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I can’t say that I meant to take a month plus long break from writing, but always find it difficult to get back into it if I hit pause. I let myself get into just a little bit of a funk where motivation of any kind was hard to muster, but thankfully plenty of good stuff was still happening with the exception of a stomach bug that knocked me straight down for a few days and battled a little bit with Jacob too.

My favorites include some long weekends that had time for going to a baseball game and a trip to the zoo, Mother’s Day and our 6 year anniversary falling on the same day (with my mother-in-law’s birthday the next day!), Jacob turning two and a half and these stages just getting more and more fun, and starting and finishing Love Warrior at a pace that was record setting for me lately.

On the accomplishments end I finished Gilmore Girls and personally I didn’t love the Year in the Life revival nearly as much as I loved the original series (side note, is it sad that I consider this an accomplishment?!), and I also read The Wear She Wears It and it inspired me to completely reorganize my closet. Now I’m back to an approach that’s a little more seasonal rather than most everything being crammed in at once in hopes that it forces me to shift my style a little bit as the seasons change. We’ll see how I like it, but the process did result in another two bags full of clothes to be donated so that’s at least a win!




2 thoughts on “Lately ”

  1. Welcome back to blogging! Sorry to hear a bug kind of knocked you down for a bit! I loved Love Warrior so much, such a great book! And I think I might have appreciated the Gilmore Girls revival more having not seen the series in several years – I think if I had watched it right after the series I might have felt the same way.


    1. Thanks Beth!! Love Warrior was such a good read! I do want to continue supporting my new found love of Lauren Graham at some point too and read her book, Talking as Fast as I Can, at some point – I had seen it at the library, but then also felt like maybe I saw that you had read it too? I swear I get all of the books I had to my reading list from either blogs or IG pages I enjoy. 🙂


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