It’s co-host time! Please, join in the fun with Anne and I and talk about what you’ve been up to lately by sharing what you’re currently accomplishing, feeling, needing, practicing, and pinning.




Almost exclusively outfits, and most anything that includes distressed jeans has been catching my attention. I’m really wishing one of those distressed jeans + blazer looks would actually fly as appropriate at work, but we are definitely not that relaxed so I guess my distressed denim will just have to continue being worn in this form that should pretty much just be called my weekend uniform at this point!


Some de-cluttering although I think I’ll forever and always feel like this is work in progress in our house! But this time a bunch of purses and more clothes are just waiting to be donated in the next trip to Goodwill and other gems hit the trash, things like a Walkman (seriously had to be from like the late 90s, right?), my YMCA membership card from high school, and a TomTom navigation that was at least 10 years old and gave directions in the voice of Homer Simpson.


Physically? Sick! The germs that ended in the respiratory flu for my son have worked their way through my husband and me too. Everyone else seems to be recovered, but my recently morphed into a cough that’s feeling way too familiar from my round with bronchitis in the fall. Here’s hoping this viral bug gets the heck out of our house soon.

But emotionally, I was feeling stuck in a little bit of a funk but something worked to snap me out of it. I’m not sure what or who to thank for that, but I’m enjoying feeling pretty much back to my usual self.


New glasses! My current pair is a little over three years old now and I finally have an appointment today for an eye exam, but I’m being super picky about finding a pair that I like. I kind of like the idea of something a little more funky like this pair in the tea rose fade color, but given that these will be on face every waking moment I’d say I’m much more likely to go with another brown or tortoise pair like this one or this one (even though I’m so picky that even the little ck on the side bothers me – I don’t want to walk around like permanent advertising for a brand!). Fingers crossed I find a pair tonight that I really like or the hunt and likely indecisiveness will continue.


Letting go and saying no. Seeing the Solly Baby book club selection for the month of March being Present Over Perfect by Shauna Niequist motivated me to pick it up again and while I’m stuck again and haven’t made a ton of progress, she already spoke to me just with her talk about being the type of person who is uncomfortable at the thought of letting someone down (raising my hand so high with this one, because me too!!) but needing to realize that you will let someone down at some point and you get to be in control of what that looks like and who you’re doing that too.

What I’ve realized as I’ve forced myself to think about this as it applies to my life, is that these ways in which I feel like I’m letting someone down by either choosing to do or not to do something are so minor that most of the time the people I think I’m disappointing aren’t even upset about it. In fact, they probably don’t even think twice about it. To steal a take home lesson from the book that holds the title of current favorite for me, Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert, people are far too busy worrying about themselves and unless you succeed spectacularly or fail spectacularly then nobody is probably paying you much mind anyway!


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  1. Heyyyyy, co-host! I’m always drawn to the distressed denim looks on Pinterest too – it just adds a little extra something to an outfit, doesn’t it? And I love those Warby Parker glasses! So fun. Hope everyone in your house is feeling better soon… a dang cold is going around mine again too – ugh.


    1. Heyyyyy! 😉 I had done the Warby Parker try on thing a few years ago but didn’t end up buying them, might have to try on some more because I found a frame last night that works and is actually really similar to my current pair, but I didn’t love them enough to go ahead and get them so the search continues.

      Hope everyone fights that cold off quickly! The past two weeks has taught me that one thing that could be potentially worse than a sick toddler is a toddler who feels great and wants to go about their normal weekend while their parents are sick. 😦


  2. Girl I am with you. Saying no is so hard, but it’s something I’ve learned the last year or so that I HAVE to do more of! Your mental health is so important and you have to say YES to yourself sometimes 🙂 thanks for co-hosting, great blog!!


  3. I’ve been pinning tons of outfit ideas too as I’m trying to shop my own closet instead of buying new things all the time. I hope your cough gets better soon! And I’m also working on learning to say no more, definitely a challenge, but sometimes necessary.


    1. I need to be better about shopping my own closet. I feel like I’ve done a good job of clearing out a lot of things that I don’t really wear (even though there’s still plenty more I’m sure that I could get rid of) but I can’t completely decide how I feel about what I have left. That Cladwell app that’s out now really has helped me put together some combinations I hadn’t previously thought of though so I think that’s helping a little bit!


  4. I am pinning floral bombers. Sometimes it keeps me from buying stuff if I just pin it instead. In this case, not so much! Hope you feel better soon. I am a substitute librarian in the schools and I just go from one campus to the next mixing germs. No bueno!
    Thanks for the link-up!


