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Now that Christmas is over and we’re back to our house from a few days of celebrating with family, we are settled in to enjoy some lazy work free days until my husband and I both go back to work on Tuesday. After a stressful week before Christmas that included trying to get everything done at work that needed done before we closed for winter break combined with a sick toddler, complete with fever and a potential slight ear infection that meant quarantined from daycare and multiple nights of very little sleep for this momma – I am ready for the rest even if it comes with a little bit of guilt for not tackling that to do list around the house that I swore I would get to over break. So here we go, a little bit of what’s been going on lately in my world!


Jacob tried to sing Jingle Bells which just ends up being him singing “jingle bells, all the way” and nothing else and it’s the cutest. I’ve asked him to do it so many times that he started laughing and telling me no so I just have to wait until the mood strikes him to get a good laugh at that cuteness!


Gilmore Girls! I had never seen an episode but a few co-workers got really excited about the new episodes so I decided to check it out. I’m only a few episodes into the first season and I like it, but I’m not hooked yet.


I’m still trying to make my way through Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert. I love the book but it’s one that I have to be in a specific mood to read it, almost feeling a little creative since that’s what the book is about and lately I’ve been tired enough that it’s hard to find that right combination of mood and time available.


These pajama pants but in a buffalo check print that I found in store. Best $5 find ever and I’m taking full advantage of being off work for winter break to live in them anytime that we’re home.


I’m not one who enjoys much time in the kitchen, but on Christmas morning while my husband was out for a run the bug to make popovers bite so I went for it. I was introduced to popovers by my aunt’s husband  and have always had them as a breakfast/brunch item, but they’d function like a dinner roll just as well. The recipe I follow is one my Dad gave me from Cook’s Country but since it seems a subscription is needed, here’s a link that gives their recipe without that subscription. We even have a popover pan to really get the height you want for these.


One thought on “Around Here”

  1. I’ve never had (or made!) popovers but those look so yummy! It’s bread, right, so what’s not to love? I hope your little guy is feeling better now. I feel like we’ve all been passing around colds since winter started. I hope you start to like Gilmore Girls–I love it so much, I’ve just recently started rewatching all the seasons.


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