7 Things

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1. We are lucky enough to be on the tour route for The Peach Truck, a fact I discovered way too late in the game last summer. I bought a bunch and froze them at the end of the season but haven’t used them like I thought I would. When my in-laws visited for the day last weekend I finally put some of them to good use and made this peach crisp recipe. So good!

2. The other night I had Pandora on, turned to the Kriss Kross station of course, and Salt-N- Pepa’s Push It came on. I turned it off right in the middle of the song, then turned around and realized Jacob was still singing it. I just about died laughing!

3. Life feels like it’s been catching up with me because I’ve been ignoring the projects on my to-do list because I just don’t want to give up precious weekend time doing weekend-y things with my guys to do things like organize my house. So I did the responsible thing and I put in for a vacation day conveniently at the start of March Madness, when I know I can have the morning to myself to tackle chores and then spend the afternoon hanging with my husband and watching basketball instead of working. 😉

4. But spending the day hanging out here sounds pretty good too!

5. I don’t like buying books for myself very often because they cost money and then take up space in my house (and I have plenty of other stuff to take care of that thank you), plus I rarely re-read a book. I’ve been getting everything I’ve been reading lately from the library which is great, except for when you are working your way slowly through a book and then the due date hits and you can’t renew it because there’s 30 some other requests in for it and you don’t want to get in the back of that line, so you buckle down and just finish it. Now that I think about it, maybe that’s a good thing since it helped get me moving on it. 🙂

6. They’re making an apartment complex out of old cargo containers here in Columbus as an option for more affordable housing. I kind of love that I live in a city that’s embracing an idea like that!

7. I know that last month I said I kind of wanted some pretty snow, but here we are a month later and Mother Nature did not deliver so now I’m ready to just move on to spring and the gift of weather nice enough to get outdoors on the weekend – we’re getting a little stir crazy over here! And even though I’m sure there’s tons of indoor toddler activity ideas hanging out over on Pinterest, I’m just the mom who would rather let her kid play with his cars and favorite race track for the 5 millionth time and thankfully he doesn’t seem to mind that either. 🙂

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6 thoughts on “7 Things”

    1. And now my husband has decided to take the whole day off too and has talked me into going to see a movie the morning of our day off so whoops – still might not get to that to do list! 🙂 I knew you’d feel the same on #7 too! Late in the day yesterday it finally warmed up enough to run around outside for a bit and it’s amazing what just a half hour spent walking around the block can do for your mood. 🙂


  1. I am so with you on not wanting to use my weekends for boring cleaning/organizing projects. They go by way too fast as it is! Of course that usually means my house gets to a point that it’s pretty bad and I’m embarrassed to have anyone over… nothing motivates me to clean like company coming 😉 Also, I totally agree about being motivated by the due date to get more reading in! I read books I own so much more slowly!


  2. I started a Kriss Kross Pandora station too and it’s my favorite! I’m laughing about Jacob singing Push It though, that’s hilarious. I’m trying to get more of my books from the library lately too, I just don’t have room on my bookcase for more!


    1. Haha I’m glad I’m not the only one enjoying it!! And totally understand with bookshelves lacking room…ours don’t have room for my books because they’re filled will all of Jacob’s book. Little man gets an exception to that rule because we all know those books are getting plenty of re-reads. 😉


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