Favorite Winter Color


As soon as the temperature dips below 55, I swear this is the color I grab for and want to live in. I feel like we’ve called it many colors over the years, but burgundy works just fine for me. While I have a few options in this color to choose from in my closet, this turtleneck is the coziest of them all so on those cold winter days when I really want to be curled up in pajamas but this thing called a full time job prevents me from doing that. ๐Ÿ˜‰

This is sounds weird to say that a piece of clothing taught me something, but one lesson this sweater taught me is to never completely trust the size. I think it’s from the days where I had the time and desire to go thrifting and found it in the brand new Target stock. It’s a XXL but looked small, so I gave it a try. Maybe it was mislabeled, maybe it was meant to be a much slimmer fit, but either way I don’t care because it’s been the perfect cozy fit for years now!


5 thoughts on “Favorite Winter Color”

  1. I wear pretty much neutrals in the winter, but when I want some rich color, I go here too. It actually is almost a neutral, it looks nice with so many things.


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