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Our summer! And my husband doesn’t even realize it yet. But I made my summer bucket list and have already started in on planning time for some of them.


I could wear my new overalls everyday! They’re an item I’ve thought I wanted for awhile, but was nervous about being able to pull them off. I found a pair at the Gap factory store while shopping at our local outlet mall with my mom and couldn’t pass them up, now I want to wear them constantly. I can’t find the pair I have online, but this pair looks pretty similar in look and fit.


My not so fun answer is all about potty training. It’s time to get serious about it and I’m anticipating conflict and resisting from our toddler and as a conflict avoider this means that I’m really not looking forward to the experience. I’m hoping this is just yet another situation in which I expect the worst behavior from my kid and then he’s totally fine, but we’ll see! The writer of the book we’re reading about it jokes that you’ll definitely want wine at the end of day one and she’s not opposed to wine with breakfast being appropriate so I think just maybe I’ll be able to handle her approach. 😉

The more fun answer is that I’m working my way through Gretchen Rubin’s (the one of The Happiness Project fame) Better Than Before Book, which is all about habit making and breaking and ways to understand ourselves better and approach them in ways that will increase the likelihood of you succeeding with them. So far it’s pretty interesting, but admittedly I tend to be really interested in anything related to assessing and discussing personality types!


Ideas for my birthday that’s coming up next month! Last year I told my husband not to buy me a birthday present, that instead I would take a vacation day from work to spend shopping by myself and purchase whatever I wanted (within reason of course) without letting myself feel guilty about it and it was wonderful. I already have the vacation day requested for this year and plan to suggest the same thing. A pair of distressed denim shorts at a length that doesn’t make me cringe is top of the list along with a new swim suit. While I’d like to find these before my birthday rolls around at the end of July, I don’t have high hopes it’ll happen before then. Other ideas I’ve been considering are a necklace from Ruhling // Woven (because I love my Madewell one pictured here). a Natalie Borton necklace (especially if this one is still available!), or some new prescription sunglasses from Warby Parker because I’m due for an update. I’m kind of liking either these or this pair!


To get it together this month, or at least that’s what I keep telling myself. At work we’re in this calm before the storm period before our schedules will really pick up at the end of this month, so I know that I need to get some habits going I want to set (like getting up earlier, upping my activity level, making better food choices, and stepping away to take some time to myself). We’ll see how I do!


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  1. Your birthday plan is my Christmas plan this coming year. Of course, I also did a variation of that for Mother’s Day too! (I literally went shopping but instead of buying, took pictures of what I wanted to buy, wrote the prices and sizes in the pictures and sent them to my husband). First time I haven’t had to fake a “oh awesome!” when I opened a gift!


    1. You and I are so on the same page, expect I took it one step further and actually ordered my own Mother’s Day present too! 😉 It came in the mail a few days before Mother’s Day and I knew it because when I came home from work because the empty packaging was on the table, but my husband hid it from me for a few days haha!

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  2. Those overalls look cute! I think the large hip pockets and cropped cuffs make all the difference. Without them, you might look like a farmer. With them, you’ve still got style. 🙂


    1. Thanks Lindsay! I completely agree that the fit makes them feel not farmer-ish! 😉 The skinny fit rather than a looser fit helps a lot. Now I just need to see if I can figure out another way to style them than just with a plain tee underneath! 🙂


  3. Yeah birthday month! That sounds like the perfect birthday treat for yourself. And way to rock the overalls – I’m super scared of them because I wore them way longer into tweenage years than was probably acceptable, so I’m afraid of messing that up again, HA! But you look awesome in them.


    1. I was so scared to wear them because they felt so different than my usual outfits but am so glad I gave them a try! Admittedly though, I didn’t have them as a teenager (just as a toddler) so my chances of emotional scarring from them was pretty minimal. 😉


  4. You look awesome in the overalls!! No way I could pull ’em off, but I think you look great- seriously! And taking the day off on your bday to shop is the perfect way to celebrate!


  5. I love your overalls, they’re so cute on you! Ohhh potty training. Sending virtual wine and hugs your way 🙂 So the first time we pretty much tried to force potty training on Jona (because we wanted him to be potty trained before Violet got here) and it went terribly. He wasn’t into it and it was an uphill battle. We ended up giving up and waiting until he was more interested. And seriously, one day, right after he started preschool, he said “I want to wear underwear!” and he pretty much potty trained himself after that. I just learned that Jona will do things when he’s ready, and not a minute before (same with walking–he stood up and walked across the room at 17 months old… no toddling, no cruising before that–I was so worried about it before that!). Anyway, sorry for the novel, I just wanted you to know that it’s such an ups and downs thing but eventually it WILL happen!!


  6. Thanks Shea!! And I’ll take all the virtual wine and hugs through this process, and thank goodness there’s actual wine stocked at my house too haha! Thankfully day one went far better than I expected, but I think that’s partially because we introduced it last Sunday and throughout the the week in the morning before work and then in the evenings after daycare. My husband read that day two is sometimes worse because kids realize it wasn’t just a one day thing for fun and they’re not happy about it. We’re about an hour and a half into day two right now, so the jury’s still out on how this will go down. 🙂 A friend of mine has a daughter just barely younger than Jacob who pretty much did what you described – just decided she wanted to do it and did it and awhile ago at that. I’ve been so jealous! Jacob can have a pretty strong will (I’m blaming his father for that one, a trait that will probably drive me crazy for quite awhile, but I’ll eventually be so glad he has) so I’m really hoping he’s feeling as ready as we are so that it sticks!


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