When to Say Yes

maroon edited

tee (similar) / jacket (similar) / jeans / boots / necklace

When I find a good sale, it’s really hard for me to curb the impulse shopping and that’s one of the things I’m continuing to work on this year. Maybe about a year and a half ago now I did a pretty serious closet clean out and many of the things to hit the donation pile included these types of items, mostly because I got so focused on what a good deal it was that I would buy it even if it didn’t fit quite like I wanted it to, it wasn’t a color or maybe pattern that I loved, or if I had something really similar already although I still believe in exceptions for that one!

Thankfully they weren’t all misses and this $8 olive jacket I couldn’t say no to has turned into one of my most worn items over the 6 or so years I’ve owned it, with no signs of that changing anytime soon. If I would’ve found it now, it would’ve passed the new test of asking myself these two questions: do I like it or just like that it’s a good deal, and do I have something similar already? Not that this is a foolproof trick, as evidenced by a recent online shopping experience. While it worked to say no to this sweater that was on sale for $15 (I have it in another color and love it) when I had it in my cart but then reminded myself that I just got a long black sweater like this that I love for Christmas this, it did not stop me from buying my third maroon t-shirt because I just can’t help but argue that when you find a tee in one of your favorite colors for under $5 that it’s just irresponsible to say no. 😉


5 thoughts on “When to Say Yes”

  1. I have this impulse control thing with good deals sometimes too, but an $8 army jacket is something that legitimately can never be passed up. I got my first at a consignment shop for about that much, and it got sooooo much more than my money’s worth out of use.

    And I love the flare silhouette on you – your legs look super long!


    1. Agreed! This really might be my best $8 every spent and heck, my girl scout cookie order that came last week cost twice as much as that so I’d say it’s a solid way to spend money haha!

      And thank you! At about 5’9″ I definitely have genetics going in my favor when it comes to making legs look long, but between the flare and I think the dark wash too I do feel these jeans are certainly helping the cause. 🙂


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  3. I said omg out loud when I saw those jeans on you! Flare jeans are simply what you should be wearing everyday! I also love the flare jean with a heel on you. Your legs look sooo long and amazing. You must do heels and flare jeans a lot more! Maybe weekly!


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