7 Things


An old favorite rediscovered, I’ll forever know just by looking at it that it was on my last day of maternity leave, when I was feeling extra emotional about it

Some icy roads foiled my plan to get out to Target as early as possible to beat the crowd so instead of shopping this morning while my husband is at the gym, I finally got all our Christmas cards ready to mail, Jacob is occupied between toys and the Disney channel (please don’t judge, that child woke us up before 6am this morning and I am struggling), and I settled in with my cold medicine and second cup of coffee for a little bit of time for me to ramble on the internet about 7 things that aren’t terribly important:

My latest project I’m taking on is finally getting a photo book put together of the past 2 years with Jacob. I’m using Artifact Uprising after seeing Bridget talk about it in a insta story and it’s been pretty user friendly. My husband and I aren’t exchanging Christmas gifts so at first I  thought it’d be fun to do and open up together on Christmas, but the 8,800ish photos on my phone (yep you read that right) quickly made me realize that this isn’t going to be a quick project, and it’s not one to be rushed. I’ve got a pretty good memory so I know what pictures were from when, and it’s making me way too picky about making sure they’re in order in the book. Maybe I’ll get it done by Christmas 2017 and until then, it’s a nice little trip down memory lane going through all the photos and it’s brought plenty of smiles to this face of mine.

This week I discovered a new favorite lip color – Covergirl Smoochies in Text Me (#220). It gives me the perfect amount of red I wanted for the holidays without it being heavy enough that I need to be in front of a mirror to apply it and the less work it is, the more likely I am to throw it on.

Speaking of those Christmas cards I mentioned above, after a few years of addressing envelopes by hand and having to go through my phone, my facebook messages, and whitepages website every year to track down addresses (address book maintenance is not my thing apparently) I finally typed them all up and saved them so that next year I can just print labels. I’m sure my mom will be thankful she won’t have to answer text messages from me again, asking her to look in her address book and send me addresses.

I know have a toddler on my lap, so time to myself lasted about 10 minutes. Truth be told, I really don’t mind. 🙂

It’s been years since we’ve made a big deal about New Year’s and I think we’ve been asleep before midnight for the past few years. This year is sure to be low key again, but just because we’ll probably be home in our pajamas doesn’t mean I can’t enjoy some fancy drinks. All of these look good, but I think the pomegranate orange punch might be the winner.

I went to Old Navy yesterday to find a birthday present for our niece and it turned into me buying more for myself than I did for others. These flannel pajama pants were only $5 and in store they had a bigger selection than they do online. I went for a buffalo check pair and I think I may live in them this winter.

I have what might be a pretty random taste in music, with a lot of love 90s hip hop for whatever reason. There’s a local radio station that plays this genre and they played this Christmas song the other day and maybe it’s my new favorite? 🙂

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