top / jeans / necklace / shoes

It’s spring! Not the date the calendar declares it, but when you know it’s arrived because you feel like you blinked and took a look around and all of a sudden there’s color out there in the world. I first noticed it at the end of last week, and hope you can say the same in your neck of the woods. It’s such a welcome change that while making the drive home from a friend’s house over the weekend I chose to take the long way home rather than jump on the highway and wandered through some beautiful neighborhoods, just admiring the trees and the flowers that have all of a sudden taken blue. And if there’s one thing that’s more fun than taking in that view, it’s listening to your toddler in the back seat enjoy the same thing while excitedly yelling “a yewwow one! a purple one! more flowers mommy, find more flowers!” – the sweetest I tell you.

And with nicer weather at least showing it’s face intermittently, I’m feeling ready to give all the black and gray outfits just the tiniest rest every once in awhile but not quite ready to dip into the brights that feel like they fit best only once the really warm weather of summer hits. Is that putting too much thought into when it feels good to wear certain colors? Without a doubt. But I do it anyway, and in this glorious in between time I think I’ll find myself reaching for this pink/blush color time and time again.

And! On Wednesday I’ll be co-hosting this month’s round of Anne‘s Currently link up, where we can all talk about what we’ve been accomplishing, feeling, needing, practicing, pinning lately. No matter how busy life gets, it’s one I always love putting together a post for so if you hang around here much then I’m sure you know the drill. If not though, check out last month’s link up then get to writing! 🙂


2 thoughts on “Spring!”

  1. I love this outfit on you! The top is so pretty! And I’m so happy it’s getting to be spring. I am ready for more color in my life! I can’t wait for the Currently link up tomorrow!


  2. Yay, spring! I’m finding a few colors work their way into my outfits too, though let’s face it – mostly I just switch out for lighter neutrals 🙂 Love the pretty pink top. Practically a neutral… And can’t wait to read all the linked up posts today!


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