7 Things

And it’s officially the weekend! Woohoo! I still have plenty of peaches from our visit to one of The Peach Truck stops a couple of weekends ago so think I’ll be making myself another one of these drinks to celebrate…

1. Peel and slice a peach and put it in the blender with some sugar and just a little bit of water, then add that to your favorite fruity flavored vodka (I used the mango pineapple from Svedka) and top it off with equal parts jalapeno limeade from Trader Joe’s and ginger beer. Inspired by my new favorite place grab a drink for the occasional happy hour and their mango + muddled jalapeno margarita that I tried last week – and thanks to my smart co-worker I stole the drink order idea from. 😉

2. In preparation for being home-bound all last weekend to start potty training with our toddler, my husband recorded pretty much any kids movie he could find on tv that we hadn’t yet seen and Beauty and the Beast was on that list. I have to say, we watched it and I legit had no idea how it ended. I have a freaky good memory with so many things, but draw a complete blank on what happens on almost any movie I’ve ever watched!

3. And speaking of potty training, I will be the last person to tell someone how to parent but am always willing to share if we’ve found something that’s worked for our kid in case anyone else is interested in seeing if it works for their child too. But so far potty training has been going really well and we’ve followed most everything we read in this book so I have to give her some credit. I was most skeptical about not using a rewards system, but the only reward he’s getting is a ridiculous amount of praise from us. 10 year ago if you would ever told you I’d get that excited about bodily waste I would’ve laughed in your face…

4. I heard on the radio the other day that the Olsen twins just turned 31 and it somehow  made me feel way older than I feel when I think about the fact that I turn 33 next month. Maybe because I can only associate them with being the little sister on Full House (did anyone else love Friday nights because they got to stay up to watch TGIF and eat popcorn?!) from when I was a kid, even though they’ve been plenty busy since then.

5. I don’t have a green thumb and typically choose to keep fresh flowers in my house instead of plants for just that reason, but cacti I do ok with and I have several vases from our wedding centerpieces (6 years ago!) that I can’t bring myself to part with, so maybe this easy DIY should be on deck?

6. Have you seen the Lost My Name book? They’re so adorable and I bought one for Jacob and our youngest niece for Christmas this past year. I noticed that they’re just coming out with one called The Birthday Thief and it looks just as adorable. I love a good personalized gift idea, so this might be what every baby and toddler I buy gifts for is getting for their next birthday!

7. After declaring that a 10K race was on my summer bucket list, a co-worker said she was interested in this too so I’m hoping this means we follow through on that goal! I’m coming off an embarrassing about of time of inactivity so I’m giving myself two weeks to just make it a goal to get up and move with consistency before I’d have to kick in with a training plan. Week one of that is officially down and I “worked out” 5 days! I’m starting out small with equal time walking and jogging, then spent two mornings doing really short videos from the Blogilates YouTube channel and so far have like those. Here’s hoping I keep it going!


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