7 Things


1. I know we’re wired to think our kids are the most adorable thing to ever walk the earth but come on – I can hardly resist that cute little face! On a middle of the week evening grocery store run we let this cutie get his way and push the kids cart because you know, the Wednesday night crowd is much smaller than the weekend morning crowd so less potential ankles for him to run into. Save for a little anxiety while guiding him through the wine aisle he did great! So great in fact that we let him do it again last weekend when it was busier too. Pretty sure it’s officially a habit now.

2. After having a drink at our favorite restaurant a few weeks ago that involved a mixture of fireball, peach schnapps, and ginger beer I have to say it’s turned into a new favorite drink. I’ve found that not having peach schnapps on hand shouldn’t stop one from mixing one up at home, so just ginger beer and a little bit of fireball have been the perfect cocktail on the occasion I decide I deserve a good drink!

3. Although it felt like a really insignificant thing to do last Saturday when my social media feeds were full of lots of women doing something SO much more important, I got my hair cut and it felt fantastic. As a fine haired girl with thin hair too, I think I’ve just accepted that any kind of length gets hard to manage. Look over here at my Instagram feed to the right to see what I think I’ve decided is the perfect length for me…

4. I had to laugh at myself on my way to daycare drop off the other day as I found myself scoffing at a middle school aged kid making his way to school on a hoverboard while talking on his cell phone, in my head shaking a fist and saying I never even had a cell phone until college and a hoverboard?! How unsafe! And then I laughed at my old sounding self and thought to myself, this will be our generations’ version of the ole “I walked uphill both ways to school” kind of treatment my generation seemed to get.

5. I feel like this is something that I heard from Rachel Hollis (admittedly I listen to her more on social media than I read her site), but it was the idea of battling clutter by starting with getting one room clutter free and keeping it that way, then gradually adding more rooms. I started with our master bathroom which may sound like a weird room to pick, but it always seems like the easier one to let get out of control. I’ve done an ok job keeping that one up lately, so let’s see how I do when I start adding other rooms.

6. The other night I was changing Jacob’s diaper as the Disney Channel was on in the background. A preview for Frozen came on because they must be showing it soon, but without missing a beat Jacob just started singing along to the Let it Go song and we lost it – toddlers are always good for a laugh! He hasn’t seen the movie, so I’m positive it’s from Disney music played at daycare.

7. I found this article on Babble about why most parents hold their babies on their left hip pretty interesting! I definitely fall into that category and it’s always felt unnatural to have him on the right side. What a momma’s body and mind are wired is always fascinating I think!

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One thought on “7 Things”

  1. Okay, that really is the cutest thing ever 🙂 And yay for new favorite drinks and hair cuts. It’s the little things we need to balance out the rest of life some days…


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