Jacob: 26 Months


Today marks 26 months of Jacob and admittedly 26 months is a strange milestone to chronicle here, but a woman when he and I were in Target the other day struck up a conversation and when she asked me when he started talking I realized I didn’t know the answer because the changes in vocabulary are so quick once they start. That sent me right into one of those spirals of emotions about how fast he’s growing. Then when we got ready to head back to work and daycare for the first day today since our 11 day winter break together started and his little jeans were all of a sudden short enough on him that they no longer needed to rolled at the bottom and the adjustment waist needed to be let out a notch it just left left me feeling a little bit like nooooo – I must document all the things about right now so that they’re out there in case I ever forget. Needless to say, I’m feeling a little bit sentimental. So bad so that would you judge me if I tell you I teared up about the jeans? Because that may have happened…

So here we go! 26 months and gippy, the word you’ve always used for any of your blankets, seems to be suddenly morphing into grippy for whatever reason. You’re now obsessed with Mickey and can name all of his friends, which I feel is kind of a right of passage for toddlers but also could very well mean we need to watch the screen time we give you. Fruit has always been your favorite food group, to the point where yesterday at the grocery store you demanded almost to the point of a tantrum that we get grapes and how could I say no to that? But you love your treats too – you get the most excited I ever see you when you get french fries and you asked for “popcorn” (which means jelly beans) right after you finished your breakfast this morning. I try to talk things out with you more now, and when I try to get you to agree to something I ask you “dealski?” and it’s the cutest thing when I can get you to agree and say it back to me.

My absolute favorite thing right now though is that you lay down then say “come on momma, snuggle me!” and it absolutely melts my heart and I promise to never ever deny that request no matter what my current mood may be or what task I may be trying to tackle at the time. I love getting glimpses of your dad and I when I least expect it. You have my straight hair instead of the curls I would’ve sworn were your genetic destiny due to the last name you carry and just yesterday I realized you’re like me in that if your shoes are off then you’re almost always adamant that your socks are off too (I can’t stand to walk around in just socks). I’m letting your dad claim responsibility for your strong will and energy level, two traits that will probably exhaust me over the years but I’m so grateful you have.

Love you bud, and can’t wait to see what else you have in store for us!



4 thoughts on “Jacob: 26 Months”

  1. I had to chuckle because I also can’t stand to wear socks if I’m not wearing shoes….and now Victor is the same too. πŸ™‚


  2. Yes! I remember so much about that age (since it was just a year ago, lol) and how much they change by the day! I feel like I’m still in that phase with Ollie even if he is a year older, it seems like he’s still constantly changing by the day. And I’m with you, I will never turn down a request for snuggles.


    1. Think that feeling ever goes away? I’m thinking that maybe by the time the teenage years hit, maybe the hormones and mood swings will just make it feel like they’re still constantly changing by the day in a different way. πŸ˜‰


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