7 Things

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1. Vegetables are good for you and taste good, right?! I’m trying to convince myself of this, but I struggle. Why can’t I just be one of those people who loves her vegetables? But in an effort to up my vegetable intake and just make better lunch choices in general, I spent several hours prepping lunches last Sunday. Because my lunch one day the previous week was chips and queso that I picked up when a few of us from work walked down to visit some food trucks for lunch. Seriously.

2. Julie shared in an IG story with a tutorial on how she curls her hair, and she mentions that once she’s done she sprays dry shampoo on her hair because it not only helps with volume, it also absorbs moisture so it helps tackle the humidity. Thanks for the new trick!

3. On Tuesday I went to see the I Mom So Hard show with some friends and it was so good I was cry laughing within probably the first 10 minutes. I don’t think I can even remember the last time we had a girls night out, so the chance for drinks, dinner, and a show with them was definitely the highlight of my week.

4. Wreck It Ralph was a long time favorite in our house, in fact I think it was the first movie that Jacob ever watched and loved if I’m not mistaken. We’ve been excited about Wreck It Ralph 2 coming out next year, and after reading about it yesterday I’m looking forward to it even more – how cute that all the Disney princesses are making an appearance!

5. Over the past few days I’ve realized that thanks to the cicadas it’s sounding like summer instead of just feeling like it, and while it’s not usually my favorite season I’m almost kind of liking it this year.

6. It hit home a little bit and had me feeling even more like I need to check my own behavior a little bit when two of my favorite bloggers both had posts this week that talked about keeping phone time in check. Good reads – here and here!

7. I finally made the blackberry jalapeno margaritas I referenced in last week’s 7 Things, just substituting fresh jalapenos for some jalapeno limeade from Trader Joe’s and they were definitely worth the hassle of creating and then straining the syrup. So freaking good!


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2 thoughts on “7 Things”

  1. I struggle with liking vegetables too. I’m much better now than I was as a child (which gives me hope my own child will be better about them someday too) but it can be a struggle for sure. I was also excited about the Wreck It Ralph news!


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