The Jeans I Can’t Quit


tee / sweater / necklace / jeans / sandals (they’re this pair just w/o the sparkle, but here’s a similar two tone pair)


Jeans. Easily the most worn thing in my closet since our HR department at work took a summer policy to permit them every day and made it permanent once fall rolled around. And even though I have a lot of love for styles like the boyfriend jean and flares, I keep running right back to the skinny jeans that still holds tight to top spot on my list. This pair is my go to and I maybe have 4 pairs in my closet now? After a lot of searching for the perfect distressed jean and coming up with options that just couldn’t compare to these, I took a pair of scissors to the knee of the oldest pair and then keep the others for rotation throughout the work week. And a little tip if you’re local to the Columbus, Ohio area – if you’re as cheap as I am, head to Discount Fashion Warehouse and keep your eye out because all of mine have come from there for about $15 a pair. You just have to be willing to give it a good look over for quality.

And lastly, I’m cheering over here because sandals for the first time this year!! I always thought fall won my heart, but am really enjoying and appreciating spring rolling in this year.

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