Summer Bucket List

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I saw Beth’s post with her summer bucket list and loved the idea so much I decided to do my own. Inevitably I always have a bunch of ideas of random things I want to do (please tell me I’m not the only one who does this!), then forget half of them and they never happen so plan to check back in with this list throughout the summer when we’re looking for things to do. So here we go, here’s my list:

Catching The Peach Truck tour

Does this still count as a summer bucket list item if I just checked this one off the list on Saturday? 😉 These peaches are the best though – my dad gave me the heads up on this farm that goes on the road and has essentially pop up shops in different states throughout the summer to sell their peaches. We had them last year and they’re so delicious that I jumped on the opportunity to head back for another 25 pound box of ’em and now I’m thinking of allll the peach related recipes. If you’re in Ohio, Kentucky, Tennessee, Indiana, or Pennsylvania then I definitely recommend checking out the tour schedule and getting yourself some!

Franklin Park Conservatory

The grounds of this place are beautiful and it’s the perfect space to let Jacob lead the way and wander through. They just kicked off an exhibit that includes animal sculptures, how fun is that?! I think Jacob would love it.

Farmer’s market (several times)

My husband always seems to be training for some kind of race which I love both because it keeps him in shape and healthy (something I could follow his example on!) and because the longer weekend work outs give me one on one time with Jacob. I like to get out of the house most weekends and starting off the day with an early morning trip to the farmer’s market when we can beat the heavier crowds is perfect. It’s nice to live in an area where there’s several options, but this one is a pretty big one so I like to head there.

Stop and smell the roses

Or the peonies, or the wild flowers, or whatever other pretty flowers I come across. I have three flower related stops for my bucket list: Red Twig Farm to see the peonies, the Columbus Park of Roses, and the wildflowers at Homestead Park. I’ve been to all three places but never in their prime part of the season so I’d love to go back – the pictures in this post show us on the path through the wildflowers when we visited in early November when I’m sure the flowers were all about ready to call it a season and it was really pretty even then!

Overnight date night

Between living two hours away from most of our family and my high level of anxiety about separating from my kid overnight, we’ve only got around to having Jacob go spend the night with family twice. And he’s two and a half….admittedly this is a bit ridiculous because he has a great time with family without us around and my husband and I have enjoyed the alone time together. It’s very much needed to recharge every once in awhile so I want to make sure we plan a night away just the two of us sometime this summer.

Visit the Newport Aquarium 

I’ve heard such good things and this aquarium isn’t more than maybe a two hour drive for us. So in addition to getting an adults only night away, I definitely wouldn’t mind spending some family time driving down and making an overnight trip out of it just for a change of scenery too!

Touch a Truck event 

Just what it sounds like, a bunch of trucks and heavy equipment gets together and kids get to check it out and they have the event at a lot of different places all over the city it seems. They had it at the zoo last year one weekend while we were there, but a year can make a big difference in the interests of a toddler and I think he’d get pretty excited to get to see construction equipment and fire trucks up close!

Scott Antique Market

My mom and I have gone to this several times over the years when they’re here in Columbus. We do a lot of just browsing because there’s some really interesting things to check out, but the one thing I go with the intention to spend my money on is the jewelry. I’ve found some of my favorite pieces there (funny enough mostly from two booths – one run by a sweet elderly couple and discovered the other one is run by their daughter) and I always love having jewelry that’s unique. This event won’t make it back to Columbus until late fall, but if I want to make about an hour drive I could make it happen at another location this summer.

Columbus Coffee Trail

If the need for caffeine intake is the sole purpose of the trip then I’ll happily hit up McDonald’s for their cheap (and good!) coffee, but I much prefer the charm of a local place. Columbus has an ale trail where you visit different local participating breweries and there’s some free giveaway once you visit a certain number of them, and I recently discovered there’s a coffee trail that exists too and if you visit four you can get a free t-shirt. My favorite coffee shop is on the list and there’s 5 others close enough to where I work that if I wanted to get a good walk in over my lunch hour I could make them my destination. This will definitely be happening!

Visit campus

I graduated from Ohio State but despite never moving away, I just don’t often have a reason to want to go back anymore. Last year my best friend from college came back from out of state and we spent the day wandering around and reminiscing. It was so fun that I want to take Jacob and let him take the lead on the wandering. At two and a half he’s far too young to understand the point of any of it, but at worst a huge university at its emptiest over summer break has to be a great place for a kid to run off some energy!

Run a 10k race

I started out thinking I should run another half marathon but then stopped myself because that’s awfully ambitious for someone who hasn’t done one of those (or much of anything else for that matter) in about a year and a half. So 10K I think is, and there’s one in August that could be perfect timing. If I say it on the internet then I have to do it, right? 🙂

And that’s my list! Anything fun on yours this summer?!


8 thoughts on “Summer Bucket List”

  1. I love your list (and glad I inspired you). A Coffee Tour sounds amazing! And I love peaches, yum! I hope you get an overnight, I still have anxiety about leaving Ollie overnight too, but he always does well and it is good for us when we do it. Happy summer!!


  2. I love making lists like this, because I feel like I live for summer to arrive, and then it slips away so fast! You could find a whole lot of other fun stuff in the Cincinnati area, so a little getaway should definitely be on your list 🙂 As should an overnight date night! The best. And this peach truck sounds AMAZING. Here in Michigan it’s going to be a while before we get our hands on any in-season ones…


  3. I am terrible at being away from my big kid too, having only spent four nights away from her — and two of those were when I was in the hospital having her sister. I am insanely paranoid about the brace my little one has to wear at night so I don’t see myself getting many overnight date nights in the next, uh, 5 years? That said, it sounds like a really good goal I should work towards!


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