7 Things


Here we go! This week’s 7 very random things, written while we binge watch Game of Thrones while our little dude naps. 🙂

1. Did everyone have a good Valentine’s Day? Jacob made me those hand print flowers at daycare – I would’ve been happy if those were the only flowers I got, but then I went to Trader Joe’s and about 30 purple, pink, and red tulips made their way home with me. I’ve long since decided that if I want flowers I’m just going to buy them myself!

2. And one more thing about Valentine’s Day. I think the fact that our Valentine’s Day efforts went from planning to make Valentine’s for family and daycare friends and making cupcakes, to doing nothing more than picking up donuts for the staff at Jacob’s daycare should say something about me as a parent, or maybe just as a person in general. 🙂

3. Fixer Upper used to be one of my favorite shows, but after watching an episode this week I’ve realized that I miss the good ole days when it was mostly them saving houses that were so bad they could’ve been torn down, not just the same kind of renos that most of HGTV covers. Anyone else feeling the same way?

4. Heard from the toddler in my backseat as I pulled out of the garage the other morning – “it’s snowing!” No honey, that’s just momma’s spotty, dirty car windows…

5. Last week was Random Act of Kindness Week and while I wrote about my experience with it being Columbus Kindness Month, did you hear that Little Caesars founder Mike Ilitch quietly paid Rosa Park’s rent for more than a decade? Now that’s quite the act.

6. Most random work conversation of this week: name your favorite Ace of Base song. I can’t say that I could name more than a few so I had to go with The Sign – how about you?!

7. And lastly, this is the first time maybe ever that I’ve actually watched the Bachelor and I was so mad that they spoiled the ending by announcing that Rachel is the next Bachelorette! But kudos to there finally being a woman of color as the Bachelorette, I have a feeling I will definitely be tuning in.

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2 thoughts on “7 Things”

  1. Aww, those little handprint flowers are adorable! Violet’s daycare provider made a little Valentine with her footprints, which was really sweet. Aaron got me a calla lily plant, which I’m going to try hard not to kill. Ha! Ace of Base, man I haven’t thought about them in forever. Didn’t they have one about having a baby? All I can think of is The Sign right now too.


  2. Oh my gosh those handprint flowers are the cutest! I’ve never seen that as a little toddler project before but am definitely going to have to remember. They look so sweet in a little vase like that. And a big yes to buying yourself TJ’s tulips, no matter what day it is.


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