more like Tuesday mornings and coffee 😉
It’s time again for what is quite possible my favorite post of the month – the Currently link up with Anne from In Residence and this month’s co-host Carrie from A Stylish Fit!

The Bachelor! We’re doing a Bachelor Bracket at work which is fun, but for most of the season I’ve just been googling who went home and what happened on Tuesday morning and then maybe getting around to watching the episode on my DVR throughout the week with a lot of fast forwarding. Now that we’re nearing the end I’m paying a bit more attention though and actually watching the episodes on Monday nights. Rachel was hands down my favorite but now that we know she doesn’t win, I can’t decide who I’m rooting for! My favorite show right now though is the Gilmore Girls. I’m so late to the game, but I finally started watching it right after Christmas while I was off work for our winter break and I’m hooked. I’m on Season 3 now, so still some work to do!


I commented one day that a co-workers lunch looked good and he shared this recipe for Mississippi chicken. I’ve made it a couple of times and my husband and I have both liked it enough that it’s bound to become a weekend staple because it’s always nice to have an easy meal that just gets thrown in the crockpot. I realized I even made it simpler than what the recipe says – I forgot the butter and couldn’t find the peppers at the grocery store, so it literally was chicken in a crockpot with the au jus gravy mix and the dry ranch packet. Serving it over rice has been our go to option, but it sure does look good as a sandwich too!


Ok! To pretty much every toddler request, especially because the most common ones as of late are “carewie you” (meaning I want you to carry me), “snuggle me” (and then he’ll order us around and tell daddy to snuggle mommy, or mommy to snuggle daddy, or one of us to snuggle his car haha), and “stop it” as told to me the other night when I was doing dishes and he wanted me to stop and come over to play with him.


When it’s not black or gray, I swear there seems to be maroon involved as evidenced both here and here. 🙂


With waaaay more regularity again and it feels so good. My first blog was only about personal style and after having Jacob I just didn’t have the same level of interest to keep that going regularly. I feel like I’ve hit a sweet spot again and using it as a space to talk about whatever I’m thinking about at the moment rather than just clothes and I’m really enjoying it!

And I’m excited to say that next month I’ll be co-hosting next month’s Currently link up on April, talking about what we’re accomplishing, feeling, needing, practicing, and pinning. If the Currently link up isn’t yet part of your monthly routine, please join in on the fun on April 5th!



8 thoughts on “Currently”

  1. We have a lot of “I want up, please!” And “family hug!” (And then she jabs Scott’s and my faces together to kiss. It would be cute if it weren’t painful) from C these days. I always like hearing that she’s just like others her age. Phew! I haven’t screwed her up that much yet!


    1. I am positive you are doing a fantastic job! 🙂 At least your daughter is using the word please – that is the constant battle in our house right now…I can’t count the number of times I have to ask him “how do you ask?”…ugh! haha


  2. That’s reminding me how long it took Hendrik to figure out the correct use of “me” and “you”. He’d constantly use “you” to refer to himself, and it led to a lot of confusion… How could you say no to the sweetness of “carewie you” though?!


  3. Oh how cute, Ollie used to say “carry you” for “carry me” too. Or “I come with me” when he meant he wanted to “go with you.” And yes, I always say yes to that request because I know there will be a time he won’t want to. And hurray for Gilmore Girls! It’s one of my all time favorite shows! I hope you’re enjoying it so far!


  4. I’m such a Bachelor fan as well. I’m rooting for Raven. They have so much fun together. I like Vanessa as well and honestly, either of these two would be a good match for him. I have never had a niche for my blog and soon found that being niche-less and blogging about everything that comes to mind is okay. Thank goodness. Looking forward to linking up again next month and congrats on the co-host!


    1. Rachel was my favorite of all the women just in general, although now I think I like it better that she’ll be the next Bachelorette rather than end up with Nick. I like Raven and Vanessa too so feel like I’ll like the ending no matter how it turns out! And yes to being niche-less!! It makes it more fun I think to just talk about whatever is on my mind at that time.

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