7 Things

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I hope you’re winding down a great weekend, just like I’d say we are in this house! Keeping the weekend 7 Things post tradition going strong…

1. I jumped on the band wagon so quick with this The Magic of Motherhood book that came out last week. I saw it referenced on Instagram by a few bloggers I follow I think on Thursday and after checking out the Coffee + Crumbs blog and loving it, I figured I would like the book so I placed a pick up order through Target. I picked it up on my lunch hour on Friday and started in on it, and I’m already more than halfway through the book. If you know the pace I typically make my way through a book lately then you know this means something!

2. My husband suggested a trip to Target for a few things today and I’m never one to turn that down so we went. $67 later we walk out to the parking lot and he looks at me confused, asking how the heck did we spend $67?! To that I replied, that’s just the magic of Target my dear…

3. A friend of mine at work sent me this and it had me laughing so hard I was almost crying most of the way through!

4. I’m really wanting a pair of denim overalls, but just have to decide if I think  I can pull them off. This pair is currently sitting in my online cart, but I’m a little unsure about trusting junior sizing. That’s about the maximum cost I’m willing to put toward them though (I’m cheap!) so I might start searching a little bit.

5. I was reading Kayla’s blog and she mentioned these Easter popcorn bars. They sounded so good that I picked up the mini Cadbury eggs today while we were at Target, and am thinking I may have to get the rest of the ingredients and make them with Jacob next weekend. That is if the Cadbury eggs make it all the way to next weekend…

6. I went to an event that featured local (from Ohio) makers and found myself the Mother’s Day present I think I’ve convinced my husband I deserve to buy for myself. 🙂 I had been online eyeing these bags made by Little Mugshots and Rooted Leather and I got to meet Steph from Little Mugshots at the event. Seeing the leather bags in person and I was sold! You guys, they have a fabric lining that has your child’s silhouette printed on it…such a fun idea! I have to get my order in soon though because they’re only taking order through April 22nd and then they’re not making this bag anymore!

7. I only have to get through a 4 day work week this week, thanks to my employer deciding to give us a free day off for employee appreciation and they I’m sure strategically schedule it to take place on Good Friday. I’m very excited for a day off work to spend all to myself and hope to spend it doing equal parts marking things off the to do list and equal parts just taking it easy.




4 thoughts on “7 Things”

  1. Oh those bags are so great – I’m a sucker for a good pattern inside a bag, and of course I’m COMPLETELY a sucker for that one in particular 🙂 And yay for a day off to yourself!!


    1. It’s so cute, right?! And I can’t wait for Friday, although later last night my husband looked at me and said wait, you have the entire day off on Friday right? Which means he’s either crashing it or plotting to add to the to do list haha!


  2. Ooh I hope you enjoy your day off tomorrow, that sounds wonderful! I was cracking up over that “thanks I guess” BuzzFeed article… that was hilarious! I think you should go for the overalls!


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