About Those Goals I Didn’t Call Goals

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Just as we were starting the new year I talked about the version of goal setting I’m adopting this year, focusing less on specific goals and more on identifying the things I need to feel like a balanced and sane person who feels like the demands of being a mom, a wife, a daughter, a full time employee, and well – just me, are all getting along nicely. I placed those things into eight categories: family, professional, financial, service, friendships, mental, physical, and home. You can see what things I put in each of those categories here.

It wouldn’t do much good if I just threw those thoughts out there and then didn’t look at them again, so now that we’re almost two months into the new year I thought it was time to revisit and see how I was doing. So here we go!

Category with the biggest win: Physical

I’m surprised that I’m claiming this section as the one with the biggest win since technically the only item from this section I would claim I’ve actually done is develop a better skin care routine. But! Finding a work out schedule or routine is tough, and I knew it would be. Running has always been my go to and I’ve trained for longer distance races in the past and actually enjoyed it, but I’ve always been an all in or all out kind of personality with that and right now I’ve been at about a year and a half or being all out. I’ve accepted that change is not going to be easy with this one and it’s not going to be a sudden one. So I adjusted my expectations, and a couple of weeks ago decided to focus on a steps goal for right now instead of actual work outs. Baby steps.

See, to just increase my steps is easier because it’s just simply moving. No gym bag to pack or gym to plan to make it to, just get up and move. So I set my daily goal at 7,500 steps. To some that may be on the low end, but my desk job paired with my inactivity means that meeting that goals takes some conscious effort while not seeming unmanageable. I can reach it if I spend my lunch hour wandering just down the street to the library even if once I get there I just sit and stare out the windows, getting lost in my own head. I can reach it if I dance like a goof to my favorite Pandora station (Kriss Kross!) in the bathroom with a face mask on while Jacob takes a bath. 🙂 And then check that out – not only am I moving more, I’m dipping into those other actions I identified help keep me center like walking away from my desk during lunch, which in turn gives guilt free alone time too.

Honorable mention: mini date nights & more acts of kindness

Some other wins include scheduling time together for squeezing in little mini date nights and performing more acts of kindness. A recent time change in our schedules at work means that we have some more flexibility that allows me to end my day as early as 4pm on Fridays. We’ve used this to our advantage a couple of times had some one on one time out on a Friday before picking up Jacob from daycare for the day. It’s such a short amount of time, but it’s fun to have even that little bit of time to ourselves before we enjoy a weekend full of time as a family of three!

It took a little bit of an outside reminder to kick myself into gear with the acts of kindness, but I talked about some recent efforts here and hope to keep those types of things going throughout the rest of the year.

Category with the biggest fail: Friendships

This one is tough because my two closest friends here in Columbus are girls I grew up with, and one just had a baby last month so understandably physical time is hard to schedule. We have been good about texting like crazy though and there have been some quick visits and a lunch date thrown in there too that have me feeling extra appreciative of them and hopefully we’ll be back to more time planned together.

All in all I’m happy with the efforts I’ve put in and plan to use this as an opportunity to reflect every few months on some victories and where I can continue to make improvements!


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