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it was a great day for a race!

Hello! We’re winding down another weekend here, having spent most of the weekend up north for the Toledo Marathon with my husband and brother running the half marathon and my future sister in law running the 5k. My out of shape self was happily the spectator.

So here we go, my favorite post to write this week – 7 Things! 7 typically very random, mostly unrelated things. 😉

1. Speaking of races, the Boston Marathon was this past Monday and I read an article about the first woman to run in this race running it again after 50 years. This woman had the race director chasing her down and trying to rip off her race number because at that time women weren’t allowed to enter officially. This was in 1967 and it always shocks me a bit to hear that this was happening as recently as in my mom and dad’s lifetime. I’m thankful to them for raising me to be involved in every sport out there as a kid and just couldn’t imagine having this type of experience.

2. Last fall we started a policy at work where we’re permitted one work from home day per month and I took my April day last week. Major perk of this now that it’s spring is that I got to eat my lunch out on the patio watching Gilmore Girls. The best.

3. Mother’s Day is coming up soon and while of course I’ll treat my mom (and mother-in-law) to something special, I like the idea of ordering this card for my two closest mama friends too because I think we could all use the reminder sometimes!

4. I had been so good about ignoring the clearance Easter candy and then finally gave in to some white chocolate Reese’s eggs, thinking my husband would eat them too because he likes white chocolate. Wrong! I came home and he said he’s not a big fan of Reese’s. I wasn’t aware that was a thing!

5. My husband recently dug up the little section of our yard that ran between the edge of our patio and the house and put some mulch down and it looks nicer than the grass that was there, but it’s looking a little bare. I’m thinking about getting some big pots to line up in that area and trying to grow an herb garden, but have zero idea what I’m doing. I looked up some things online, but we’re near the Herb Capital of Ohio (bet you didn’t know there was such a thing – haha!) and I just noticed that they’re having an herb day next month so I could go, learn a thing or two, and buy some herbs to make it happen and I think I just might do that. (This just hit me as something to throw on the list that 20 something Jess would never believe 30 something Jess would even be interested in!)

6. As an Academic Advisor, seeing this article over the weekend brought me to tears. I work with almost exclusively non-traditional students and if there’s one thing it’s taught me about myself, it’s that when I was a traditional college student I really didn’t realize how easy I had it. There’s been several times over the past few years that phone calls to my mom on the drive home from work include a great big thank you for all my parents did for us growing up!

7. I get to be a bridesmaid and Jacob gets to be a ring bearer! I’m so stinking excited. My brother is getting married this September and they asked us to be a part of the wedding while we were home over the weekend. I cannot wait for all the fun to start – I’ve reached an age where the past couple of years have focused on kids instead of weddings and it’ll be so much fun to get to be right there for this experience. Here’s just hoping I haven’t been out of practice for so long that I can still hang for the night at the bachelorette party! 😉


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  1. Aww, a little ring bearer–he will be so adorable!! Good luck with your herb garden–you’ll have to share some pics and maybe some tips. Every year I kill the herbs I try to plant… it’s sad. Also, that mother’s day card is awesome–I know several mom friends that it would be perfect for!!


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