7 Things


1. Is it weird that I’m a little bit jealous of the snow the northeast is getting? We’ve only had one day of real snow this winter and it was so beautiful that I spent my lunch hour wandering around downtown taking pictures like the one above. I’m sure that if we actually had enormous amounts of snow I’d be cranky about it, but just one more good snow would be fun (I think)!

2. I read Jolie’s post with her favorite beauty products and when she mentioned using coconut oil to moisturize her lips I decided to give it a try because I always have had some in stock from using it on Jacob. Best decision ever. Now I’m thinking of about buying a container and making my own tinted coconut lip balm like this because you know, carrying around a jar of coconut oil is kind of weird. 🙂

3. Is anyone doing anything fun, or crafty, or anything at all to celebrate Valentine’s Day? My husband and I don’t celebrate, but I’ll definitely be buying myself some flowers (I do that all the time anyway) and then if we get in the mood to be crafty, I think these Valentine’s are the cutest! But let’s be real, we’ll probably do nothing Pinterest-worthy and then I’ll go scrounging for clearance conversation hearts at CVS in a week.

4. Momma’s I know I’m not alone here and that we all have our own version of the sometimes strange ways we sacrifice for our children. This morning I went to make toast when I realized that in order for there to be enough bread left Jacob to have his usual morning toast as well and for my husband to have his sandwich he always eats for lunch, that my morning toast would have to be made with both end pieces of bread. So I took one for the team and I did it. A true sacrifice right there. 😉

5. Last week I talked about going back to mostly dairy free – I will never give up my Friday night (tradition in our house, we just go with light cheese), but with everything else I’m trying to be much stricter. I sometimes miss yogurt and even though So Delicious makes a coconut milk based version that I’m allowed to send to daycare for Jacob, I want to try this almond based one. Maybe then I can go back to a previous fav breakfast option of Trader Joe’s muesli and yogurt and avoid the whole toast shortage situation – ha!

6. I would like it to be known that I just completed a task I’ve been putting off for a couple of weeks in about 3 minutes flat. Sometimes my procrastination irritates myself even!

7. I’ve been trying to really watch what I’m spending, but I’ve just accepted that I’m a lover of the backpack purse when I’m somewhere I know I’ll need to be able to do some hands free toddler chasing and I’ll need a new one this spring. I have a burgundy/wine colored one that’s been great for fall and winter (not surprising since I just talked about my favorite winter color!) but I want a lighter option. I’m going to check out this one probably today, even though I really want to order that one and this one too (in black) because they’re buy one get one 50% off…but I’ll behave. I think. 🙂


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6 thoughts on “7 Things”

  1. Ooh both of those backpacks are so cute, I love that gray one! I’m a big fan of the backpack bag for carrying around my stuff + kids’ stuff–having my hands free is so important! And while I’m not sad about the lack of snow we’ve also had this year, when I think about how Jona keeps asking about snow and if we can build a snowman it kind of breaks my heart. So maybe for his sake I’d take a day of snow. Even though it breaks my winter-hating heart to admit that 🙂


  2. I did end up buying the gray one yesterday! 🙂 I loved that it converts to a cross body bag too. Could be super helpful if we ever get around to traveling again haha! I’m glad I didn’t order the other one online though – even though it says mini in the description, I saw it in the store and it was even smaller than I thought it would be and it would not have worked for me.

    I think having a little one might be a big reason I want the snow too! The other day we had gotten just a little bit of snow overnight and it was barely snowing when we left in the morning, but Jacob was so excited that “it’s snowing!!” that I couldn’t help but laugh.


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  4. Ooh I love that backpack! Definitely going to have to check that one out… Good idea to buy yourself some Valentine’s Day flowers. We don’t celebrate at all, but I’ll totally take that excuse 🙂


  5. I seriously need to get a backpack/purse, so many days I’m tired of carrying something on one shoulder and even a crossbody gets in my way sometimes. I think a backpack is the perfect mom bag! And the lack of snow here is unsettling in a way. I actually do miss it.


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