7 Things

Well, back to back 7 Things wasn’t how I planned on last week going, but here we are mostly because…

1. Round two with the stomach bug happened this week for Jacob and I and it threw me off once again. Thankfully it didn’t knock me down as badly as it did last month,nothing a day home from work couldn’t cure, spent on the couch eating toast while watching so much Parenthood that Netflix had to ask me twice if I was still watching.

2. Playing ball is possibly Jacob’s new favorite thing. The other weekend we were in the side corner of backyard pitching the ball to Jacob and all of a sudden I hear uncontrollable laughter. I looked up front and our neighbor’s elderly parents were out for a walk and her mom was doubled over, hands on her knees level laughing at Jacob trying to hit the ball. I’m assuming it was a look how cute that little kid is type of humor found in it and besides, it made me realize that the next cutest thing to a child just might be an elderly person having a genuinely good laugh!

3. I never was one to sleep in really late as a teenager or in college, but with a child who very rarely sleeps much past 6:30am, even my days of waking up between 8 and 9am feel like a long lost dream. I laughed when I saw these and still really have the urge to buy them!

4. A couple 7 Things posts back I talked about finds from reading Style Watch that I was really loving and what do you know, all of a few days later I was placing an online order when I realized I had Old Navy cash to use and a new comforter to purchase through Kohl’s and the addition of a few things would get me free shipping. The verdict? I’m returning the swim suit because it’s really cute, but I ordered the top in a size medium which is almost always my size save for the occasional sizing up that’s needed and it actually feels too big. I ordered the same size in the bottoms and while they fit, they felt like they hit me at an unflattering part of my midsection and that made me just give up on the whole swim suit. To be fair, I’m easily defeated in this particular type of clothing!

5. This shirt though is exactly what I was hoping for! It’s the perfect relaxed fit that I think I can easily dress up for work and pair with shorts for weekend wear. Can’t recommend it more, especially if you’re loving this look as much as I do. 🙂

6. Despite several days of feeling pretty lousy, my sweet tooth has been out of control. On a solo trip to the grocery store I saw Blueberry Pie Oreos and while they sounded a little gross at first, I totally gave in and bought them and put a serious dent in them just on the first day. Why, why, whyyyyy must I love most everything Oreo makes?!

7. We had friends over for dinner last night and I used it as an excuse to make good use of all the peaches we have right now and made peach crisp with this favorite recipe I’ve found and been using since at least last summer. I could pass on cake most any day, but fruit crisps are one thing I will never say no to!


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2 thoughts on “7 Things”

  1. Yeah, blueberry pie Oreos sound a little funky, but I would be curious to try them too (though I’d rather that a friend bought them and I just snuck one to taste it rather than be stuck with the whole thing if I hated it!). And I’ll have to look into that Old Navy top…I have some rewards cash I need to use up soon 🙂


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