Fighting It


We took advantage of some really nice (like 60 degree nice, which is crazy for January in the Midwest) weather the other weekend and headed outside as much as we could for a welcomed change of scenery. It was great, but that Sunday night Jacob didn’t want to sleep unless he was within an arms length of me so it should’ve been no surprise that when Monday morning rolled around he had a really runny nose, then on my drive home I felt that telltale sign of the faint tickle in the back of your throat that lets you know it’s coming your way too.

Thankfully we kept it from being the knock you down kind throughout the week, his sleeping habits and personality bouncing right back through the constant battle of runny nose vs. congestion and I kept my hot lemon and honey water with a cinnamon stick right by my side everyday. Toward the end of the  week though I started to feel worse so I knew I needed to up my game. Cold medicine, Epsom salt bath, and Zarbee’s for some relief. Heating pad with lavender in it (like this one) which was a Christmas present from my mother-in-law years ago and turned into one of my favorite things I never knew I needed, and homemade chicken noodle soup.

Now I’m in the wait it out phase so I’ll keep the cold medicine and hot lemon water coming and try to take each work day in stride, not letting anything stress me out. Plenty of rest and plenty of fluids too. Maybe one I’ll learn that the toddler germs are no joke and do a little better job prepping my body to fight them off!.


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