7 Things

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We spent the weekend and now the beginning of the week with a toddler who came down with the flu of the respiratory variety and it was not fun. I’m taking my turn at home today, spending a sick day keeping him home from daycare just one more day to be really sure he’s no longer contagious and for me to get a little break and fight off the germs that got me too – thankfully mine so far just feels like a cold, hoping for no flu!

So even though I’m far behind, I’m finally taking the time to join in on the 7 Things fun!

1. Even though spring is really on it’s way, I can’t stop buying all the cozy sweaters lately like this one from H&M (couldn’t find the exact one online, but this one looks just as cozy). Like to the point of accepting that the oversized sweater is not an incredibly flattering style, but it’s just too good to pass up. I’m hoping the weather doesn’t let me wear this one too many times yet, and then when fall rolls back around later this year then it’ll hopefully feel like I updated my wardrobe a bit.

2. Have you heard of the Solly Baby Book Club? You can read about it on their IG post here. This month’s book was Present Over Perfect by Shauna Niequist and I already had the book from the library so I thought I would easily just jump in, but nope. I’ve enjoyed what I’ve read so far but just can’t seem to pick up the pace on my reading. Maybe one of these other months I’ll get it together and join in!

3. A few weekends ago I headed to Target for a few things – bread and bagels among them because they’re cheaper there than at our grocery store, but then I couldn’t help myself and came home with three new graphic tees so you know, I think paying more at the grocery store would’ve been the cheaper option here. 😉 I couldn’t resist this one (even though I’m more notorious for always saying yes), this one, and then I don’t think I could say that I’ve ever owned anything camo but somehow just couldn’t say no to this one.

4. I couldn’t resist checking out the Missing Richard Simmons podcast and thanks to a pretty brutal commute home one day last week, finished all 6 episodes within 3 days. I truthfully hadn’t even noticed that Richard Simmons hasn’t been seen out in public in 3 years, but it was an interesting story nonetheless and found the creator of the podcast to be pretty entertaining.

5. I downloaded the Outfits by Cladwell app and giving myself the first month to determine if the $4.99 fee is worth it. So far I really like it and have already relied on it a couple of times for an outfit idea when I just needed to be able to grab some clothes, throw them on and go. After downloading it I found that Caitlin did a blog post that weighed the pros and cons of the app. I thought it was a good read and agreed with her on most things, except for a few things like not feeling like I could get bored because the outfits suggested tend to be very simple ones (because that’s the current style phase I feel like I’m in anyway!) and I’ve been able to find plenty of pieces in the app that represent my closet (again, probably because my current style matches the simple nature the app) and so I’ve loved being able to just select like pieces rather than take pictures of all the things in my closet and uploading them – I’d just never get around to doing that!

6. Um, what? – is all I have to say about this. It’s shoes on the same level of absurdity as those Topshop jeans I’ve seen people talking about all over the internet!

7. When cleaning out an old basket in one of our spare bedrooms I found my old cd’s from high school and college, like in those good old 90s cd cases we used to have! I threw them all in my car since that’s the only place I have to listen to them (or through my computer I guess) and figure I’ll have some fun listening to some of them on the drive back and forth to work before I clear out the ones I really don’t want. So far the favorite has been the Save the Last Dance soundtrack and I can’t wait to see what other random gems I find – haha!


3 thoughts on “7 Things”

  1. Aww, hope your little guy is feeling better soon! It’s already the worst to have a sick kid, and then if you’re not feeling so great on top of it? Worse than worse. I’m almost finished with the Richard Simmons podcast – pretty fascinating. Just started the new one from This American Life/Serial and I think it will also be quite entertaining and addicting. Luckily they released all the episodes at once!


  2. No fun getting the flu bug! Hope he’s feeling better soon! I also just downloaded Outfits to try out. While I feel like I put together pretty decent looks on my own, some days I’m just not sure what to put on, so I figured I’d give it the month to see how I like it. I’ve been curious about that podcast, I might have to check it out!


  3. I hope everyone is feeling better soon! We had the flu bug come through our house a few weeks ago and it was not fun, so I sympathize for sure.
    #3 is the story of my life!! There are always a few things I like to pick up at Target because they’re cheaper, but I always more than make up for what we saved by finding so many things I think I need while I’m there. I’ll be curious to hear if you end up keeping the app. I’m really loving it so far, and I’m really curious to see how I feel in about a month or so.


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