Hey, It’s Ok…

Hey, It’s Ok / Say Yes / Sunshine print (I just framed the part I wanted) / It Will All Turn Out Alright card / Ohio print (can’t remember brand, but found here 

As soon as I finally got my office nook set up in a way I liked (a peek of that here), a big train table came to our house from my husband’s grandma’s basement and we decided to give my office nook a boot in favor of it being a home for the train table so it could stay out of our living room. As I was shifting some things around to set up my new space in a spare bedroom, I found a folder that was clearly from years and years ago because it was full of inspiring quotes and home decor cut outs from magazines. You know, pretty much what we did before Pinterest was invented! Anyone remember the Hey, It’s Ok article that was always included? Do they still do that? Either way, I found some that I had clearly found entertaining and it made me want to have a little fun and create my own version of things I regularly have to tell myself are totally fine in this stage of life, and then I figured it would make the perfect final print for my office nook. So here we go!

Hey, it’s ok…

To be in your thirties and still not be 100% sure you know what you want to be when you grow up…

To just buy canned fruit to send in your toddler’s lunch for the week when you had a really busy weekend because food prep feels like the thing that might just throw you over the edge that Sunday night…

To not rely on your significant other and take matters into your own hands by buying yourself flowers when you want them…

To feel incredibly jealous when you pass a mom walking her kid to school as you’re on your way to drop yours off at daycare so that you can go to your full time job and want nothing more than to be able to be a stay at home mom, then feel the exact opposite and be incredibly grateful to be working outside of the home as soon as you hit the next rough parenting day…

To desperately want to be a minimalist, but just accepting that you own a lot of shit and you really like most of it…

To be unsure how you feel about whether your family should be considered complete as a family of three. I think we’re pretty set on having Jacob be an only child, but when I read this post it makes me fear just a little bit that it’s just because I worry about being able to handle a change in the family dynamic…

To know exactly which friend to text when you see find two similar pairs of cute shoes and need advice on whether you should buy both. You text the shoe obsessed one of course, not the one who would tell you that you just need one of them… 😉

Any others you have to add?!


2 thoughts on “Hey, It’s Ok…”

  1. I always loved those “Hey It’s Ok” articles! And I feel you here – especially on the wishing you could stay home with your kid and then feeling like you’re good when they have a rough day! And I think you know we’re done with one, but I definitely have feelings sometimes like maybe it wasn’t the best choice, especially when friends announce they’re having more and like the girl in the article, feeling like I’m left behind.


    1. I always found them fun too! And yes, I for sure remember that you and your husband had decided to have one child and it’s always been nice to hear your experience about that when it comes up . And I feel like the back and forth between wanting to stay home and then not is such a real struggle sometimes!!


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