Life Couldn’t Be Better


Instagram is a little bit of a fascinating place and I’ve come to love it because it’s given me everything from the opportunity to tune in to some perspectives shared that really get me thinking in a different way, finding the next good read or good show, or finding a new local place or business. The crew with Columbus Stories reached out, and their name is exactly what they’re out there doing – story telling in my favorite city and adopted home town, Columbus, Ohio. The question was simple – if you’d like share, finish this sentence: Life couldn’t be better because…

And while I’m the personality type of openly dive right into an opportunity to be reflective anyway, I let that really get me thinking. Sure, life is great because I have a family I love, a job I love (most of the time anyway, like most of us), a home that I love, and I feel provided for and content. But taking it to a little deeper level, I realized that life feels really good right now because I finally really know myself and that’s something that has only happened over the past maybe 5 or 6 years.

I remember turning 30 and thinking it would feel like such a big deal and I’d all of sudden feel different, but then that wasn’t my experience at all. Instead, after a couple years into this decade I’m taking another look around and realized I now know why I think, act, love, and work the way that I do. My love language is acts of service and quality time so my husband noticing my coffee maker needs water and filling it for me before I get up and wanting to spend time with me means more than buying me flowers and saying I love you will, and unknowingly that’s probably why I was attracted to my husband to begin with. I love talking with most anyone, but I’m an introvert at heart so I know I need my alone time with nothing more than the thoughts in my head to recharge. And I know that my emotions drive my decisions and my reaction to certain situations.

I know what my personal strengths are and what things I want to work on, but also what things I’ve always perceived as weaknesses that I’ve come to accept are just me and don’t need to be changed. My head lives in the details and this means that I’ll probably never be the one to come up with the next big idea to run with, but I’ll be your girl to think of all the “what if” scenarios that could result from implementing that idea and that’s ok because we deserve our place in the process too.

Of course there’s always room for improvement so I’m not willing to declare that I’ve figured it all out and there’s no more work to be done. I’m pretty confident we’re all a constant work in progress, but I will say that this place I find myself in is a good one, and it’s made me feel stronger as a mother, a wife, a daughter, a friend, and a professional.



2 thoughts on “Life Couldn’t Be Better”

  1. I love this Jess and I loved your IG post for Columbus Stories too! I totally agree with what you said about 30s being the time to discover who you are/what you’re about, and that it’s a slow process, not something that happens immediately. I feel like I’m still trying to figure it out sometimes, but I feel so much more comfortable with myself now than I did in my 20s.
    Great post!


    1. Thanks Shea!! And same here, way more comfortable than when I was in my 20s but it did take time and a whole lot of reflection. I think and actually hope because life sure would be boring I think if I was wrong, that we’ll eternally be in a process of figuring it out. 🙂


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