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Out of the toddlers mouth, demands that include the word now – like I want toast now. We’re still not sure if he means it as a demand or just describing what he’d like to do next, but it sounds impolite so we’re working on it. Clarifying with “how do you ask?” has been out of our mouths on repeat as a response and he’s been adding a please to the request, but it’d just be nice for that to be included the first time around. Good thing he’s cute!


The sun! For a few glorious days anyway. I know I just talked about being jealous because we didn’t have snow, but that’s easier to say when it’s cold and gray – might as well add snow to the mix! If mother nature wants to bring back that sun on the regular and give us mild temperatures, I certainly wouldn’t argue with her. 🙂


The Pout-Pout Fish and Hungry Bird (but we love Grumpy Bird so much better!) for Jacob from the library. Then slowly but surely I’m making it through the next round of books. Usually I just focus on one at a time, but right now I have You Can’t Touch My Hair: And Other Things I Still Have to Explain by Phoebe Robinson and Chasing Slow by Erin Loechner going and I’m enjoying them both. The only challenge is that every time Jacob sees me reading he steals the “big book” for himself, and with a preference to use weekend naptime for watching Game of Thrones with my husband and then not being able to stay awake after putting him to bed – that leaves a pretty small amount of time to devote to reading so slow going I guess it will just have to be!


This winter has been full of black, black, and more black and then this color when I want to switch it up. I recently threw some pink in the mix though, so maybe Punxsutawney Phil was wrong and spring is actually coming soon?


I have a new favorite cocktail made out of an ingredient that started as a joke. Every year at Christmas my husbands’ family does a gift exchange where you draw names at Thanksgiving and then you leave a list at Grandma’s house with ideas for whoever has your name. My husband is particularly unhelpful and regularly only includes alcohol on his list, although I suppose to be fair it’s hard to go wrong. As a joke, his aunt texted me to see what type of liquor would be his list favorite and get the funniest reaction so I said any fruity vodka. He got strawberry vodka to open as a joke before they brought his real present out of hiding so I’ve been drinking a mixture of strawberry vodka, ginger beer, and Trader Joe’s sparkling limeade. Delish!


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