The Girl Next Door

shirt / sweater / jeans / boots / necklace

Rolling into this winter I was not feeling the love for my tall boots, deferring to ankle boots instead and breaking out the taller ones only when it was so cold that I had no interest in wearing anything else. That all most definitely changed when I saw these over the knee boots that Shea found! It took me until a couple of weeks ago to find them on clearance in a store near me for only $14.98 and I snatched them right up.

Over the knee boots had always felt like they would be a little too sexy for me since I’m much more likely to embrace the girl next door type of vibe instead – this has only intensified since becoming a mom! But the chunky heel, lower heel height, and rounded toe had me feeling like even I could swing this look and better yet, can make it work during the work week. Crucial since my weekends don’t often include activities that get me out of my sneakers. Besides, this oh so comfy but almost so grandma-ish it’s ugly sweater that for some reason I just couldn’t leave Old Navy without buying might have needed the helping hand to spice things up a bit. 🙂

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4 thoughts on “The Girl Next Door”

  1. Love this! Cozy mom with style. Same as on Shea, you make me realize that over-the-knee boots are totally doable (and look fab!) for our more casual girl approach to life…


    1. Thanks Anne! Cozy mom with style – I like that description. 😉 But really it’s completely accurate and I love that, although I think my husband and I might be about due for a full on date night out soon where I could dress these boots up a bit!


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