Spread a Little Kindness

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From my view, we’re at no shortage of negativity in the world right now and while I’m still not sure what to do to support the political views I find growing stronger and stronger recently, throwing some positivity out in the world feels like a good step to take. Acts of kindness, whether random or not, seem so visible as we gear up for the holidays but I’ll admit that I let myself get so caught up in everything I need to get done that intentionally trying to brighten someone’s day isn’t something I feel like I’m good at managing.

So kudos to two local organizations here in Columbus, Ohio, The Columbus Foundation and Besa, for pairing up to keep the good vibes going and declaring February Columbus Kindness Month. I found myself joining in on it pretty passively – I wanted a cup of coffee last Monday and had some time before I absolutely had to be back on campus for work after an off-site obligation, so I headed to The Roosevelt Coffeehouse (my favorite place, for good coffee drinks and the good causes they support) for a treat and found myself with a cup in hand with one of the 1,000 coffee sleeves decorated with notes of kindness on them. And let’s be honest – I’d kind of be an a-hole if I didn’t follow through and complete the act of kindness my coffee cup told me to do, right? 🙂 So I went ahead and while I was out over my lunch hour, I bought a delicious looking brownie I would’ve loved to eat myself, and took it back for a co-worker and friend who recently had a birthday and earned a new position at work – two things worth celebrating I would say!

And then this weekend I finally took Jacob and did something I’ve been meaning to do for at least a few months. Candis from The Jones Market had done something that I thought was kind for me so I decided that I would buy one of her memento bracelets (I love the meaning behind them) and her I Am Mom print (plus one of these for me too), threw them in a bag with some chocolate (because who doesn’t love chocolate) and dropped it off at the hospital Jacob was born at, with the request that one of the NICU nurses give it to whichever mom seemed like they could use it most that day. Jacob only spent about 24 hours in that NICU when he was born because he had fluid in his lungs – I never once had to fight the feeling that everything might not be ok, and it wasn’t until later when I looked back and realized how lucky I was to not know what that feeling was like.

I think it can feel a little unnatural to do something kind and then talk about it, like you’re looking for praise or something – at least that’s a feeling I had to fight. But I think talking about it can prompt an act, just like being the recipient of one can do and that sure is something I want my son to be a part of – especially because we’re right in the thick of the toddler phase where everything is “mine”. Ugh! If you’re looking for ideas, I still love this post from Still Being Molly. In might not be Christmas, but most of these ideas could easily still apply – and some don’t even cost a thing!





4 thoughts on “Spread a Little Kindness”

  1. I absolutely love these ideas Jess! I’ve been looking for ways to give back and spread kindness as well and these seem like easy things to do! My Women’s Huddle group recently did a toiletry drive for a group that helps people get back on their feet when they get a new job and a new place to live. We learned there are some families that just signed on with newborns, so now we’re going to put together a few baby kits too. It feels good to do good!


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