Current Favorites


A few things I’m loving lately…

This bare feet toes in the grass weather we’ve been graced with! A couple of nice weekends in a row has done wonders for my mood and attitude.

Gilmore Girls, like 10 years too late or something like that right? I started watching it while on winter break (the university I work for is so kind to close down for a week and give us a week off) and made pretty slow progress for awhile. Now I’m so hooked that I feel like I’m tearing through it and am closing in on the end of season 6 and already feeling like I’m going to seriously miss it once I’ve made my way through them all.

My skinny jeans, just in case you missed my post earlier this week.

Hearing back to back current favorite songs on the drive to work – Shining with DJ Khaled, Beyoncé, and Jay-Z and All Night by Chance the Rapper for the record, and then hearing more Beyoncé on the way home that night with Crazy in Love. All songs that leave me unable to fight the urge to dance in my car and not care if I get some strange looks. 😉

Iced coffee. Drinking them in the winter always feels a bit wrong to me, so now that the weather is acting like it’s spring I’m bringing them back. Some Trader Joe’s cold brew, my new favorite almond milk creamer, some honey, then loading it up with either coconut milk or almond milk (depending on what I have in the fridge) before adding a bunch of ice and then it’s perfect!

Weekend naps. Not for me, but for the toddler! 🙂 I think we all three benefit from the couple of hours of quiet time to ourselves and then when my husband goes upstairs to get him, nothing beats the sound of those little feet running down the hallway and seeing how excited he is to turn the corner and jump into my lap for a good snuggle.

This book!

How about you, what’s making you smile lately??


One thought on “Current Favorites”

  1. YES to iced coffee! I LOVE iced coffee. And I keep hearing about how good the stuff is from Trader Joes so I need to get my behind over there and get some! And I need to check that book out!


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