7 Things

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1. I’ve been interested in creating a little potted herb garden for the past few months, but never bothered to make it happen. A trip back home to my parents house and I loved my dad’s little herb garden so much that now I’m thinking about it again, but maybe with a little funny twist like this. Although this house plant might be my favorite!

2. My husband’s birthday is coming up in about a week and I’m continuing last year’s gift idea of filling a box with the number of gifts corresponding with age. He’s notoriously hard to buy for because if there’s something he finds that he really wants he typically just buys it so this is my way of gifting some fun little things. I keep it really simple with things like a 6 pack of craft beer counting as 6 items and a pack of his favorite candy in the snack size, then throw in practical things too that he needs and just hasn’t taken the time to get like a new handheld water bottle for running and a new pack of white undershirts (boring, but the man needs new tshirts!). My favorite find for this year’s box has been these Star Wars ice cube molds that I think will be a fun replacement to the plain spheres he’s been using for his drinks.

3. After talking last week about returning the swimsuit I loved the look of but didn’t fit well, I think I finally found one I’m happy with! From Target no less, I should not be surprised. These high waist bottoms hit me right in a place that feels comfortable, then went with this floral top for a little more fun print on top to balance the plain black bottoms. It made me feel every bit of my mom status to realize that the perfect swim suit I was trying to find needed to be high waisted and high neck, but I think I’ve just accepted my mom status (and mom body!) and just want something I’ll be comfortable in for any situation that calls for a swim suit – no need to be that mom at her toddler’s swim lessons who feels like everything’s hanging out. 😉

4. Getting the hang of potty training led to a lot of time indoors for a bit and admittedly a lot of screen time. After hitting our limit for tolerating Little Einsteins we came up with an excuse to not turn them on – that they’re sleeping and need their rest for awhile. He totally believes it and it was pretty cute when the next time we let him watch an episode he got so excited and asked me, “they’re awake?!”. Definitely not a parenting high moment for us, but just one of those things we did to save our sanity!

5. Dare I say, CVS may be replacing Target as my new guilty pleasure? Most of my just for fun type of purchases lately have been beauty products anyway and the location of their stores make it so much easier to just pop right in real quick when I need something and then it’s all to easy to pick up a new hair product or lip color too. 🙂

6. The past couple of times I’ve gotten my hair cut my hair stylist has curled my hair with a straightener and I loved it so much when I got my hair cut last week that now I’m determined to learn how to do it. I found this video to help me and I’ve given it a try, but it is definitely going to take some practice.

7. I’ve had a little bit more energy lately (I’m thanking my slow ease back into working out again), meaning I can actually stay awake a little bit after putting Jacob to bed each night and my husband and I can watch a show. I feel like we’re always a little behind on new shoes, but we decided to start Westworld a couple of weeks ago and are hooked. We thought we could fit in the finale during Jacob’s nap this afternoon but he woke up when we still had a half hour to go, so we were left hanging! Looks like tonight we’ll be finishing it up. Have you seen it? If so and you loved it too, please tell me what you think we should watch next!

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3 thoughts on “7 Things”

  1. What a fun idea for a birthday gift! My husband’s birthday is tomorrow, so I don’t think I’ll get it together by then, but it might be a fun thing to implement with the kids. Also, yay for getting the hang of potty training!! You deserve a treat for that 🙂


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