    1. Floral bombers are not something I had thought to consider, but I love the one that you included a picture of in your Currently post – it almost looks like a watercolor. So pretty! For some reason I find a good floral print so tricky to find (or maybe I’m just being picky) and a print like that might be perfect.

      Hopefully you’ve managed to stay healthy and ward off all those germs!! I don’t know how you do it…your immune system must be at rock star status! 🙂


  5. Hope you feel 100% healthy soon- there are definitely too many germs going around our house these days, too! We have decluttered so much in the past 6 months and yet I still find things to get rid of! It’s definitely never-ending!


    1. Thanks Erin!! Hopefully those germs get the heck out of both our houses soon – I’m sure you’re over them just as much as I am. 😉 Decluttering is definitely never-ending, plus I suppose it would help if I also worked on slowing down the stream of stuff that comes in the door as much as I’m working on the stream of stuff going out that it would be a bit more sustainable haha!


  6. I feel like decluttering is a constant process. Which reminds me, I have piles of stuff that needs to be dropped off at Goodwill. Feel better soon! Knock on wood, we’ve been mostly healthy but lots of bugs are being passed around my kids’ schools. Good luck in finding a new pair of glasses that you love! I mostly wear contacts, but when I do get a new pair, it’s always a hard decision!


    1. Such a constant process! And I need to get the donations out the door to Goodwill soon since it kinda defeats the good feeling of decluttering if you’re constantly having to look at the clutter of a pile of clothes just waiting to be donated. 🙂


  7. My brain went: “Oh, we could totally pull off distressed jeans and a blazer at our university.” and then caught myself thinking: “but I totally wouldn’t. I mean, it just wouldn’t be professional for me”. No idea why I hold myself to an entirely different standard than my coworkers. Not because I’m better than them but more imposter syndrome: I have to look professional before they realize that I just make everything up as I go.” Of course, I’m still not back at work, so this is all moot. I really need to be finding ways to add some excitement to my stay-at-home clothes. I survive the early days of mat leave by having stock outfits; this is my “going to to the doctor” outfit. This is my “cleaning house” outfit. This is my “friends coming to see the baby” outfit, and 5 months has passed and I still wear them the exact same way.


    1. Imposter syndrome is for real, and definitely have my days too where I feel like I look professional to look like I have it way more together than I really do. 🙂 My favorite trick is wearing a nice button up shirt as part of my outfit on the days when I’m really feeling tired or off my game because it makes me feel like I at least look more professional even though I’m feeling far from it that day.

      And I remember some post partum months with my son where I thought why do I own anything other than black tshirts and jeans? Because that truly felt like all I owned! In some seasons in life I think we just have to go with whatever we find that we really like and is easy to keep going back to. 🙂


  8. I am loving distressed jeans also but definitely can’t get away with them at work! 😦 And yes, I definitely agree that decluttering is an ongoing process! It’s like as soon as I purge something, I feel like I need to do it again just a few months later. Good luck finding new glasses! It’s always hard to find the perfect ones.


  9. I’ve been wanting to read Present Over Perfect, and I found myself nodding along with everything you said. That is so me too. I just picked up a new pair of distressed jeans so I’ve been all about those looks right now too, although I’m in the same boat about them being too casual for work. I love that you were the co-host this month!


    1. And it can be exhausting, right?! I’m hoping I can get through the rest of the book within the next few days, but that might be ambitious. It might have to go back to the library because someone else is waiting on it, then request it again later on.

      Can’t wait to see some looks with your new distressed jeans, and thank youuuu!! Love this link up and it was so fun to co-host! 🙂


  10. I did the Warby Parker try on program for sunshades, but only found some for my son. I am so picky about my frames. Hope your household is free of germs real soon!


    1. I’m glad I’m not alone with the pickiness! After going and looking at more frames after my eye appointment last night, I’ve realized that I just don’t want frames that have the brand name on the side or anything else on the sides. So basically I’m a very plain jane and want my glasses to fall in line with that too haha. I just put in a request to check out 5 pairs of Warby Parkers through their try on program, so here’s hoping a winner is in there!

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  11. I love all of those glasses! I got a pair a few years ago that was blue and turquoise and definitely statement glasses, but I LOVE them! I actually wear them more than my plain tortoise shell pair!


  12. Hope you feel better soon! I too need new glasses. I’ve been trying out contacts and they are ok but I definitely need glasses as a backup. Have a great week and thanks for co-hosting.


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