7 Things


Linking up for 7 Quick Takes

1. Living that boy mom life…one day I got to work and found a race car in my back pocket! While trying to get out the door to run errands with Jacob one weekend I agreed when he wanted to bring “all the cars” and threw them in a ziploc bag for him and hustled him out the door. Well now he insists on this everytime we leave and most times we go upstairs to bed. What have I started?!

2. I’m steadily making my way through the Gilmore Girls and recently watched a Thanksgiving episode in season 3 where the best friend who is a chef gets upset because she relinquishes her control of turkey making to her husband and then is upset because he deep fried it and that’s just not how you make a turkey. Say what?! That totally had me craving deep fried turkey. My husband uses this recipe for the dry rub as a guide (but always ends up throwing in whatever else we have that sounds good) and it results in such a good turkey. We might be beyond the season, but if we get some more decent weather on the weekends coming up I may have to talk my husband into busting out the deep fryer!

3. Some unseasonably warm weather had me thinking ahead to shorts for the summer. I don’t like shorts, but I dislike wearing jeans in the heat even more so I think I need to find just one denim pair I really like. Distressed denim is my favorite right now so requirements include that plus a looser fit and an inseam that doesn’t make me immediately cringe at how long it’s been since I could call myself a runner. Maybe these will work?

4. Normally I’m ready to go to bed for the night by about 9:30, but last weekend I was hoping to finish the last episode of the most recent season of Game of Thrones when I came back downstairs from putting Jacob to bed so I drank a cup of coffee at about 7pm. My husband ended up being the sleepy one that night so we skipped watching the show and I still had no problem being asleep before 10pm hit. Does caffeine have no effect on me?!

5. I caught the preview for Disney’s Born in China and I would looooove to take Jacob to go see this when it comes out! He’s never been to a movie in a theater and he’s a couple of months shy of 2 and a half – if anyone has any advice or experience they have to share about what age they started taking their kids to movies and how they did, I’d be all ears!

6. Take the message to Garcia is a phrase that I loved from the book It’s Okay to Laugh (Crying is Cool Too), derived from I think some guy in the military who when asked to do something just sucked it up, figured it out and made it happen or something along those lines. It was something the author described as her father saying to them as kids and my takeaway is that it was a way of saying just effing do it. I’ve been having a serious case of the I don’t wanna’s this week, so I find that I have to keep telling myself to take the message to Garcia as a way to remind myself to just grind through and get it done with!

7. Jacob is creeping up quickly on a size change so took advantage of some Presidents Day sales to buy him some things. I missed a chance for free shipping for an Old Navy order by one day, but I secretly wasn’t all that upset about having to spend $50 to get free shipping because it was the perfect excuse to freshen up my black jean collection I rely on so heavily with this pair for only $15. 🙂



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