“Date Night”

necklaceshirt / sweater (kind of similiar – mine is ancient! / jeans / boots (really similar) 

Not your average looking date night outfit, right? I’ve come to realize I need some time to myself to keep myself feeling balanced, but time together as a couple is definitely needed too. With both sets of our parents living two hours away, I’ll admit that my husband and I are the worst about making time to spend together without our son in tow. Alone time is typically reduced to watching a show together during that glorious couple of hours of afternoon naptime on the weekends.

But I can’t completely blame the lack of local family members to babysit, for a long time I was very much a mom who felt guilty giving up any time with her kid and I’m finally loosening up and getting so much better about this. So last Friday I finally stole this idea from another mom I know who also doesn’t have family right here in town, and that was to use that little sliver of time between quitting time on Friday afternoon and pick up time at daycare to sneak away by ourselves. We headed to our favorite bar that we used to head to pre-pregnancy/parenthood and even if we only had time for one beer and 45 minutes of conversation, it was just what I needed to disconnect for a bit and feel really good going into the weekend rather than the usual exhaustion that typically sets after a long week.

If motherhood has taught me anything, it’s to be flexible and take whatever small wins you can get. If that means that date night expectations shift from a nice night out and a typical date night look to a speed date in an outfit that had to fly for a work day spent advising (adult) college students then I’ll take it!


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6 thoughts on ““Date Night””

  1. Even with family in town it’s hard to justify time for date night. I feel bad asking my parents since they do daycare for us (though we also did the post work per daycare pickup date a few times too!), my sister has three kids of her own to deal with and my brother-in-law has to get a dog sitter when he comes to babysit (being someone that likes to be home and in my pajamas by 8:30 and not being a dog person I don’t know how many dogs need constant supervision). I’ve often tossed around the idea of trading babysitting time with another couple in a similar situation where we take their kid for an evening and then they take our kids for an evening but that just adds one more stop keeping me from my pajamas!


    1. Now that’s something I hadn’t thought of! Both sets of our parents work full time still, so maybe I just have dreams of living only like 20 minutes from them but having that happen because they all move us to us rather than us move back home haha.


  2. I totally get this. We’re lucky enough to have family close, but since my mom takes Ollie every day I often feel guilty asking her for date night babysitting too. And I feel guilty for similar reasons to you as well, being a working parent and away from him so much I hate the idea sometimes of adding extra time to that. But it is necessary for a good relationship too. We shoot for once a month to go out and then we do a date night at home once a week when Ollie’s in bed. It helps a little bit!


    1. I totally understand this, and yes to sometimes hating the idea of adding extra time away after working full time! We’ve only ever had one night away from Jacob (partly b/c of me, partly b/c of logistics required to make it happen) and I don’t remember feeling guilty at all because I had the whole following week off work and knew he’d end up with way more time with us than usual.

      I love the idea of a date night at home once a week, but just need to get myself to a point where I can stay awake! Both nights this weekend I’ve fallen asleep at like 8:30 – old lady status right here haha!


  3. Good for you! This is such a brilliant time in the week to sneak in a little date time, especially if it helps you feel less guilty about doing it 🙂 It’s amazing how good it feels to have the flexibility to do something from “before”, isn’t it? For us that’s the chance to go out to breakfast. But a random happy hour would be very welcome too!


    1. Yes to have good it feels to do something from “before” – haha! Going out to breakfast sounds like a good idea too. And is it bad if I not so secretly love when grandparents are in town visiting and my husband and I get to go to the grocery store by ourselves (this is usually a family affair)?! It’s like I always took for granted how easy grocery shopping was pre-parenthood! 🙂


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