water loving kid who I think can sniff out a puddle from a mile away so recent adventures have proven that an extra set of clothes is necessary, right down to extra shoes and socks recommended and something to dry off with along with all the other things I find myself carrying around. Long ago I decided to be a back pack purse carrying type of mom and have been thankful the trend has provided several options over the past few years. While I wish I could justify spending the money on this Lily Jade one, I just can’t so I’ve been rotating through some good finds at Target.

I’m on my third one, having destroyed one I used it so much and my current two get rotated between seasons. The current one I’ve been using converts to a cross body bag too which I thought was the best feature ever, and then go figure that I don’t think I’ve even used it that way yet. But I think I’m still sold on the idea! And browsing Target’s website, as I do, I’m thinking this might be the next one I make moves on.









6 thoughts on “That Mom Life”

  1. I am the same way–playing dinos, cars, etc. is so not my thing! But I’ll read stories all day long! I love the backpack style bag too, you can’t beat the convenience. Lily Jade ones are gorgeous and look so well made, but I couldn’t shell out the money for one either.


    1. And reading together is such a great way to spend time together! I know you put a lot of effort into choosing some really great books for you and Jona. I need to refer back to some of your posts once we get to the point where we need to refresh our bookshelf a bit!


  2. Thank you for that first sentence!! You are not alone 🙂 I love taking Hendrik on outings/adventures too, or doing projects together. And since we make an effort to do those kinds of quality time things, I go ahead and feel less guilty making him play cars by himself sometimes. Ha!

    Also, the new bag option is cute! Kind of the Lily Jade sort of idea, but for less. Sounds good to me 🙂


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